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  1. No Man's Sky. No matter how many times people try to derail the hype train for that game, I'm always going to be super excited for it. I love space/sci-fi games so much, and the mere concept of infinite exploration excites the living hell out of me.
  2. Bodacious Maximus
  3. But it's parody, aren't they legally allowed to use copyrighted content and property if it's for parody? Also, millions of TV shows and movies smear Lindsay Lohan's image and make jokes about her, and she doesn't care, but when a video game makes an incredibly loose representation of bad actresses in Hollywood, she takes legal action. Something's not right here.
  4. Personally, I really like this idea. Add some diversity under a common cause. It doesn't need to be rivalry, just variation.
  5. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. All the essentials to get you into the series, which is a great one, by the way.
  6. i'm willing to buy it if the ajsa supports it
  7. I had incredibly low expectations as well, so I kind of liked the trailer. I honestly didn't think it was that bad, and the turtles' personalities seem authentic, so I'm not worried. But yeah, wasn't there an interview a very long time ago saying the turtles would be aliens?
  8. I have it on ps vita...
  9. I pre-ordered as well. I'm really excited for the gameplay and having all that control over the world. I feel like i'm gonna go a bit power-crazy in the game But I 100% agree, gameplay>graphics
  10. first, it's not being directed by Michael Bay. just produced. thought i should clear the air with that. secondly, I think it looks more than half-decent. the characters seem authentic, and in the end, that's what really matters right? yeah they look different, but they're still themselves. I'm not as pessimistic about it as other people seem to be.
  11. I loved it. The acting (I say acting and not voice acting because of the spectacular facial capture technology) was spectacular and the story was highly enjoyable... Well, the good one anyway. The evil plot seems a bit forced and unnatural for Delsin's character. However, the gameplay is polished and each power is a ton of fun to fool around with. Fetch and Eugene are great companions, and I absolutely loved the relationship between Delsin and his brother Reggie. Overall, I'd give it a 9/10. It was everything I wanted from an Infamous sequel and more. I look forward to any DLC they release.
  12. I'm aware. I was just adding on to the conversation; I dislike Activision more than Infinity Ward. Infinity Ward may be creating the same stuff over and over again, but Activision is the reason they include all of the money-grabbing.
  13. I think I have more of a problem with the publishers than the developers, honestly.
  15. Oh wait, they discontinued CoD Elite. I didn't even know. Just goes to show how ludicrous it was for them to ask gamers for a substantial amount of money for a very small amount of perks.