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  1. Lazereye57 liked a post in a topic by Themurloc in Firefall (official poll re-request. Now out of Beta)   
    I'd like to recomend Firefall for an official presence of the angry army, which i think is perfect, given our goal is to make games better, and the game is still in beta, so its a perfect opportunity.
    -Free to Play
    -Army Support (guild/clan/wutevs)
    -Very well designed and fun game
    -great company that listens to feedback
    - New PVP system Introduced. I haven't gotten into it yet, but people are saying its similar to Planetside.
    - Fully voice acted missions and quests
    - New raid party system implemented (Platoons) As well as some new and upcoming raid content (I haven't looked into those yet and have not heard anyone talking about it so I don't know how it is, but If its anything like the campaign missions and dungeons, it should be something to look forward to.
    -Vehicles (They were there before, but now they are more easily accessible upon reaching level 25 and also more widespread)
    -Buggy due to being in beta. Many bugs were fixed since this was posted, but the latest patch introduced more content (and more bugs) Hopefully these will be fixed by the 29th, which is the game's release date.
    -Missing a lot of content due to being in beta. Mostly Fixed
                     -Small map size (confirmed to be changed)  All Fixed
                     -Lack of Content (confirmed to be changed) All Fixed
                     -Less than Stellar Customization (However, still decent customization. Unconfirmed rumors of additional 
                      customization to be introduced later on.)
    -Microtransactions exist, however, only for cosmetic, or convenience items.
    -New progression system replaces the old one, which was much more unique and interesting before.
    Since it is a less well known game, i've included a link to the game's website for people to learn more about the game
  2. Lazereye57 liked a post in a topic by Narouge in Monster hunter Ultimate   
    I'm going question why this wasn't brought up already but ok. Since i'm not good at big paragraph descriptions i just go straight to the pros and cons.
    Community Online is generally Good. Action filled battles with epic monsters. Target monsters, so they can find the room easier, and know what they are against. All weapon types are balanced very well, making all hunters an asset. ​Armour skills, and weapons, let you customize your fighting style and role. Wii U version has online free, with no extra charge after purchase. Lots states are tracked automatically and can be checked by friends. Lots to do all the way through, End game having plenty options. Semi frequent quest updates to add more to get into the game. Game rewards skill and learning, not just gear.  
    No real in game guild system, only having a friends list. 3DS version the game requires a special cord, to go online, as well a WiiU limit 4 people pre group hunting. Game can require a bit grinding later on,  No actual PvP, only co-operative play.  takes least an hour and half to get out tutorial and into real game-play to learn everything you really need someone to help you or guides/wikis
  3. Lazereye57 liked a post in a topic by Kefka in The Might and Magic rpg games   
    Ah the original might and magic series. I have been playing them since Might & Magic 1 and personally I have two favorites.
    Might and Magic 5:The Mandate of Heaven-This was an excellent game and the first game in the series that went 3D. I think this one had the some of the more interesting storylines and also had the ending to one of the previous heroes of might and magic games as part of the storyline.
    Might and Magic 7: For blood and Honor-I liked this game since it took all the elements from what was good about M&M6 and expanded on it. My personal feeling is that Might & Magic 9 killed the series.
  4. Kefka liked a post in a topic by Lazereye57 in The Might and Magic rpg games   
    Personally this my own answers
    1: Might and magic 7
    2: Much more freedom when creating you party
    3: Actually from earlier this year. Finally managed to kill that damn dragon on Emerald Island after years of taunting me