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  1. Ha! I just saw the trailer and was about to post a link to it myself. Man, I am looking forward to this game. I haven't been this excited for a new game since... The Witcher 2.
  2. I've been reading articles about this since yesterday too. http://www.buzzfeed.com/jwherrman/welcome-to-the-net-neutrality-nightmare-scenario This is bad. Very bad. Control over internet access and services has basically been handed over to corporations.
  3. I've been playing GW2 pretty regularly lately. I just got a couple of characters up to level 80. I would be willing to transfer to another server to join the Angry Army, BUT..... I've been playing with my GF and another good RL friend and I don't want to abandon them. If I can convince them to come with me or if they lose interest and stop playing I'll hit someone up for an invitation.
  4. Hmmm. I'm having mixed experiences with the in game community as well as the forums. Most of the people I've met and talked to in the game have been friendly and helpful, sure. But I just got my first characters to 80 recently and have been trying to start doing dungeon runs and all I've encountered so far when trying to start or join a group is a bunch of elitist assholes. I've been kicked from groups for playing a "bad" class, kicked because I had never run the dungeon before and didn't know the bosses, kicked because my achievement points weren't high enough (seriously, WTF?), and almost every group I see in the LFG menu says in the description "pro players only" or "speed run, experienced 80s only" or something to that effect. How is a new player ever supposed to learn the dungeons if they are never given a chance? The advice I've gotten on this topic from more experienced players is to just start my own groups or join a guild. Well, I've tried starting my own groups too. About half the time some elitist douche bag will join my party, change the LFG message, and recruit people for his/her own goals. I usually get kicked from my own party at that point. The rest of the time I just get a bunch of random players who don't communicate with each other at all and how well we do in the dungeon is kind of a crap shoot. So my interactions with the in game community recently have been frustrating to say the least. I've been randomly invited to several guilds, but have been holding out on joining one yet. To be honest, one of the reasons I even started playing this game again was in the hopes that the Angry Army would return. If that doesn't happen, I may just give up on GW2 and find some other way to pass the time.
  5. I didn't say they weren't mentioned. I said no respect was given to them. There are many plot points in ME3 that either completely disregard or directly contradict established lore or choices the player made in previous games. Here are just a couple of exmples: - The Reaper larva at the end of ME2. Did you destroy it? I blow the damn thing up every time. But Bioware doesn't care about the choice I made there. Despite the fact that the Normandy is the only ship int he galaxy equipped with a Reaper IFF, and therefore the only ship in the galaxy that can safely pass through the Omega relay, Cerberus somehow managed to get through it. Then, despite the fact that the Collector base was destroyed and without its immensely powerful Mass Effect fields for protection it would be physically impossible for anything to survive in the galactic core, Cerberus manages to survive in the galactic core and recover pieces of the Reaper larva. So here we have blatant disregard for physics, previous established lore, and player choice. That's Bioware saying "Fuck you, this is OUR story!" Nice. - Ardat Yakshi. Somara has devoted her life to tracking them down. She tells you its been a century since the last time she actually seen one. Most Asari haven't seen one in so long that they've started to believe that Ardat Yakshi are just a myth. But suddenly in ME3 there is a whole temple full of them and there were apparently enough of them for the Reapers to convert into a small army of Banshees. Retcon. Good job, Bioware. There are more. I don't have time to go into it right now since I have some errands to run today, and we're kind of high jacking this thread already anyway. If you really want me to list all of ME3's many, many literary and logical failures I can do so in another thread or in a private message.
  6. DA2 was not a terrible game, but it was a disappointment. I feel the same about SWTOR. Before that game came out I followed it religiously. I was on pins and needles waiting for every little scrap they would shows us on "fan Fridays." I literally dreamed of playing that game. Then it came out and it was.... an average, run of the mill MMO with linear character and story progression. Both games are steaming piles of mediocrity produced by a company from which I had come to expect greatness. ME3 is just terrible. Not the gameplay, mind you. The gameplay is actually pretty fun and engaging. The storytelling is where the game falls apart. The writing ME3 is some of the worst I have ever seen. No respect whatsosever was given to previously established lore or major events or discoveries made in the previous titles. The only player choices from previous games that mattered were the ones that affected who lived and who died at the end of ME2. ME3 is riddled with plot holes, sheer stupidity, contrivances, scenes that make no sense in the context of the narrative, scenes that serve no purpose in the context of the narrative, character assassination, and the single worst ending I have ever seen written for anything. The final exposition is plagued with logical absurdities. The extended cut does nothing to address them and even makes some of them worse. All it really does is pander to people who wanted to be shown that the galaxy wasn't utterly destroyed by the ending and to see a little bit of what happens to their favorite characters after the Reapers were beaten. The way Bioware handled the PR following player backlash at the release of ME3 is another nail in their coffin for me as well. Their reaction to fan outrage was aloof, condescending, and sometimes even downright insulting. If mediocre to terrible products, snide condescension, and pandering the lowest common denominator is what we can expect from Bioware now then yeah, no thanks.
  7. I seem to always be in the minority when this topic comes up. Part of me thinks I should just give up and stop posting about it. But what the hell, here goes. If story is what you're interested in then no, it is absolutely not worth buying ME3. The game is a literary abomination from start to finish riddled with plot holes, retcons, contrivances, sheer stupidity, situations that make no sense, character assassination, and scenes that serve no purpose whatsoever except to let a certain character ramble on about whatever the hell he wants while Sheppard just sits there like a lump of stone. The ending is the worst I have ever seen written for anything. It subverts the plot of the previous two games, introduces a new character and new subplot in the final moments of the story, and offers a final resolution that makes no sense and raises more questions than it answers. The extended cut DCL offers the most obvious answers to the most obvious questions raised by the original ending. It does nothing to address the logical absurdities that plague the final exposition.
  8. There are three reasons I have a bad feeling about it: DA2, ME3, and SWOTOR.
  9. I think you're arguing semantics now. If you define a turn-based game as a game in which each character can only perform a certain number of activities in a certain amount of time, then yes those games were turn based and their "turn" was 6 seconds. That is not how I would define a turn based game though. Turn based implies that each character takes their turn in a certain order, usually determined by some kind of die roll (i.e., Initiative), and cannot take actions again until their next turn comes up or unless they have some ability that allows them to do so. Such was not the case with Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, or Baldur's Gate. While it's true that your character could only do so many things in a 6-second time frame, you absolutely did not have to pause to plan out each of your actions. In fact, pausing wasn't necessary in those games at all. It was just convenient, especially in some of the more difficult encounters. You also did not have to wait for each character to take a turn in initiative order. For all intents and purposes, the games were real time. Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) is another example. It's an MMO rendition of D&D 3.5. No pausing at all and no initiative rolls. Fair enough. I thought you meant that the Spellplague was written to explain the differences between Neverwinter and the pen and paper game. I stand corrected. Sorry, but I still disagree. The selection they have now would have been fine with me if the game was still in beta, but not after release. Their race selection is better now, but they've left out some of the most interesting races and classes available in 4th edition players' handbooks. I think they should have at least gotten all of the races and classes in PHB1, 2, and 3 into the game. Since the game is set in the Forgotten Realms, they probably should have included the races from FR players' guide as well, but the Genasi are missing. I don't doubt that more will be added in the future, but that doesn't change how disappointing I find the selection to be right now. And I'm just telling you what I've seen in other games. It's great that you've found some excellent player created content in Neverwinter. I hope that trend continues. I'm just cynical about what players will eventually start to do with it.
  10. Well I'm glad to hear the game is better now than when I played it last. Nevertheless, I don't think I'll be playing it until I am able to recreate my favorite characters from the pen and paper campaigns I've played, which I won't be able to do until they add more races and classes.
  11. Games such as the Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights series were not turn based. They were real time. These games show that it is entirely possible to take a complex, turn-based game like D&D and convert it to a real time combat system. Dice rolling and luck is only part of the pen and paper game. A relatively small, albeit important, part. Everybody gets modifiers to their attack and damage rolls as well as their defensive stats. These improve with level and can be improved further by taking certain feats. For a well built character with good modifiers, the dice are all but irrelevant. The only attack rolls that matter are 1 (automatic miss) and 20 (critical hit). Everything else should hit every time. Likewise for damage rolls. A well built and equipped character can have so many static damage modifiers that the damage dice don't even matter any more. They do more damage from their modifiers alone than the maximum they could roll with the dice. Also, I could care less about PvP in a D&D game. It is my opinion that PvP has no place in D&D, which has always been about groups of heroes (or villains, if you like evil campaigns) working together to achieve a common goal. That is factually incorrect. The Spellplague lore was written long before the Neverwinter MMO was even conceived. It was written to explain the sweeping changes to the D&D system that occured between the 3.5 and 4.0 rules. First of all, multi-classing in D&D 4.0 didn't work that way to begin with. Unlike previous editions, in 4.0 you don't gain levels in different classes. You just take feats that make you qualify as another class for the purpose of choosing paragon paths. Some multi-class feats allow you choose a power from your second class instead of a power from your base class. Secondly, I'm glad to hear they are adding Hybrid classes. I'll have to look into how that works in the MMO. Finally, I never said they should have had the full selection of races and classes in beta. Or even at release, for that matter. I just think the tiny selection currently available is pathetic given the enormous variety they had to choose from. Neverwinter isn't the first game to allow players to create their own content. Oblivion, Skyrim, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age: Origins, each of these games supplied a toolkit for players to create their own content. It's not even the first MMO to do it. City of Heroes/Villains did. And what did players do there? About 99% of the content created served only one purpose: Mindless grinding of XP to gain levels as rapidly as possible. The rest consisted of poor quality, half-baked ideas that were mostly left incomplete by the person who started them. Good mods that were complete and actually had a story to tell were the very, very, VERY rare exception. I expect to see pretty much the same crap from Neverwinter players. No offense to anyone here who plans to make their own adventures. I wish you the best and hope they turn out well.
  12. I played Neverwinter during beta. After having played the actual pen and paper version of DnD 4e (which is what Neverwitner is based on) for over a year, I was very disappointed in the extremely limited race and class selection. I was hoping I'd be able to recreate some verions of my Pyromancer Mage, but that option doesn't exist. After my Pyromancer, my Swordmage was my favorite character. Another option that doesn't exist in the game. There is also currently no multi-classing and no hybrid class options, which pretty much elminates most if not all of the most creative character builds available in the pen and paper game. When I played only one of my favorite races, Tiefling, existed in the game. I hear they recently added my other favorite, the Drow. In addtion, the way that powers, skills, paragon paths, and epic destinies are implemented in Neverwinter is almost completely unrecognizeable from the pen and paper game. I know it was too much to expect the game to be an exact translation of the pen and paper experience, but I was hoping it would be a little closer than it actually is. The few player-created adventures I tried were of horribly low quality. Only one of them had anything even remotely resembling a story, and several that I tried could not be completed if you didn't have a specific class with you. I could understand maybe making certain parts of your dungeon inaccessible if you don't have a rogue to pick a lock or disarm a trap for you or something like that, but to make the entire thing impossible to complete because you don't have one specific role filled in your group is just stupid. I'm sorry, I really don't mean to be a downer. For what it's worth, I did enjoy playing my control wizard for a time. It was pretty fun at first, but he seemed kind of over powered and after a while everything became repetitive and way too easy which in turn made it boring.
  13. I've managed to do some of the events in the Orr zones on my own, but others were too overwhelming. Enemies were spawning faster than I could burn through them. Most of the time I wouldn't even care about that though. However, in Straits of Devastation, I can't even get to the skill point at the Temple of Balthazaar because of the non-stop fire storms and the 4-6 veteran risen guaring it. I can get close, but never quite all the way there. If I understand that zone correctly, a series of events need to be completed in order for NPC allies to advance on that position, and I haven't been able to get it done solo. Yeah, I'm slowly working my way through it. To be fair, the difficulty had less to do with the toxic events and more to do with the fact that I was probably a little too low level when I started the zone. I was just irritated earlier because I tried to do one of the toxic events on my own earlier and it didn't go well.
  14. Really? I'm on a "very high" population and Kessex Hills is deserted. NO ONE is ever there. All the stupid toxic crap everywhere is making it very difficult to get anything done there with the human guardian I started. I'm about to give up on that map and go grind through the other low level areas. I do usually see a good amount of people in Divinity's Reach and Lion's Arch, but when I'm out in the world I can go for days without ever seeing another player. I finally got my first character up to 80 after playing around with a bunch of alts, and I can't complete the level 75-80 zones because I'm the only person who's ever there. I finally saw another player in Straits of Devastation today and the two of us just barely managed to complete one event.
  15. The thing that is annoying me the most about the game right now is all of the "Error attempting to sell" messages I get in the goddamn trade post. Every other item I try to sell presents this error and once it happens, I have to close the trade post window before I can successfully sell anything again. The end result is that I have to close the damn window and open it again every single time I sell an item. It's incredibly irritating and it's been happening since release. Other than that I don't have much to add to the conversation yet. I just got my first character to level 80 and am still working on completing the high level areas and wrapping up my personal story. I have been kind of frustrated by the lack of other players in these areas. My server population is "very high," but I almost never see any one else in the level 75-80 zones, which makes it very difficult to get to some areas to get 100% map completion. That's not really a complaint against the game, though.