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Everything posted by Honoriz

  1. Yeah. That's the mood to go into gambling. But I know that the only thing separating you from pure hedonistic gambling is this piece of text I methodically put before sharing the link to the great casino. And taking this opportunity I should warn you. Be careful! That's pretty much it. The rest is up to you. Ah, yeah. I promised the casino here. The sacasino will be perfect for you.
  2. Hi. The question may seem a bit weird, but I will ask it nonetheless. You never know where you will find the actual help. I need to rent a small warehousing space near Seattle. Share some decent options.
  3. I have an 8yo son and I think that the games he plays are a waste of time. Please recommend some educational ones.
  4. Can I make money on betting without actually betting?
  5. You're looking for knowledgeable people and here I'm. This one will do for getting almost all the coins you want https://www.pacificpreciousmetals.com/product/57-any-year-1oz-american-gold-eagle . But after a couple of years doing this, and learning some new things you will be able to find some really juicy deals on websites like craigslist and something like this.
  6. Of course, it is. But seeing here a question like this is a bit weird, to say the least. In any case, I can offer some help to you here. You should check the RouteGenie website. That's the place where you will find great blogposts and the best possible software for NEMT.
  7. Hello. If you already have the people that are involved in this project it will be better left to them to pick the dedicated server provider. I will share a great option nonetheless, it is https://host-world.com/ . But at the very least consult with the people involved the options that are offered in the host-world.
  8. So yeah. I'm from South Africa. And there's a website that every citizen should know. It is surprising that you haven't seen it before. Here's the wise move Car transportation in South Africa. Submit all the necessary details about the transportation and your car specification and pick the available shipment option. It is super simple and you will find the best prices and services there.
  9. VPS

    You are already on the right way since you already know that you need VPS. But looking for a good one now is a huge problem, everything is so infected with gaslighting ads that makes it almost impossible to find something good. Though I can recommend a good one https://bluevps.net/
  10. Buying something new is always risky. And when you buy something online this factor of the unknown is super high. But I can recommend you a great one, that will offer you something, that will be perfect for you https://romanovamakeup.us/collections/eyebrows
  11. I don't know how you can pick one and put the tag "best" on it. There're plenty of good poker websites and people like some because it's free, people like other poker websites for the opposite reasons. Here, pick something for you https://www.arduity.com/blog/best-poker-sites/
  12. That's simple. When it comes to the technical part, just use the first Youtube video you see. Of course, it is a bit problematic now, as dislikes are gone and you can't just easily pick a good guide. But I believe you will find it. And as for the servers, check here https://blueservers.com/
  13. So okay. These days having an okay PC is $2000 minimum. Of course, I won't buy prebuilds, so no lease here. But I can't just take the sum like this out of nowhere. Please recommend some places to take out a loan.
  14. Where did you play before? But I guess it is irrelevant since casinos close quite often for some reason. Personally, I like King Billy, but I won't recommend it. I believe you need something different. It would be better if I shared a place that reviews casinos and posts the bonus codes. Here is the additional reading for you. You will find a good number of different casinos there.
  15. Okay. You're my fellow countryman so I can actually recommend something good and something that I personally dealt with. Here's the link https://cartransport.pro/ . Just contact them and all your thingies will be safe and sound. Don't look any further.
  16. Hello there. I've heard that it is super easy to make a website with WordPress. I need a simple website for selling T-shirts. Will it work for me?
  17. Yes. Indeed. You're right. But wh..h... Meh, it doesn't matter anymore I guess. I might even give a try to these games some time in the future. Thanks for answering.
  18. I've seen someone make millions on something that looks like the Facebook farming simulator. Please explain. I don't get it.
  19. Well, to my fortune I don't have many options besides lake Tahoe. And I wouldn't trade it for anything else. If you happen somewhere in proximity you should try this place- a true heaven for fishermen. And here's a map of lake Tahoe depth https://usa.fishermap.org/depth-map/lake-tahoe/ . You might need it.
  20. Thank you very much, my friend. That's the offer I needed a lot. The unlimited speed is surprising for me. And price with all of it superb.
  21. Need something with at least 16GB ram. What are the best options here?
  22. Good good very good. Of course, the specialized software like this won't have many reviews, but thanks them for the demo. I tested it and I will buy it. Thank you.
  23. What's the best option market has to offer?
  24. How this works right now for medical organizations of different types?
  25. Hah. That clears a lot of things for me. I've been reading all the articles there and it makes so much sense to me now. Quite interesting solutions there. Thanks.