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  1. Gumba liked a post in a topic by Honoriz in Warehousing Seattle   
    Hi. The question may seem a bit weird, but I will ask it nonetheless. You never know where you will find the actual help. I need to rent a small warehousing space near Seattle. Share some decent options.
  2. Gumba liked a post in a topic by Honoriz in Movers for a good price   
    You will find them here https://unitedpromovingservices.com/
  3. Gumba liked a post in a topic by Honoriz in VPS   
    You are already on the right way since you already know that you need VPS. But looking for a good one now is a huge problem, everything is so infected with gaslighting ads that makes it almost impossible to find something good. Though I can recommend a good one https://bluevps.net/
  4. Gumba liked a post in a topic by Honoriz in Movers   
    Okay. You're my fellow countryman so I can actually recommend something good and something that I personally dealt with. Here's the link https://cartransport.pro/ . Just contact them and all your thingies will be safe and sound. Don't look any further.
  5. Honoriz liked a post in a topic by Gumba in What are NFT games?   
    It is actually simple and it has been around for a long time without ties to crypto. People sold skins for CS:GO, people sold items for MMORPGs, people sold their in-game characters. With NFT it is just simpler and more streamlined. You can start here with this list of top nft games https://thenftwtf.com/top-nft-games/
  6. Honoriz liked a post in a topic by Gumba in vps for minecraft   
    Hmmm. I have a couple of services in my bookmarks but I can wholeheartedly recommend only this one https://host-world.com/ as I've tested it on Minecraft servers and it runs as smooth for VPS as it gets. You won't be able to find anything that good. And you have different hardware to pick from there.
  7. Honoriz liked a post in a topic by Gumba in Software for filing insurance claims   
    If you want a ready solution here you go https://claimgenix.com/medical-service-billing-software/ . You won't find anything as functional and effective as this. And if you want something personal for you, you will find experienced developers there as well. In addition to that, there're good articles.
  8. Honoriz liked a post in a topic by Gumba in Medical billing advances   
    Well. Before that was on paper, after some time it was poorly customized office tools. A bit later custom-developed software was adopted with hired medical codders. But now we have good solutions you can implement, here a shining example https://routegenie.com/nemt-billing-software/ . Take a look. Hope it helps. 
  9. Honoriz liked a post in a topic by Gumba in Games for small kids   
    It's good that you think. But I strongly recommend accepting the games your kid plays. Maybe expecting some games that aren't recommended for 8 yo. He will see these educational games as a punishment and it won't lead to anything good. Just try to gently introduce him to the games here https://www.manamonster.com/difference-games
  10. Honoriz liked a post in a topic by Gumba in 86 inch LG TV mounting   
    Hi! I'm from Brooklyn as well! Nice to see a neighbor here. And I can help you. A couple of months ago I bought a huge TV too, doing everything by myself isn't my cup of tea and I can recommend you guys that will do everything by the book and fast. Here's TV mounting NYC  https://ultraassembly.com/services/tv-mounting-services-in-nyc/ . Take a look and I hope it helps. 
  11. Gumba liked a post in a topic by Honoriz in 86 inch LG TV mounting   
    I don't want to damage it in any way. So I guess the best idea is to ask for professional help. Who should I contact in Brooklyn, NY?