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Everything posted by Gumba

  1. until

    Of course. You bumped the thread and I have something to share right now. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for the same thing and a friend of mine shared his article about new online casinos read what he said . Check the link, the article is pretty good.
  2. Yep. And you aren't the only one. There's something weird and off about writing during the day. As for the extensions, I can recommend a great one here. Check the Google Docs Dark Mode . That's the one I use at the moment, it is very comfortable for low-light writing sessions. That's it.
  3. Hello there. Please recommend some good casinos here. I mean share the ones you personally enjoy.
  4. Okay. No problems here. Check this website . That's where I get all the news and reviews of different bitcoin-related services. Check a couple of articles and you will be convinced. New articles are posted on a regular basis and the quality of these is great. I hope it helps you. Have a nice day.
  5. I can't recall the last time I saw anyone requesting something like this here. I use it for work and my colegues use it though. I mean this live board app free download https://en.apkshki.com/app/liveboard . I've linked the please where you can download it already.
  6. Hi. I tried searching for this software on second-hand marketplaces but haven't found anything. If you saw it somewhere, please share a link in this thread.
  7. Yep. I trust your judgment. But to tell the truth the second I saw the price I was ready to buy there.
  8. Hello. I want to try out some new games as I grew tired of all the old ones. So please share the best options here.
  9. Thanks for sharing this link, friend. I guess the offline software will do as well. I will try it out.
  10. Hello. Is it possible to find an online converter that can convert 10 or hundreds of HTML files? Share some good links here, please.
  11. Thanks. The list is better indeed. I appreciate it and I will give it a good try.
  12. I am a bit of a tech hoarder yes. And thanks for sharing this link here, I aprpeceate it.
  13. I am generally interested in the subject of GPUs, what I mean by that Is I want to find some websites that have interesting coverages about new and old models. Can you share something like that?
  14. Ehm. You're weird. I don't think that anyone would have thought that you want to do the thing you've mentioned. You can make it easier on you, second-hand software is the best shot you might have. You can buy software with Software-Gate.com . That's where I got my Autodesk license.
  15. Well, I will go with the safer option anyway. Thank you for sharing this link here, I appreciate the help.
  16. I think that the type of casinos mentioned in the title is a bit more reliable, and I want to find some new ones in this niche. Please share some good options here.
  17. Thank you for the timely reply. That should work for me just find, so thank you for the link, I will try these out.
  18. Hey there. Please share some good casinos to try out in 2022. I haven't gambled in years, so I have no idea where to start.
  19. Need to get through a couple of raids and need some assistance with it. Vault of glass and Master Vow to be specific. Where to look for help?
  20. Currently, I am on my game development course and I need to hire someone who will help me with a small python asignemt.
  21. Thank you for the timely reply! My order just sits there and no I can finally buy something. Great!
  22. Where do people look for iHerb promo codes in 2022? I remember back in 2016 the websites with promo codes were all over the place and no I can't find anything.
  23. Here you go https://bizzocasino.net/promotions . I've linked the bonuses directly for the free start. And the reason for sharing it here is that I absolutely love this one. Had mad luck there. You won't believe how much I won if I tell you. Just try for yourself, there's a ton of great and fun games. And yeah aside from the first deposit bonuses you will get weekly bonuses as well.
  24. Hey there. Please recommend some movers that can handle Arkansas to Miami car shipping.
  25. It looks better than something specific indeed. Thank you for sharing the link. I will try to find something there.