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Everything posted by Gumba

  1. Here, give this shop a try https://supdec.graphics/
  2. O hi. I haven't been gambling in years. But I feel especially lucky today as if I knew for sure that today I will beat any casino. Please share some links.
  3. I agree, you never know. But the one thing I know for sure is that you already found the help you need. All of that is thanks to me, yes yes. I work in the logistics business and am more or less aware of the state of warehousing services in WS and Seatle in specific. And if you ask about warehousing Seattle the first thing that comes to my mind is https://pnwwarehousing.com/ . Check them out.
  4. Hello. I want to get a piece of advice from knowledgeable people. If you're into collectibles and coins in specific please share some good websites to buy the valuable coins. And I mean really valuable that I can hold on as an investment.
  5. Yes, I agree, that's the question that may seem to be a bit out of blue but I asked it on several forums to get all the possible answers. Thanks for sharing this, friend.
  6. Hello. I've heard that it is a great option for starting a new business. Share some blogs or software that is used in NEMT.
  7. That's a great suggestion. Of course, I will. I'm not familiar with anything big data guys do. But my job is to find something financially viable.
  8. The e-store I work for plans to launch a small big data project. And we need a trustworthy dedicated server for it. Please share some options.
  9. Hello! If someone here from South Africa by any chance, please recommend something. I need to move several cars from Wynberg to Southend. Please recommend some good services.
  10. VPS

    That's a good thing you've just shared. I showed this one to the developers I work with and we picked one. Thank you for sharing.
  11. VPS

    Hello. I want to get a remote server for a fair price for hosting an app. Please share the best possible options.
  12. Hello. I have a simple question to ask here. I want to buy some new beauty products, share the places I can buy something new.
  13. Thank you for sharing the whole list. It looks quite trustworthy. I will try a couple of poker websites from there. And test my luck and skill.
  14. Hello, I like to play blackjack and poker. What are the best online places for it?
  15. Hi! Please recommend some decently-priced services. I want to start my own Minecraft server.
  16. Yeah. Removing dislikes is a dumb descision. But a friend of mine already shared a good guide. Thanks for this link by the way. I will check it.
  17. Hello. I believe you can take out a lease on individual parts. Let's say, for GPU and CPU. And boom, your costs are reduced. In addition to that, you can always get your credit card in your bank. But since you asked this, I believe you already considered these options. So there are some good payday companies. And I will recommend one specific website that will connect you with lenders https://shinyloans.com/
  18. Hello! I just wanted to ask for a bit of advice. Please share some good online casinos that you had great luck at.
  19. Hello. I will move from Atlanta to another city in the same state quite soon and I don't want to sell all the things I have. So please recommend good movers.
  20. Interesting. I had no idea that there're people from my city. But I guess it won't be long. Thanks for the sharing this link btw.
  21. You can at least try it. If you are not in haste, it will take you a month to create a proper website on WordPress. Of course, you can just follow a 2 hours guide on Youtube but be prepared for your website not working properly. If you don't have that much time at your disposal, just hire someone. Even the top companies won't charge much for WordPress websites. Here take a look at this article on wordpress website developement
  22. It is actually simple and it has been around for a long time without ties to crypto. People sold skins for CS:GO, people sold items for MMORPGs, people sold their in-game characters. With NFT it is just simpler and more streamlined. You can start here with this list of top nft games https://thenftwtf.com/top-nft-games/
  23. Thank you, pall. That's quite an interesting website. I've found fish maps there as well and it has absolutely all the information one might need to know.
  24. What are your favorite places to fish in California? Share some tips.
  25. If you want a ready solution here you go https://claimgenix.com/medical-service-billing-software/ . You won't find anything as functional and effective as this. And if you want something personal for you, you will find experienced developers there as well. In addition to that, there're good articles.