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  1. I'm actually willing to bet that it will not only be on PS4, but it will also have some sort of timed or fully exclusive DLC on PS4 to make up to Sony for the abomination that was Skyrim PS3
  2. I can only speak for the US prices of course, but after going on Amazon and looking at some upcoming AAA titles, all games are $60 and that's what games were on last-gen as well.
  3. I hope Media Molecule moves on to do something else since they are a great developer yet I have never been a fan of the LBP series
  4. It looks awesome so far, but I definitely want more information on it. I think that Ubisoft will start talking more about it once they get Watch_Dogs launched and we will definitely see more at E3
  5. $60 game AND a subscription fee...No thank you If you're really into it and are gonna sink a ton of time into it go for it. It's just that for me personally there's a lot of games coming out that interest me more and are priced more reasonably
  6. It makes perfect sense. He's ssaying that he didn't like the gameplay or story, but he did like the graphics. Pretty simple
  7. Naughty Dog's team that did the Last of Us was originally going to work on Jak 4. Hopefully they do so now that they are done with the Last of Us.
  8. That's why I said MMO-like, because I can't think of a word to describe how these games work exactly. My point was that they are very different from the competitive multiplayer of games like COD or Battlefield
  9. While I think last gen popularized competitive multiplayer with games like COD and Battlefield, I see this gen moving towards the more MMO-like direction with games like Destiny and the Division.
  10. They are doing this because XBOX is irrelevant in Japan. They will win Japan regardless, so they instead decided to focus on a market where there was more competition
  11. My must haves right now are Watch Dogs, Destiny, and Infamous. I'm also planning on picking up The Witcher, The Order, and Thief
  12. Definitely Resogun. I got it free with PS Plus and am really enjoying it so far. It might be my favorite game on the console
  13. Being someone who has played with both PC and PS3 and plans to get a PS4, I have to say that PC is both very expensive, and if you want the best you have to keep upgrading. Also, PC receives a lot of bad ports and Console gets all exclusives that I care about (I never cared much for MOBAs ot MMOs) except for strategy games. However, PC is superior graphically by a lon shot If you go console, I would suggest PS4 over XBox One purely because Sony puts out better exclusives than Microsoft. Uncharted 2 is the game that really got me into gaming, and Infamous: Second Son will be the reason I finally stop holding out on buying a PS4.
  14. Cultural Revolutions are included in BNW, although they aren't common.
  15. Out of the three games that you mentioned, did you expect anything from them? The only real letdown I can see this year is Rome 2 and that's not even because it's a bad game, it's just full of bugs that will hopefully be fixed. This is one of the beset years in a while because of the amount of good games. A year is always defined by the great games, not the terrible ones However, you do bring up an interesting question. That question being are games being rushed. Honestly, I think it goes both ways. Rome 2 was clearly rushed (and it shows) but GTA V, The Last of Us, and Watch Dogs were all moved back in order to give the developers time to polish.