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  1. Im not going to tell everyone i told you so but i told you so. Ok im just kidding but i dont even play Dota 2 and this excites me. Its always good to see new character in MOBA's so other companies can take ideas from that character and then tweak them and put them into their own MOBA.
  2. Its an action game like Bayonetta that is set between Book 2 and Book 3 of Legend of Korra. The story has something to do with chi blockers and korra getting her bending taken away so she has to get all of her elements back one by one.
  3. Gearbox is playing it safe by not putting the Pre Sequel on next gen because its there only successful series and if it doesnt sell well on the current gen consoles(PS4.Xbox One) then there screwed. Also Gearbox would be stupid to just sit there and develop Borderlands 3 while Destiny and The Division(another looter shooter) come into there genre and take there crown. They need to put out something and the pre sequel was a smart move especially with them bringing back all the fan favorite characters like Wilhelm,Claptrap,Athena,Nisha, and Handsome Jack
  4. Gearbox has said that they literally cant fit any more DLC onto Borderlands 2 especially one of this magnitude and by that i mean the game wont allow for anymore stuff to be added onto it.
  5. Ok just to be clear characters in the Borderlands series are about $10 each(krieg,gaige). They have 4 characters so that is $40 bucks and that leaves $20 bucks for the story. This isnt a re skin its Gearbox's way of dealing with Destiny while Borderlands 3 is in development. If they didnt put a Borderlands game out then Destiny would of come in and taken over the looter shooter genre (i know it sounds stupid but it fits) that Borderlands started. Gearbox doesnt want to lose its crown in the genre that it started and this is mainly because thus far Borderlands is the only really successful series they have. However, at first glance i would be frustrated too and call it a re skin or a cash grab but after looking into it further its not at all.
  6. I heard it from the Screwattack youtube channel. However, i do agree that it does seem impractical but at the same time Sony has not said that the 4 days is just 4 days(if that makes sense). I honestly think it should be 1 day, 4 days, 7 days, 2 weeks,a month,and then a flat out permanent ownership but that is just my opinion. At the end of the day everybody just needs to calm down and see what Sony says about all this. There is no need to freak out over something that is still in beta.
  7. Everyone does realize that when they mean 4 days they mean 96 hours of you playing in game . So realistically you could stretch that 96 hours across months.
  8. Usually i have alot of faith in developers keeping the promises they make at E3 or another conference. However, im very skeptical about whether or not a small indie team can pull off something that,as far as i know, has never been fully accomplished. It seems very similar to Star Citzen but it doesnt have the same emphasis on space combat that SC does. I guess we all will have to just wait and see.
  9. It has the same style as Dawngate. Atleast now we can tell all the people who hate on League's graphics to fuck off.
  10. Well Batman Arkham Knight cant be GOTY for 2014 anymore.
  11. Ok your arguments for the second and third points are valid and i guess do make sense. However, for the first i didnt mean put 30 gadgets on a quick select wheel or have 30 gadgets in a menu that i can access. I mean give me 30 gadgets and let me put 8-10 on a quick select wheel.
  12. Im also very scared of needles and i have fainted before but im not sure if it effects my heart rate or blood pressure. However, it has never stopped me from getting a checkup because no matter how completely terrified i am of needles its not worth them not catching some illness that could do major damage or even possibly kill me.
  13. Ok i do agree that in many ways they fucked up Watch Dogs. However, its not a bad game and even if it was them making one bad game does not make every game they ever made crap.
  14. Seems interesting but im still skeptical. Im waiting to see what new things they bring to the genre.
  15. That was actually what i was just typing well ok. I can see both sides.