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  1. Could I get an invite please? Gamertag: Nixx08 Thanks
  2. Im 95% downloaded on PS3 now hope to put a decent amount of time into the game. PlayStation ID: Nixx08 for anyone that wants someone to team up with
  3. Just bought a PS4: Nixx08. Games at the mo are: Assassins Creed Black Flag Watchdogs COD: Ghosts Warframe
  4. Gamertag - Nixx08 Just got my Xbox One, mainly playing Forza 5 and NFS Rivals atm
  5. +1 on this. Come on over, get together with friendly people and away from the terrible pug atmosphere. Time to enjoy the game again!
  6. I do like the idea of this and will definitely check it out. Whether I go back or not depends how well they pull it off
  7. would gladly join if we get a guild going
  8. Just reactivated my sub. Will reroll on Faerie as soon as its done updating ...add Nixx Volera, now on Faerie realm
  9. I started on Al'Akir back in Beta and played there until just after TBC, going back could be fun. I do like the idea of an AJSA guild, playing the game purely with pugs has made me wish I never put money into this game, would be nice to enjoy it again.
  10. Would a Linkshell not help in this situation? Never used one myself but from what I have looked up it is a good way to link up to people that arnt in your FC
  11. I bought this when it came out, and started an FC. But ended up back on wow, hate being addicted to a game which isn't fun anymore I dont think this game has seperate EU and US regions so would be happy to reroll and join in if there is a guild up and running.
  12. Hi Guys. I am a long time gamer from London in the UK, started with Quakeworld back in 95 and been at it since, I play most types of game with my favourite being racing and the occasional MMO. I have owned every console but currently play PC and Xbox 360, not sure which new console I will get but it will probably be after christmas that I get one. I have been waiting for a community like this to come about for some time and look forward to being part of it. Take care all Nixx