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    Payday, TF2, GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft, Battlefield 3, Dead Rising, etc.
  1. Now get this, it's not an amazing idea, and it wouldn't be an amazing idea to execute. I'm fully aware the stock market may be impossible now, but I was thinking Rockstar could add in a business feature, give a handful of players, I'd say roughly 20-50, on all consoles to be able to start their own networks of crime. Sell drugs, sell weapons, cars, clothes, etc to other players, in which they could adjust their own prices and pay other players with earned money to help fuel their empire. Being able to contact one of the drug traffickers working for said crimelords would be an interesting free roam activity.
  2. Most of you might have no interest in this post, some might see it as me trying to get a promotion, but I'll explain exactly why I'm posting this. Bare with me, this is a very short topic, and you're free to respond however you wish. I want to become a leader for the AJSA, not a great, powerful rank where I'm omnipotent, but a way that reflects how well I do my job. I want to teach, and help those who play games, and need a friend to play games with. I play MKX, GTA:O, and I want to spread the AJSA to the Last of Us multiplayer, and help further our awareness across the gaming scene. I hate seeing new players in a game be steam rolled by those more experienced than they, and I urge those of you who are masters of your favorite games to help newcomers, especially those in the AJSA, we can truly take the AJSA to a enw level, and we'll strive to become the best of the best without inflating our egos. There's not much else I can say, but I'd love to hang out with any of you on Steam or PS4. My PSN is ScreamingWasp23, and my Steam is, well, whatever I have it set to currently. Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate it ^^
  3. Now, I may just always be on at the wrong time, or may never see these sessions going on, but I hardly see anyone in our crew online for the PS4. If you have a PS4 and are looking for a great crew, join us and bolster our ranks. Thanks :3
  4. Welcome to service, Acerage. It's glad to greet a new recruit! I hope you feel welcome!
  5. I'm mostly a Steam/PS4 user, and I usually act alone, but welcome to the AJSA! A great community awaits you, have fun, man!
  6. I'll be completely blunt here. I don't have as many reliable friends to help me tackle heists for extra bread for buying shit. There's nothing wrong with randoms, most are confident enough to not fuck up even the most simple of tasks, but the search for decent games is nigh to impossible. I want to help people finish their heists, and I don't want to get short-changed for carrying the team. If any of you are looking for someone to help with your heists, let me know. There's a big update tomorrow, and I need as much cash as I can carry.
  7. So, I was thinking that we could spread the AJSA to fighting games, specificailly Street Fighter 4, now I am no expert like Daigo, but I've been playing among the community for a few years now so I'm not the type to mash hadokens and shoryukens and only pick Ken. If any of you had a chance to download the arcade edition a few months back and would like some hands on training, I'd be glad to assist in helping you learn any of the game's many fighters. I also own Ultra, so if you'd like training there, I'd be happy to download it. Of course, if you're a vet yourself I'd love to have you guys join for some Team Battles/Tournaments or Endless Battle sessions. Reply to this if ya'd like, I do have at least basic knowledge of the entire roster, so feel free to propose any character. Hope I'll get to game with you guys ^^ GT: ScreamingWasp24. Xbox Live only.
  8. Almost every generation of consoles has always followed the same issue as it's predecessors; one that even stands the test of time this year at e3, and it's something that, if developers and companies realized it, could be fixed to improve the gaming experience for everyone. Each year at e3, when new games are shown off, especially with gameplay, furthered by the hype of a new generation and consoles, people tend to let all of that excitement pollute their brands with false hopes, don't be ashamed, it's natural. We see an awesome new concept for a game, one that's really never been done before, and we're promised it'll deliver on it's hype, but have you noticed it hardly ever does? It's not fully the developer's fault, our fault, or the publisher's fault, in comes in time limits and budget. These developers throw out the news of what their new game is going to be based on, but they're still developing it, and the more hype and pre-orders a game receives, it can lead to the publisher trying to release the game as fast as possible, especially around times such as the Holidays or long break periods for students and employees alike. My advice? If you pre-order a game, don't pick it up on day one of release, wait a day or two. See the reviews for it and if it turns out to be utter crap, cancel and get your money back, you'll avoid the pain of disappointment and you'll get your cash back. Don't let cheesy gimmicks and pretty graphics fool you, know what you're getting into before you throw all of your money away.
  9. I'm going to go ahead and make this clear, I am not annoyed at Rockstar. In fact, I think people are giving Rockstar a hard time while they try to push out well-timed DLCs and Updates. My issue involves people over forums and websites saying the new content will be released on this date or that date. I stopped watching cliche YouTubers post misleading videos about when they "speculated" the release dates would be, and I'm just waiting for an official statement from Rockstar about the releases. People, my advice is simple. Don't believe your friends, attention-whoring YouTubers, or vague forum posts about the DLCs. Rockstar is working hard to insure there are as few bugs as possible with the game, so be patient and relax.
  10. A simple question, no introductory rant or anything. Which game do you think has the worst online/offline community?
  11. This is an easy to answer question in the straight-forward sense, do we pick a specific race in an RPG because we like the way they talk, or the way their species looks? Yes. Of course, it's easily assumed so, but why? Why do we do this in games? We pick what we like but not what's best. This can be pointed to RPGs specifically, but can be applied to almost any game. For an example, when I play RPGs, even MMOs (rarely) if there is the option to pick a dwarf, even though that race may not allow me to be adept at skills that are useful, I pick that race just to be a dwarf. Is this affected by popular culture, and what movies, shows, and other games I'm into? Of course! Is it bad? I think not. We as people tend to lean towards what we like over what we need, it's human nature. We like to be what we like. We like to choose what we like. We pick what weapons we like. We pick what cars we like. We pick what fighter we like. Do you agree? Disagree? Please, debate. Have fun. Argue and quarrel if you'd like, because it's fun!
  12. Don't be afraid to expand and be yourself. This is a friendly community of gamers and you're always welcome. Just relax and have fun. Also, welcome aboard!
  13. Oh, Discrimination! You're a word that plagues history and you have remained a topic of debate for centuries. Why am I bringing up? Well, as the title of the post entails. Discrimination does take form in gaming media in the form of how gamers may react individually to certain games or genres. Disliking and resenting a specific genre are two different things. Refusing to give new game in a genre (ex: Racing) is discriminating, not even giving a new and innovative title in a series a chance is wrong. Disliking more likely falls on the boundaries of being able to respect a game for what it is, and just simply not enjoying the experience. This grows even farther when individual gamers spew hatred and resentment on those who like these types of games. Just because you dislike a genre, don't hate on those who like it. We need to possibly open our eyes and come together in brotherhood and sisterhood. Respect each other for our likes. Unless you like Candy Crush. Take your interests elsewhere.
  14. Over the last few decades, a small family of games have stood as the best. They met all of our expectations and went even farther, giving us a memorable experience that we will keep in our hearts for years, but it seems now that a fewer number of those games hit the market. Sure, there are good games. Very good games and they're fantastic, however, most gamers don't get a lasting impression. We tend to move on from the experience and never classify that game as one that changed us, made us cry or have fun to our limits. Ocarina of Time, Shadow of the Colossus, hell, even the original Mario Bros. They are all fantastic games. (Just to name a few) That have set staples into the industry as the masters of what they had accomplished. Why does it feel like everything is so lackluster in that regard now? I haven't had a game make me want to play the story again since Assassin's Creed 2, and that's been about.. five years! It's crazy that no-one can hit all the right points in a game anymore. Something is always missing. Do you agree? Disagree? Got a game that you think of that deserves more love than what it gets?
  15. Welcome.