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  1. Not only is she visually more pleasing, but her skillset seems a lot more enjoyable and balanced.
  2. Now I wish I had waited. Didn't like shelling out $50 for it.
  3. His video simply prompted an idea I thought would be suitable for discussion here on the forums.
  4. TotalBiscuit released a new video today discussing the quality control of Steam. How well do you think Steam is doing on controlling what games are allowed on it and what games are not? Should they be stricter? Should they not really have a say at all, and just be the retailer? I personally think Steam needs to cut the bad games out or hide them a lot more so that better games can get more exposure. They also need to stop the misleading "release date" and re-define it already.
  5. I am tired of this push towards micro-transactions. Yet another reason I will NOT be purchasing this tragedy of a game.
  6. Sid Meier's Civilization V was also a game I couldn't get into. People talk about how it is one of the greatest strategy games ever made, yet I don't see it.
  7. I should have used the term campaign in quotes. And Safari Men unite!
  8. Of the ones listed, probably Dark Souls 2. Having hard time deciding between it and Thief. I know Joe has played Dark Souls 2 on Steam already, so that may be the game Also, my prediction for his Titanfall Review will most likely be either a 7/10 or 8/10. He's going to hammer it for the campaign, I know it.
  9. I wish a YouTube alternative would arise so we can show Google they can't force these bullshit changes.
  10. I love the name, and always love to see a person here from Australia. Welcome!
  11. It would certainly be interesting, though unlikely. I believe Joe, when he reviews MMOs, likes to play the entire story. Playing the entire story in an MMO, if it is good at least, takes awhile. Joe has a lot of other things on his plate and more games to review. Not saying it shouldn't happen, but most likely it wont. I also may be mistaken, but I recall him saying he doesn't revisit and review older games.
  12. Using an imaging editing program, such as Paint.NET, you can re-size the image under the options (be sure to retain the ratio). Alternatively, you could use TinyPic. When you upload an image, it gives you the option to resize it.
  13. I agree with the entirety of this. I'm not certain the pin feature is being used as it should. Especially Sgt. Ross' reply. I mean, you can hang it as a trophy as your "victory over the ignorant" all you want, but I'm pretty sure we've all read it and it's spent its time there now and can be removed. Pinned threads need to be relevant and interesting to us all.
  14. I thought about pre-ordering but I actually think I'll just wait until I see if it gets good reviews or not. I'm not one to pre-order unless there's a discount anyway.