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  1. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Gone in "Cleaning Up Steam"   
    I think they need to be a lot stricter with early access games.
    I don;t mind it as a concept. I just see it as a pre order you can play ... it's no different than Kickstarter really.
    If a game shows no sign of progress then Valve need to start asking the developers why and either get them moving or blacklist them from Steam completely if they show no willing.
    They also need to stop putting old games in the new release section. Yes they might be newly released on Steam or even new to the PC but a game from 1995 should not be marked as a new release. It's confusing to new buyers and it looks bad.
    And they need to stop putting Daikatana on sale .... people keep buying it .... I think Romero has made enough people his bitch by now.
  2. Leorion liked a post in a topic by Drachen in Transgender option under gender settings   
    I'm not sure why it matters. I mean, it's just a minor profile function. I don't ever think about what I set my gender. I guess if you're sub-conscious about it, it makes sense.
  3. Drachen liked a post in a topic by abilly85 in Treyarch or Infinity Ward?   
    I'm aware. I was just adding on to the conversation; I dislike Activision more than Infinity Ward. Infinity Ward may be creating the same stuff over and over again, but Activision is the reason they include all of the money-grabbing.
  4. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Gone in Prediction: Angry Joe's next review   
    Jackie will know, he's from 2015.
    He knows everything.
  5. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Garrett Tibbs in G'day from Doreasaurus   
    Welcome the Angry Army! Good to see another Aussie in the forums again

  6. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Rain in Useless vs Useful pinned threads!   
    I have brought up the issue to the higher ups. When they are able they will re-evaluate the pinned threads and change accordingly.
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, as much as they'd like to...Command and Council are very busy and can't monitor every aspect of the forums. They appreciate the feedback and the help.
  7. Doreasaurus liked a post in a topic by Drachen in G'day from Doreasaurus   
    I love the name, and always love to see a person here from Australia.
  8. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Rainversey in Useless vs Useful pinned threads!   
    I'm raising this question because of the uselessness of the current pinned threads and the disappearance of good unpinned threads that should had gotten pinned.
    * What good is it to have a thread that is locked whose only purpose is to show off Sgt. Ross' reply to something?
    * There are two completely useless (or at least ONE useless thread) that's only there to display one twitchtv stream instead of collecting everyone's twitch sites - This is better moved to the front page as a side banner that says "Angry Joe's Twitch". And for that matter, why is Delrith's personal twitch on that thread's main page as well? The other twitch thread just seems to be completely random with it's "Hey howya all doin', post opinions kkthanxbai". Both of these can be removed - And the twitch feedback thread can be remade and put elsewhere or just removed all together.
    * The "New Games added to Poll" thread is just being in the way now. Can be removed.
    * AJSA Competitive Teams Thread is the only thread that actually provides something out of value. This one should stay but probably be edited since it claims that no teams have officially been made and, that's just like - Well what are you waiting for then?
    Meanwhile threads in the lines of like "Share your steam / other such pages and befriend others!" completely vanished into darkness instead of being stickied / pinned. Fix these things. I don't care about SGT. Ross's response to one question in a thread, that's locked.
  9. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Gone in Crappy Game Endings   
    Any game from the 80's or early 90's.
    THE END.
    That was your ending.
  10. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Sigma081 in Top 10 Games of 2015: SoT vs. Titanfall   
    Hey can you look up which stocks have grown the most from early 2014 and PM that list to me? k,thx.
  11. Drachen liked a post in a topic by GodPlzStopMe in RANDOM TIME   
    Nah Nachos ftw
  12. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Commander Shepard in RANDOM TIME   
  13. CaptainKickass69 liked a post in a topic by Drachen in Is Titanfall worth getting an xboxone for ?   
    You should never purchase a console (or PC) for one specific game. Never. Find other games you may enjoy on it first.
  14. Drachen liked a post in a topic by ... in What are two words you need in an advertisement to sell a JRPG   
  15. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in Rating age's for Games   
    This would actually be great. If instead of age ratings you had "Maturity Levels". You could have Maturity Levels 0-10 or something, with (for example) edutainment games being 0, Mario being 1, Psychonauts being 3 or 4, Halo being 5, Gears of War being 6, God of War being 8, The Witcher 2 or Grand Theft Auto V being 9, and Rapelay being 10.
    I think I've just decided to usurp the ESRB.
  16. Rainversey liked a post in a topic by Drachen in The Boogie Internet Love and Weight Society   
    I agree. Being overweight is not something to be proud of. It's unhealthy. People misunderstand the truth for teasing too often.
  17. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Gone in An interesting post from a website...   
    Hey now guys .... be nice to our console gaming friends.....
    And stop using words with more than one syllable or you'll confuse them.
  18. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Gone in Thoughts on Steam?   
    Steams great and all but it gets damn hot trying to power my little car with it.
    Worked better on trains I hear.
  19. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Sonny in What are two words you need in an advertisement to sell a JRPG   
    Commander Shepard

  20. Maeglin Telrunya liked a post in a topic by Drachen in I'm going to be a game designer!!   
    I remember you now, fair gentleman. And I do agree accordingly.
    -tips top hat-
  21. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Maeglin Telrunya in What is the most pressing issue in the gaming industry today?   
    Interesting question. If you asked me two days ago I'd probably have said: DLC, Discouraging the sales of used games, etc. But then I saw this video by TB.

    He actually makes plenty of legitimate points. So I would have to say the only thing I really dislike is: Pre-Order Bonuses, and Pathetic DLC( cough* Map Packs, and A new Weapon *cough*)
  22. abilly85 liked a post in a topic by Drachen in Treyarch or Infinity Ward?   
    Activision in a nutshell, honestly.
  23. Drachen liked a post in a topic by Gone in I'm going to be a game designer!!   
    I take it you buggers are leaving it up to me to bring reality crashing down?
    Fair enough....
    Always aim high but be prepared to take the blows.
    The chances of you landing a job in the AAA sector are so slim it's akin to me pissing through the eye of a needle without getting any on my hand.
    More than likely you will be working in mobile gaming (which is where John Romero ended up .... so much for making us his bitch .... fuck you Daikatana). 
    There are hordes of people all aiming for a small number of openings in the AAA sector and a lot of them have been in the industry for years and have proven themselves. Studios shut down or reshuffle and then those people go for the few openings that appear.
    Not saying it to be a cunt but i've seen a few people say they are going to work in gaming but very very few make it to the top of the heap.
    Good luck though.
  24. Drachen liked a post in a topic by illage2 in I'm going to be a game designer!!   
    Fellow members of the AJSA. 
    I am proud to announce that as of next week I will be a Game Design Apprentice.   Since the age of Five after I played Alexx The Kidd on my Master System I've dreamed of this.  My friends in school kept telling me it would happen, and it has. 
    I am the first (and only) game designer from Wythenshawe, and with this I pledge that I will design the best games possible.  No more shall you suffer at the hands on terribly designed games. 
    If I can do it anyone can.  I've got no education, and no experience in the sector but I'm going to give it my very best.
    Thank you to AngryJoe for providing excellent gaming content and keeping me interested in gaming and thank you to the excellent community here on the AJSA forums.
    Thank you.
    P.S. I can't get this song out of my head sorry..... "YOU'VE GOT THE TOUCH...... YOU'VE GOT THE POWWWWWEEEERRRR!!!"
  25. abilly85 liked a post in a topic by Drachen in Treyarch or Infinity Ward?   
    I'll tell you one thing, they aren't substantial enough for the $60 price tag.. plus the extra $60 for the DLC.