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Everything posted by Larry

  1. Now I own Minecraft, though I do not play it often. I would love to play with some of you guys! Good servers aren't cheap, so we would need quite a few people on board. In the mean time, post about how much you think an AJSA Minecraft server would rock, or suck. What you would do in said server, or your ideas for the server. Please keep on topic, and may the force be with you.
  2. This is Larry, here to talk about one of the biggest next-gen titles out as of the moment and YOUR problems with it. Now we know many of you love this series and this game. But we are NOT here to bash the game, we are here to point out the obvious problems with the game that can and should be fixed to ensure the consumer gets the ideal experience they expect from their FPS. Now discuss your problems with this game, whether that is bugs, glitches, crashes, lag, etc. This could be vital information for Angry Joe that he could use in his address to the Angry Army and beyond. So please, stay on topic and may the force be with you .
  3. I love hearing about couples that play games together!
  4. We need to revive this thread!
  5. Current feels capacity reads at 500 loves. We are currently running at 473 loves. Everything should be stable for the time being.
  6. Someone is new to forums lol. It's ok though. We still love you. ♥
  7. MonocleViking. Another theory is that the during the construction of the Colossus. (GIGANTUAN DWARVERN CENTURION)here is a video based on lore. Its great. Skip to about the 10 min mark to learn about the possible disappearance of the dwemer.
  8. You nailed it man. Can't think of many Halo machinimas besides those.
  9. But is it really?
  10. The demonic essence from my tv..
  11. Didn't think to see a RWBY fan in here. . Anyway, the closest thing I can hope for in a Warcraft 4 would be the WC4 mod in SC2! It's phenomenal!
  12. Oh we got a RWBY fan in here? Eh Ubernoob? You love RWBY?
  13. snipermex! I made this for you! ♥♥
  14. So what has your research told you thus far Dr. Mc ?
  15. I love Dragon Age, but I can't say I am not worried about the new game.
  16. [AJSA] seems like the better choice.
  17. The Colt Single Action Army. Looks fantastic and it's a classic.
  18. Don't be Wiki, let your love run free.
  19. AMERICA! No but seriously I live in the U.S.
  20. Why so many people vote superman? Maybe if Batman did not know who he was. But Batman purposefully joins the Justice League so he can find out the strengths and weaknesses of all the heroes there, so he can take them down if he has to.
  21. Welcome to the community aussie_invader!