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  1. Portal 2 and Borderlands 2! BL2 had my friends and I crying! We were laughing so hard!
  2. exTobfree
  3. I know right? it wouls seem that i would be able to play this game flawlessly but im thinking its my cpu. ATM i have my Video setting at Texture Quality High Texture Filtering High Lighting Quality High Effects Quality High Post Process Quality Low Mesh Quality High Terrain Qualtiy High Terrain Decoration High AA Deferred Off AA Post Off Ambient Occlusion Off
  4. I get FPS stutters and drops when it comes to CQB. Example: Me see a guy with his back turned then i open fire on him and once he starts to fire my FPS drops and i die. My Rig GPU: GTX 760 CPU: AMD FX-4170 Quad-Core Processor 4.3 <--- i think might be my problem see that is it a game that utilizes 6 core cpus Memory: 16g OS: Win7 Other than that, i get around 60-80 FPS witch is whyit really frustrating!
  5. Halo 3 all the way, I love the entire Halo series but i don't like where they took Halo 4 story wise(Note: I haven't read any of the books.) 343 kept the multi-player alive, but also in 3 the ranking system was better.
  6. Who's Angry Joe?
  7. Handsome Jack!!! all the way!
  8. Welcome Mr. Scott Steiner!
  9. Thanks for the welcoming!
  10. Names Tobfree, new to the AJSA! Never been part of a gaming community but have been playing games pretty much my entire life! I am a student and a single parent so i have a tight schedule, but when I do play I love tearing up the field on some Multi-player FPSs on the XBOX and the PC. Currently playing BF4 on PC and running threw all the DLC on Borderlands 2 on XBOX. PST is my Timezone!