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  1. Syberia II is now free on Origin's On The House page.
  2. Game: A Boy and His Blob Platform: PC Time: 14 hours First off, why did anyone feel the need to remake the original game? I saw it and it didn't look good. If anything it looked like a bad game. But anyway moving on... This is not a good game. It has two difficulty settings: too easy or hair-pullingly unfair. Note I said unfair instead of challenging, because the game is never challenging. Any and all difficutly comes from the game being unfair. Sometimes it's an enemy coming out of nowhere and you don't have enough time to react, other times the game randomly decides to not listen to you when you want to jump. Occasionally the game will throw a brand new mechanic you've never considered even being possible without any reason or explanation and never use it again, and more often than not you will want to drop a jellybean in one location and Blob decides to transform in a completely different location. However, the worst offenders of all are the bosses. These things just do things that that are completely unfair, ike the first one moving to a location and you are too slow to avoid it not because you yourself are slow but because the player character walks slowly. I cannot tell you the number of times I died because blob decided to not get the jellybean when I told him to and would rather jump randomly and then get the jellybean. Honestly with the exception of the last two bosses I felt I defeated the bosses due to luck rather than skill. The art style is definitely unique and the music is fantastic, but they do not stop the game from being bad.
  3. Bought the recent Humble Bundle for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Giving away the rest. PM me which one you want. First come first serve: Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter - Balance of Power Campaigns Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga
  4. I have an Nvidia GTX 970m so while I can play most games on high-max settings I rarely ever reach 60 FPS
  5. Were these extremely obvious drops in framerate or the kind fhat aren't noticable to the naked/untrained eye unless you know what you're looking for?
  6. When you say framerate issues, do you mean that it stutters occasionally (or constantly) or that it drops to 30 (or 5) frames per second every coulple of hours (or minutes)?
  7. The title explains it all: did anyone ever release a patch (or fan patch) that fixes all or at least most of Arkham Knight's issues, especially the optimization and framerate issues? I ask because I just saw that the game is cheap on Bundle Stars (probably won't be anymore by the time I have this question posted/answered), so I thought I would ask in preparation for the next big Arkham Knight sale. Is the game playable/stable on PC or should I just stick to a console version?
  8. Game: Jurasic Park: The Game Platform: PC Time: 6 hours It was an above average game. Arguably the worst Telltale Games game I've ever played (so far), but even at its worst Telltale is still pretty good. Kinda. At least it wasn't insulting or anything. Jurassic Park: The Game is fairly rough around the edges. The story is barebones Jurassic Park: people need to escape from a park where dinosaurs have gotten lose. They run from Raptors, admire Apatosaruses (or at least they would had any been in the game), and get trampled by Triceratopses. Sadly, the game is one of those where there has to be a main villain, even if he or she shows up at the end of the game, is a character who you met before, did not seem like a villain, but had a sudden and nonsensical change of heart and turned evil because the plot demanded it. Why can't it just ever be the Velociraptors, Tyranosaurs, or Dilophosauruses? They're iconic antagonists who get the job; really, you don't need an evil human around when you've got friggin' apex predators from a bygone era. Speaking of characters they were mostly two-dimensional. They consisted of the estranged father and daughter, the wise-cracking soldier, the soldier with the rough exterior who but has a heart of gold, the "I'm just doing this for the money" mercenary who has a change of heart later on, and the scientist. The father and daughter hit all the notes we have come to expect from such characters, and the mercenary's change of heart was admittedly somewhat believable (and her backstory made the reason why she did what she did from beginning to end relatable), but the rough exterior soldier was my absolute favorite because he actually seemed well-rounded enough to seem like a real human being. Sadly, this leaves the wise-cracking soldier and the scientist as my least favorite characters. The wise-cracker was the villain I previously mentioned; he had several moments where I sympathized and even agreed with him, but when he turned full villain I just wanted him to be torn apart by Velociraptors. Slowly. As for the scientist, she turns villain first (again without any good reason and against everything that was established about her beforehand), and a hypocritical one at that. Again, wanted her to be slowly torn apart by Velociraptors. Gameplay was your basic Telltale fare: wander around locations, search for stuff to interact with, quick time event action sequences, repeat. The action sequences were tense, but for the wrong reason. At times the QTEs seemed unfair and while I got a tiny bit of enjoyment out of them when they happened, looking back on them I see how stupid most of them were. Some were ok, but the ones that were bad were REALLY bad. And before I forget, while i heard stories about how the game liked to stutter and had horrible audio, I only had audio problems, arguably some of the worst and most consistent I've ever had. Maybe it's because I have a computer that can run DOOM on high to max settings at 40-60 FPS, but I didn't see any stuttering during my playthrough. But the audio problems were definitely annoying. Now this one part didn't have to do with the game but the optional journal entries you can read from the main menu, but I loved the journal entries. A lot of people complain about how Velociraptors aren't the right size in the movies, how anyone would know Tyrannnosaruses have motion-based movement (or that they even have that), and why the Dilophosaurus has neck frills and poison spit. Well, the journal actually explains it yet another side effect of splicing frog DNA into the dinosaurs to fill in the gaps. It paints a fairly clear picture that just about everything can be linked back to the decision to use frog DNA. Nedry's death at the hands of a Dilophosarus? Blame frog DNA. Everyone surviving their encounters with the Tyrannosaurus Rex? Blame frog DNA. Dinosaurs laying eggs? Well actually the game goes into that a bit and states that dinosaurs, like modern chickens, ovulate on a regular basis and lay unfertilized eggs unless, well, what happens when a mommy and a daddy dinosaur love each other very much. Apparently the eggs were never the telltale sign of dinosaurs reproducing, but how they were laid in clutches and in secure locations instead of out in the open where any wandering sauropod can squash them. That I like; it basically shows that what we think of as dinosaurs in the park aren't actually dinosaurs. I would say that this game is above average. It does enough right to balance out what it does wrong. It may be my love of dinosaurs, but the journal entries and what they talk about regarding frot DNA brings the game up a small notch above middle of the road.
  9. Probably a stupid question, but... Newest Humble Bundle (from last week) has Star Wars KOTOR in it for the $1 tier, but KOTOR 2 is in the second tier (which also has Jedi Outcast and Battlefront 2) which is currently at $11, and The Force Unleashed 1 and 2 are in the $14 tier (which contains Rogue Squadron 3D and Shadows of the Empire). The rest in the bundle doesn't interest me. Does KOTOR run well on modern PCs? I'm thinking if nothing else I should get the $1 tier for KOTOR and give away the rest.
  10. Man, these Transformers movies have been going downhill since the first one.
  11. Game: Remember Me Platform: PC Time: 9 hours To quote the Spy from Team Fortress 2, "Well, this was a disappointment." Seriously, this was a disappointing game. I expected so much more from Dontnod, the makers of Life is Strange. The combat was lackluster, the story was forgettable (pun intended), and the characters were just there. There were only two plot twists in the entire game. The first one could have worked if the character it involved had been introduced earlier and not five minutes before the twist happened, and the second one is a plot twist in the loosest of definitions. The villains, oh the villains might have been the worst part of the game. They were moustache twirling, one dimensional caricatures, and the only ones who are redeemed are done so not because of any choice on their part, but because you FORCE them by going in their head and remixing their memories. It's pretty disgusting if you ask me, especially since it's something the villains do, yet when they do it it's reprehensible but when you do it it is perfectly acceptable because, um, because...because shut up, that's why! And why we're on the subject of things that don't make sense, how do these memories heal you or mutate people? It's never explained! Oh, and the game was unstable. It stuttered constantly, especially when supersampling was activated, and the sound cut out on me twice. It didn't crash on me like Dragon Age: Origins or the Tales of Berseria demo, but it should have been better. The more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that Remember Me is a bad game. Mechanics wise it's middle of the road, story wise it's middle of the road, but when we get to the characters, what they do, and the bad message the game gives (except for the one that is shoehorned in at the last minute; that's a good, if generic, message), they all drag the game down to genuinely bad levels. Maybe it's kinda a good thing that the game was bad so Dontnod learned from its mistakes to create Life is Strange. Given how the game tries to shoehorn in the message that tragedy and bad experiences are a part of life that shouldn't be forgotten and that we need to learn from them, it's strangely fitting when you think about it.