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  1. I have a free copy of Fantasy General for GOG if anyone wants it. PM me if you do.
  2. I'll take it off it's still available. I sent a pm I think (I hope it went through).
  3. Got a free key for Dustforce from a Bundle Stars giveaway. PM me if you want it.
  4. Game: Binary Domain Time: 9 hours Platform: PC I enjoyed this. I went into it thinking it would be a relatively generic 3rd-person shooter with a mediocre story, but I was surprised how likeable and memorable the characters were. The game didn't take any of the plot twists I expected and instead took a few ones I didn't expect. But what I really enjoyed was how the various enemies reacted to which body parts were damaged: blowing off legs made them crawl, partially destroying legs made them limp, and so on. It really helped sell them as robots who couldn't feel pain. The two main problems is how it dumped a lot of plot twist exposition in the final act and how the final boss was someone who, while established early on in the game, was given no buildup as a villain and just popped in to say, "Surprise, I'm suddenly a bad guy now!" I would add the sequel-beg of an ending, but quite frankly the game deserves a sequel. All in all, a very fun game.
  5. *Edit* FEAR and DLC are now claimed.
  6. Have a free copy of Mount and Blade for whoever wants it. Fair warning: it's for GOG, not Steam. PM me if you want it.
  7. Game: Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut Time: 3 hours Platform: PC It's a neat little puzzle game. Some of the puzzles were easy-ish. Most had me scratching my head before I eventually solved them, but I got stuck on a few, and sometimes I just lucked out. The story is easily the best part of the game, though, as it really makes you question who to trust since you are stuck in a ludicrous situation and each person you hear over the radio has an equally ludicrous explanation of what is happening. Some things don't add up, but that's just to keep you guessing until the very end. The puzzles might not be as clever as those in the Portal games, but the story definitely is.
  8. Game: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow -- Mirror of Fate HD Platform: PC Time: 10 hours I have mixed feelings about this game. It tried to combine the the modern exploration-centric style of 2D Castlevania games with certain classic aspects, including the way sub-weapons work, and various aspects of Lords of Shadow, namely combat and puzzles. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Honestly my biggest problem was the game kinda messing up its own continuity. The game is split between three campaigns and two characters. At first it starts off ok, but then the continuity is screwed up in the later campaigns. Why can one character use his whip to swing from chandelier to chandelier when the ability to do so wasn't given to the whip until the future? How come one character has to earn the ability to double jump in his first campaign but already knows it in his second campaign, one that takes place in the past? I think someone dropped the ball here. Also, two more complaints: first, the music. It was meh. Since it was a 2D Castlevania it needed remixes of classic Castlevania songs, but nope, nothing of the sort. A wasted opportunity if you ask me. The second complaint is the difficulty curve. The second campaign is easily the hardest and the third campaign is the easiest; it even has tutorial prompts that don't appear anywhere else in the game, as if it was meant to be the first campaign but someone screwed that up too. It was an ok game. There wasn't anything glitchy or offensive, but it just didnt' live up to the Castlevania name. Maybe I should lower my expectations for when I play Lords of Shadow 2...
  9. Free copy of Lichdom: Battlemage for whoever wants it. PM me. First come first serve. *EDIT* The game has been claimed.
  10. Game: Three Dead Zed Platform: PC Time: 2 hours Ugh, this was an annoying game. It was an action platformer with a little light puzzling thrown in. It tried to have a quirky sense of humor but it didn't make me laugh. That gmae was more boring than anything else, except for annoying. It was very, very, VERY annoying. The controls were floaty, and the game was buggy. I use a wired Xbox 360 controller, so when I pressed the Y button to repeat a stage it wouldn't work. Also none of the achievements unlocked. Short but not sweet. Would not recommend.
  11. Game: Borderlands GOTY Edition (including DLC) Platform: PC Time: 51 hours Well, that was about as good as I expected. Started out tough, got easier as I played. I can see why a lot of people claim that despite the developers claiming it has a bajillion guns only a few are ever useful; as soon as I got the legendary SMG that lights everything on fire it became my go-to weapon for every enemy, including the ones who are supposed to be weak against shock and corrosive damage. Of course, I would have to switch out something else whenever I fought a fire elemental enemy or anything that was immune to fire damage, but other than that once I got that SMG I used it 99% of the time. I ignored most other weapons and specced my character to take advantage of its elemental power. By the end of the game, I had maxed out my money. It's a fun game, but I don't see why people like to play more than one playthrough.
  12. Looks too much like Final Destination.
  13. Problem is I already own it for the Xbox 360.