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N7 Illusional

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    Xbox Original, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Halo franchise, COD franchise, Battlefield MC 2, BC 1&2, Battlefied 3&4, Tekken franchise, Mass Effect franchise, Dragon Age Origins, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, NBA 2K11-14, Outdoor Sports like American Football, Football, Basketball
  1. Haha, it's always nice to meet a fellow Mass Effect enthusiast. Thanks for the recognition Commander. I should go.
  2. Aye, mixed bag is most things in life Cheers.
  3. Sshh... Don't blow my cover >_>
  4. Hello AJSA, first of all, I have to say that this is easily one of the better gaming communities - if not thee best - on the interwebs. I come from the winter wonderland, land of many lakes, wonderful state of Minnesota. I've been gaming since the late 90's and early 00's. It all started with the Super Nintendo, then onto the N64, PS2 and Xbox. And yes, as you can tell, I have a pretty good idea of the Mass Effect franchise. Don't wanna bore you all too much with my gaming history, but it's nice to know what started it all for some of us. As for my ambitions, I've always been about the community and the camaraderie it can come with. Met a lot of good people in the gaming world, decent fellows with an open minded sense of games. So I tried starting a community (more than once) of my own, on my own, mostly. But if anyone has ever been around that scene long enough, you know that things don't last very long, so again, I won't bore with the details. Which is part of the bigger reason I'm here, why I decided to post a little something about me. Could be that I'm getting tired of the same old thing, but I want to get back into that scene, maybe meet some more good people. I'd like to be more involved with the AJSA and try to help out with some things that concern the community. I'll be trying to post more often here on the forums, not sure as to what that will be, suppose time will answer that one. Much thanks to those who bothered to read my little piece of the internet. Hope to meet some of you on the battlefield. -