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  1. I would have to say blight town cause of all the sudden frame drops and lag but other than that im fine with the rest of the game
  2. Well to be honest some of them just don't know how to behave in a mature game or when playing in a lobby for mature players. I dont think they should be allowed to play mature games. But don't get me wrong there are some mature young players out there
  3. I started when I was 5 years old. My first platform would be consoles more specifically the NES
  4. on pc's ok i can accept that but on consoles its unnacceptable. Because what if I come home and just want to play a single player game but cant since for some reason the internet isn't available. That is the comforting thing about consoles you just plug it in and start playing no fuss no muss
  5. A bit Psychotic but its ok 7/10...Although i feel like ive seen that face somewhere
  6. Usually its kyblackflame on most of my games. I picked Ky because those are my names last 2 letters. As for blackflame well I picked that up from naruto more specifically Itachis Mangekyou Sharingan which emits black flames that can never be put out. Hence the name Kyblackflame no matter what game I jump into I only leave Black flames behind
  7. Well I signed up but I doubt blizzard would pick me since I dont play their games at all xD. Im only interested in this moba
  8. Mostly when they go extremely toxic I just report them, finish the game and then leave cause really you are only gonna play with that toxic person atleast once and you will problably never see the person again. Although if you happen to be matched up with that person just simply put him on ignore list
  9. I dont need a gym most of my workouts are Beach body Workouts: p90x, insanity, Insanity asylum, T25. I usually go to my towns local track and field and run 8 laps then during the evening I do my daily beach body workout. Then after that a quick 20 minute ab routine, Then I play with the dog for 30 minutes. So yeah I think I have plenty of physical activities there xD
  10. most of my activity occur at night. I play a little dungeon defenders with my eldest brother, then I play a little bit of League if any of my friends are on if not I just play some single player games till 9 pm. After that I just play with some of my friends on guild wars 2 to do our daily dungeon runs and Dailys
  11. I have to agree with this there is always something for you to do in PVE whether its world activity or a new piece of content added to the game
  12. Well they could remove the Transmutation item (allows you to change the look of a piece of gear but still keep its stats) and make it like DC universe where if you equip a piece of armor its looks are recorded so that you can use it as a skin for another piece of armor later on
  13. Simply put my friend Guild wars 2 is a huge party with lots of content and its waiting for you with open arms. Well by far this game is problably the best mmo I have played in years most of the negatives MMO's have are almost gone in this game. To summarize the whole thing yes you should get it
  14. The way team compositions are now. The game feels like a dota where all memebers can deal high damage
  15. the way this patch is. right now the game feels more like a dota 2 team composition where every memeber has a high damage potential. Well atleast thats how I feel about it