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  1. First of all: I LOVE THE GAMES all three of them! I never had played such a good story, the game improves every new sequal. And i have to say, that i was even fine with the endings in the third one. Even before they made the free DLC. Romance with Tali (God i dont know why, but i love this alien chick) and the best scene in all three parts, the death of Mordin. Not cause i hate him, but he is even funny in his last minutes before he dies. He is such an awesome character!
  2. The elder scrolls, cause i like the setting even more that in Fallout. But both are very good RPG titles!
  3. Dragon Age 2 DA Origin was WAY better. Even the Graphics were better, the animations and the Stroy ... well f*ck it, DA2 didnt had a story! Never had such a big dissapointment in a bioware game.
  4. Hello everybody, my name is Tim and i am from Frankfurt (Germany). I am 23 years old and joined this Army from the same reasons you guys did (i guess) . I play Battlefield 4, Guild Wars 2, Counter Strike Source & GO. Well i guess i play all games which are good ... I work in a computer company here in Germany, so if anyone what to buy a new PC i can offer some help or if you got any technical problems i would love to help. Please excuse my bad english ^^ i do understand it very well but i suck in speaking or writing it. There is not much more to tell you about me, my life is not that special but if anyone of you want to play just tell me. See ya! Tim aka Reaper
  5. There is one really good game missing! X Rebirth! Just one more day