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  1. That was honestly the best way I think somebody could summarize the history of the universe in a short passage. That was great!
  2. Yeah that would also be a very nice location for the game to happen, as the forests and history there have quite a lot to offer.
  3. Hello everybody, I am unsure of this being a forum topic that already exists elsewhere (or should I say, Elsweyr) on this website, but I intend this to be a discussion for what we think are good ideas for the sixth game in the Elder Scrolls franchise. I'd love to hear other ideas, so please, feel free to post any idea you want to see come to fruition. When I think of what the Elder Scrolls 6 can be, I try to think of areas of where the story can expand to, and all of the different landscapes that the world of Nirn and the continent of Tamriel have to offer. I think an interesting setting for this game would be Hammerfell, as it offers variety from previous seen realms. To start, the events preceding Skyrim with the Empire signing the White-Gold Concordat saw this province remove itself from the Empire, as it refused to bow to the Aldmeri Dominion. This could create an interesting plot where Hammerfell is possibly invaded by the Aldmeri Dominion and they must resist their conquest, or one where it is years after the signing, and the Empire wishes to reclaim it as a province. Also, the differing religious beliefs between this province and the others could be another possible thread. Either way, these are just options for the plot that I do believe is plausible. In addition, Hammerfell's vast size and geography offers variation unlike any other province. From the unforgiving Alik'r Desert in the west to the monstrous Dragontail Mountains to the east, a rich history for the province, and it being Tamriel's third-largest province, Hammerfell offers everything a player could ask for. Bethesda could go a step even further by also incorporating the province of High Rock into the game, as well as Hammerfell. High Rock offers variation in the forms of both Geography, internal conflict between the varying social classes, and the present city state of Daggerfall. This would add even more to the previously listed points, with even more rich history. But that is a discussion for another day. Thanks for reading this. I needed a place to rant, and respond with your own ideas, questions, or points if you feel inclined to do so. Have a nice day!
  4. This is a very good topic in my eyes, as I've been asking the same questions for about 2 years now. With a world as expansive and immersive as Fallout's, many different takes can be had on the situation for Fallout 4. Now most people have agreed on the idea that it will take place in Boston, probably centered around MIT and the androids that are said to be manufactured there. That much people are almost certain about. As for weapons, they most likely will stay with the previous theme of various guns, energy weapons and things that go boom with certain special variants on the side. I hope to imagine that the world will be massive with tons of secrets and side questing to keep us busy for the next few years. I also do hope that it has a lot of replay value like New Vegas, consisting of various endings to always make you want to do it again and go down another path. Then there is the subject of multiplayer. This is a touchy subject for me. As much as I would like to see a Fallout MMO, I don't know if I actually do due to the fact of how awful ESO was. If they are to put any multiplayer element into the game, I would hope that they restrict it to 2-4 player coop as opposed to actual online. I think a Fallout MMO should come at a later date when everyone completely forgets about the issues with ESO and Project V13. That's my take on Fallout 4, and thanks for the question.
  5. Bethesda Game Studios, a company known for its involvement in the creation of the Elder Scrolls Series, and one of my personal favorite games, Fallout 3 along with setting the ground works for Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas. Now, I think that it is safe to say that these games are amazing, giving hours upon hours of entertainment to us. I do love both Fallout 3 and New Vegas very dearly, but it has been 6 years since the release of 3. Personally, I just want at least a whisper of clarification from the developers about Fallout 4's development at the least, but barely anything has been convincing. Last we had heard was the rumor it may take place in Boston, and the hoax of Three Dog's return from Erik Todd Dellums, who did the voice of Three Dog. Sure, there was a recent statement from Obsidian's Josh Sawyer about a future game taking place in New Orleans, and the possibility of an MMO, but it still isn't definite. I'm content on any clarification. But what do you guys want to hear about Fallout 4? Where do you want it to be set? How do you think Bethesda's new engine will improve gameplay? Let me know. -TheMakerofRain
  6. Hello Sir! I love the show and am very happy to join the community as a part of the Connecticut branch! I've always wanted to join a fantastic gaming community, and I feel that this will be the one! I hope to see this community evolve and take the world by storm, as it deserves to, and that I, along with many other comrades, will be there to witness it happen. I am truly honored, and will do my best to spread the word. TheMakerofRain, signing off!