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Petite Penguin

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    I am predominantly a PC gamer. I own a Xbox 360 (no gold membership), PS2, and Wii. I play League of Legends and recently got back into Smite. I am an avid achievement hunter and completionist. If you want to play multiplayer or achievement hunt on PC games add me on Steam.

    LOL Summoner name: PetitePenguin

    Smite Worshipper Name: PenguinMischief
  1. I cracked up on this. I also saw the Halloween special. That was funny XD
  2. I still have my Pokemon Blue and my cousin gave me his Pokemon Red, years ago when he didn't want it anymore. I still have my kickass team of four Mew Twos and a Mew. Funny story, I got the Mew through my cousin after he didn't play Pokemon anymore. He got the Mew from a student in his school that wanted to trade his Snorlax for it so that he can finish his Pokedex. Who can say no to a Snorlax for Mew trade? He passed down the Mew to me. he still lives in my pokemon Blue even now after a decade later.
  3. Hello! I was inactive due to a tough school semester but I am able to play during the summer. Add me please: PenguinMischief
  4. I liked the community stream and look froward to participating in more when I can. I do agree with the above posts that perhaps you should answer questions in an organized fashion. Perhaps, questions can be submitted beforehand or maybe there can be a thread on the forum with questions Joe can read off of and answer during the stream? It can be a Forum Thread titled " Community Meeting Questions for [Place date of meeting here]" I also think certain topics should be planned out based on importance and talked about on the stream instead of just winging it since it can be a bit disorganized. I know Joe likes to interact with chat so he can take questions from there too perhaps after he is done with the forum or submitted questions?
  5. Nice! I also got the Dungeon Keeper 2 game while it was on sale.
  6. You can try playing with the AJSA clan. Its super fun! We had a nice winning streak in arena tonight. It was a lot of fun too. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/348-smite-clan/
  7. I personally love it. I just buy Nintendo exclusives on ti though with the exception of Zombie U. I recently got the Super Mario and Luigi Bros and Super Mario 3-D World. I intend to get Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze fro ti when it comes out. I just wish they can add N64 games to their virtual console on it. I can only play my N64 games that I bought on my original Wii.
  8. Well....Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudgdoodle cakes!
  9. I have it and do play it from time to time. Its really fun
  10. That Godsmack XD
  11. My favorite games for the PS2 are definitely 1. Shadow of the Colossus 2. Okami 3. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within 4. Draken: Ancient's Gate
  12. I just bought the game off the steam sale. I like playing the campaign and enjoy playing with my one friend who has this game. However, i notice when I go into multiplayer that I can not find any matches. Did all the players just migrate to 2014?
  13. Oh man, I had fond memories of this game. Me and my father would trade off playing. I was so little. I think the only thing I bought were bombs. I didn't really understand the upgrades other then the shield. I also made it a point to destroy every building in the area not only because of power ups but because it was fun and cool. I always played the red head pilot. XD I got it from GoG just to relive old memories. Now if only, I can get the Jazz Jackrabbit games.
  14. I usually play a good character first but a bad ass good character. :3
  15. Oh man! I loved that game. I played Set and my favorite unit was the Anubites. I loves how they could leap over walls and destroy everything. XD I wish they would re-release it in Steam or GOG.com.