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  1. I'm. Not. Saying. A. Word. Snyder has a VISION, we just don't see it yet. Casting Affleck is the same as casting Heath Ledger, nooooo difference at all. Case closed. 2016!
  2. (i'm done. i'm not saying a single word about this movie until it comes out and i see it.)
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xAAGh-3sw0
  5. i wasn't expecting much from the first one (after watching Tim Burton's crappy version i thought it would be better to leave this franchise untouched), but it was surprisingly good so i'm really looking forward to this.
  6. What you thought worked. -livestream -relaxed environment (i wouldn’t be against a big show, but it turned out that in exchange for tons of advertisement all we are getting is a mini-MTV awards, with B class celebrities nothing to do with gaming who were „kind enough” to be there – glad they changed this format) - world premieres were good as always before -developer interviews -they tried to be more gamer-focused -there were much less (although still too much) stereotyping of gamers, which never came off as funny in the vgas because a)it’s not true b)if you make these type of jokes you are only funny if you are self-reflective What you thought didn't work. no balance between the 3 equally important points of the show (1. awards 2. world premieres 3. celebration of gamers/gaming)lack of passionlack of intelligence, and because of this even the good parts became cornyall the missed opportunities… i mean come on, this could be THE game awards show, they have a chance to come up with hundreds of great ideas, and there’s NOTHING original in this show.And what you would like to see in next years show if they move forward! More reference to gaming history (A show like this has a responsibility to show that the evolution of gaming is not just tetris-mario-tomb raider-call of duty, but there’s so much more, it’s not even important if the people who are watching the show don’t know these old games, it would be fun to see at least a video montage from more forgotten but still classic games)Better hosts (Joe is right about this: Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Jack Black… the best possible hosts...Kevin Smith would be great too) and if Geoff is going to be there he should dig up and resurrect that confident, intelligent, cool guy he was years agoPS-XBOX-PC categories should contain exclusive titles onlyit would be fun to have more integration of the gaming community. how fun it would be to ask well known youtubers to present the awardsJust be brave and come up with original ideas, you don’t need money, you need credibility to become well respected. Show the variety of gamers/types of gaming, present this culture as global and free-thinking, and everyone is going to love it, and then the show can start growing year by year, and even celebrities will come more likely, because it will be a prestige to be in this show.
  7. For me if the show is good, then it's less relevant, who gets the award. And this show wasn't good ever, this is my reason to dislike it. i'm trying hard not to lose hope, and actually this year seems more promising (wikipedia: The show will feature a different format from previous years. It will feature extended demos of next-generation games, one-on-one interviews, and "a more intimate studio setting."), i hope they finally realized that we are not haters, but gamers who care about what we like and tonight we will see more of the work of the Geoff Keighley who championed gamers in fox news and less of the pretentious asshole he became.
  8. Dreamfall I'm really looking forward to the sequel coming out next year (after 8 looong years) and answer all the questions.
  9. there's too many, but the scene with Leliana singing came to my mind first. Even It was weird, i loved it because it came very unexpected, after hours of combat.
  10. Any decent fantasy game (because there aren't enough decent fantasy movies for some reason), i'd pick Baldurs Gate or any game in Forgotten Realms.
  11. Let me mention Lost separately, i don't want to put it on my list, after years i still need time to process that ending and decide if it's the best or the worst show ever :S 1. Game of Thrones 2. Doctor Who 3. Star Trek TNG 4. Monty Python's Flying Circus 5. South Park
  12. Longest Journey & Dreamfall (i'm one of the few who loved both), Grim Fandango, Broken Sword series, The Dig, Syberia, Monkey Island series, but i need to stop, because the list just goes on. I play games from every genre, but adventure games (especially the classic point and click adventures) impacted me the most. I don't mind that many people don't like this genre, and there aren't enough new ones made, but i think the importance of them are underrated. I mean today when characters and cinematic experience became so important, people really should give more attention and apprecation to the classics, i remember playing Full Throttle and being amazed by how movie-like it was and how amazing voice over it had (hey kids! it's Mark Hamill - applause ) Mentioning adventure games should be a MUST when we talk about interactive storytelling.
  13. might be even better than the walking dead, although i have a problem with the lack of choices, many times - too many times - the game gives you only the illusion of choosing. It would be great if you could REALLY handle situations in different ways, the scene at Toad's home is a good example how to do it right. I was really surprised at the ending, but i need to know more before i could start guessing what's going on. After EP2 it's going to be easier to discuss things (hopefully). waiting for episode 2 is a torture.................still an amazing game and Adam Harrington is the best possible choice for Bigby.
  14. i think they are just fooling us and i would be very surprised if i would be wrong. this scene was already in family guy once, but they must do it with stewie and brian: