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  1. Good morning fellow gamers, Where can you get the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition?
  2. Hi guys, Got some problems with the PC (Acer Predator). Each time I unplug with PC from the battery, remove the power cord for cleaning or when there is a blackout, the Bootup system appear. Frist I disable the option when there is a blackout and the lights come, the Pc turn on. I am worry that this may damage the Pc for good . Any suggestion?
  3. Hi guys, Quick question - where can you get mortal kombat 9 on the pc? I know that this game is no longer on Steam but it seen that this game cant be found. Any suggestion?
  4. GREETINGS FELLOW GAMERS! I HAVE RETURN! Its been a while that I haven't post anything in this following months. When you get older, things get very harder but you become wise when it comes to the battle of attrition. The following years have been heavy for me: my dad pass away, i got fat, working on call centers, sell my ps4, paying a loan and the rent and of course - the Covid 19. But in the end I got a kickass Pc - a Acer Predator. Just remember -" In a battle of attrition... go to full speed to achieve victory." Stay safe, rock on and look to the horizon for victory. EPIC TO THE MAX!
  5. If you want the best programs, you got to buy it the full version. Sad but true...
  6. Greetings, fellow friends This couple of days I have been watching some cartoons and anime about mechas. So i was thinking which is the strongest and the best of the mechas or big robots. Lets talks about BattleTech vs Mobile Suit. BattleTech is the american version of mechas and Mobile Suit is the japanese version of mechas. The big question is who will survive in a versus mode? I like both of them: big robots, big guns and alot of fighting... Both of them has pros and cons, in the end it is the pilot who is the ultimate weapons. My answer is Mobile Suit, they are very fast, have powerful weapons and high armor but if you give a chance to the battletech to strike, you will be sorry.
  7. Hi guys, how are you doing today? I got a question and it need answers... It is wrong to watch My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic? In my opinion, it is not. Sure, My little pony is for kids but lately I have seen some episodes and it wake my inner kid. I like to watch this anytime then watching the horror of Clarence and Uncle Grandpa. It have good characters, good stories and good songs. Plus I really like My Little Pony: Equestria Girls which is a spin off but a very good spin off.
  8. Well, there is a movie call Robot Jox.
  9. Robotech is one of my favorites animes. Remember that Robotech is from the 80´s, differents times - differents minds.
  10. It is awesome to bring back the old games that we play since school.
  11. WOW! Ronda lost, again? She really need some love and hugs to get back to her feet.
  12. Thanks for the blessing, Happy New Year!