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  1. Rare before Microsoft bought it ._.
  2. I just want to know what kind of songs the AJSA prefers, so i created this topic because im actually curious what songs you guys listen to, (And i want something new to listen too aswell) I myself listen too alot of metal and it's sub genres and to hardrock and its sub genres aswell. A few examples would be SOAD,Nirvana,Black sabbath,A7X and Metallica. I sometimes like other songs of other genres if they're actually good... Not a big fan on pop overall tho. I couldn't find any other post like this so apoligies if it's already been made ._.
  3. Half life 2 episode 2, it totaly didn't left me wanting for more.
  4. ᅚᅚ
  5. ᅚᅚ
  6. So much hate, i personally loved the second movie the first one was a bit meh.
  7. Looking forward to it, you should check out morroblivion though if you haven't already
  8. the bad hit registration is not because of the game itself but because of the Valve 64 tick servers, that problem is easily fixed by 128 ticks in a server which there are plenty of in community servers. And sure you could just say that source is better because of cs go's 64 tick servers BUT Source didnt even have competetive matchmaking in the actual game , you would have to login to some site like games4u , gamenation etc. making this argument invalid since source didnt have this at all. And laggy servers? really? You do know that you can go to options and switch the highest ping a server is allowed to have for you to join it right? But the thing that ticked me off the most is that you complained about RUSSIANS. This has nothing to do with the game and just because they're russians does this mean that they are bad? No it certainly does not and hey they're allowed to speak russian if they want and you can just mute them if you're annoyed. I do understand the frustration with trying to communicate to foreigners but lets face it every game has foreigners and it's never the games fault. never. the only thing i agree on is the bad matchmaking and the part with cheaters. But both games have cheaters but the only reason it seems more common in cs go is because cheaters are gonna play in matchmaking which again source dosen't have. So im gonna stick with Cs:Go>Css
  9. Oh please CS:GO is way better than CS:S . In GO there is alot more variety in weapons especially in pistols, where in previous titles it was just deagle , awp, ak47, m4. The hitboxes in source was just awful but improved in GO where a shot to the throat isnt considered a headshot. So please tell me how source is better than Global offensive. And then i mean the game itself and not the community maps and mods.
  10. There has already been a post about this, but my favorite vigor is return to sender cause in the final battle you can just lay traps with it and it will block every shot. Kinda breaks the game though.
  11. Kingdom hearts 2 probably ,or zelda Majoras mask
  12. I wonder why he even included Dlc's in a top 10 GAMES list, dosent make sense to me ..
  13. I accuired bioshock infinite a few weeks ago and i started the game on "hard" difficulty , i died about 40 times through the playthrough but i finally completed it, and then 1999 mode unlocked, it was really hard and i failed tons of times. But i finally completed it yesterday and i feel like i accomplised something great , completing it made me love the game even more than before and it made me want to complete it over and over again. Has this ever happened to you? Where you set your mind to something and when you accomplish it you just feel empty inside? Cause it's happening to me right now.
  14. Single player games is better than multiplayer games in my opinion but i would lie if i said that i have put more time in SP games than in MP games. I mean what i dont like in single player games these days is that you usually play for 40 hours then the game is over and you dont touch the game anymore which sucks. While in multiplayer games you can play for 300 hours and still want to play more. Btw i love skyrim because its a single player game and has more than 500 hours of gameplay .