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  1. Solid lineup, not buying Destiny 2, but I 'll gladly play Siege and OW.
  2. PSN ID: BlitzKing16 I'm on PS4 Currently playing: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Battlefield 1, Diablo 3, Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Overwatch, Final Fantasy XV. Looking to get: Rainbow Six Siege, Titanfall 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, For Honor.
  3. Well, this are my legends. Hunter, THE VEXINATOR: https://www.destinythegame.com/legend-of-you/share?video=2.4611686018430557997.2305843009244909958&version=2 Warlock, THE PRECISE: https://www.destinythegame.com/legend-of-you/share?video=2.4611686018430557997.2305843009220207281&version=2 Titan, PRECISE ASSASSIN: https://www.destinythegame.com/legend-of-you/share?video=2.4611686018430557997.2305843009316694604&version=2 Can't believe two of my guardians share the same most used exotic, but looking back it makes sense.​
  4. It all depends on what kind of games you like and the library of both the Vita and the 3DS. The Vita has some really good AAA games and indie games, the 3DS has amazing exclusives and some great indies. Playstation Vita games I can recommend: 1. Freedom Wars 2. Persona 4 Golden 3. Danganroppa series 4. Guacamelee 5. Killzone Mercenary 6. Tales of Heart R 7. Dragon's Crown 8. Hotline Miami 9. Muramasa Rebirth 10. Superstardust Delta 11. Rogue Legacy New 3DS game I recommend: 1. Xenoblades Chronicles 2. Bravely Default 3. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 4. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 5. LBX: Little Battlers Experience 6. The Binding of Issac: Rebirth 7. Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater 8. Star Fox 3D 9. The Legend of Zelda: Link between Worlds 10. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 11. Project S.T.E.A.M. 12. Azure Striker Gunvolt 13. Shovel Knight 14. Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies 15. Fire Emblem Awakening 16. Smash Bros.
  5. Well, I guess the games for this month are rather underwhelming. It´ll give me a chance to finish up some of the games I have, maybe something good comes up on the Summer Sale.
  6. I would like to add this ones: Chivalry Medieval Warfare Complete pack 90% off: $3.49, great medieval combat game, and comes with the all of it's DLCs and the expansion Deadliest Warrior. Insurgency 50% off: $7.49, a great shooter with amazing mechanics and realistic hit mechanics. Also an AJSA supported game. Haven't appeared on a flash sale or daily deal, so you can wait for it to go even lower or wait till the end of the sale to grab it at this price. The Evil Within 75% off: $14.99, amazing horror survival game, great discount. To add something from the sale: The Witcher Trilogy may look like a great discount, sure, for the first two games, but not The Witcher 3. You can get The Witcher 3 for 41 bucks at GOG's Summer Sale. Also other games like Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Dragonfall.
  7. Shouldn't this expansion come wih two raids? I remember they pulled the raid that was supposed to come with HoW to polish it more.
  8. I really do hope people don't buy for the nostalgia and hype. Wake up, this is not the game we are looking for!
  9. Totalbiscuit said so too, it's a very underhanded practice right there.
  10. Thanks, now I know if I try PoE I must have a bounty spot available. I want that Fallen Exotic, that Sidearm is sexy as hell!
  11. Huh, and I thought the moment I got to rank 5 I would be able to spend all my glimmer on Etheric Light.
  12. What spot does the Elder Cipher take? Is it like a currency/ammo pack slot or a material spot? I'm asking in case I do get one and be prepared to not get shafted by this bug.
  13. GOG or Good Old Games is a website/online game store run by the developers of the Witcher, CD Projekt Red. GOG works in some way like Steam in which you buy your games through there website, but that's it, there is no platform you need to log in to play your games and there is no need to be connected to your internet to start your games, because you download the games directly to your PC. It's a DRM free alternative to Steam, there are not as many games as Steam, but their library keeps growing and they will launch a Steam-like program called GOG Galaxy in the near future.
  14. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/05/26/introducing-ps-plus-specials-exclusive-sales-for-plus/ Starting today till the 1st of June, the PS Store will have some special discounts for PS+ members. There are some very noteworthy games, like Bloodborne and Helldivers.
  15. It's been quite some time since New Vegas, we need the wasteland back.