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  1. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Divergence in Let's be honest when a game lets you choose between being good or evil which playthrough would you choose first?   
    I don't chose on a first play through... I pick whatever answer that is the closest to what I would say or do and see what ending I get.
    Then I go back and do whatever necessary to get the other endings if I found the game fun or I would "youtube" them if I didn't want to redo the game
  2. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Gone in R.I.P. Mikhail Kalashnikov   
    You will have to forgive me if I don't mourn his passing.
    I've been up close and personal with the kind of people that use his "proud invention" and contemplated his death many times.
    Normally I like a laugh and joke but that bastard right there has a lot of blood on his hands.
  3. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by ExoHelix in Steam Game Gifting and Trading.   
    I have keys for:
    Tomb raider (CLAIMED)
    Hitman:Blood money (CLAIMED)
    Just cause 2 (CLAIMED)
    PM me to claim
  4. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Danko1900 in Cats or Dogs which do you prefer   
    This is a hard choice since I generally just love animals, but I think I would choose dogs. They're loyal, intelligent, and they love you unconditionally. By the way, you should add a poll.
  5. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Lhotse5 in A reason to replay Mass Effect 3 again !   
    I wanted blue children and all I got in the original ending was some little omnipotent bastard with an attitude !   
  6. ProPurpleTurkey liked a post in a topic by rairoken16 in LoZ: Dynasty Warriors.   
    I think it was inspired on a story that took place before Skyward Sword, during the great war. Link was placed to fight in the war and help the goddess. The games looks beastly in my opinion.
  7. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic in Steam Sales Begin... TOMORROW!   
    It's the most wonderful time of the year.
  8. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Divergence in 3DS Christmas Gift Suggestions   
    Dream Drop Distance~ Kingdom Hearts
    or Fire Emblem Awakening or SMT IV or Soul Hackers
  9. skipro22 liked a post in a topic by rairoken16 in Fight Song   
    One of the themes that makes me feel heroic and ready for anything is this one:
  10. Xerion liked a post in a topic by rairoken16 in In contact with Dev Team   
    That's nice to hear, the only reason I have not continued playing it's because when I play I get horrible FPS. Thanks man.
  11. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by bigcrap757 in Do you prefer paying once for a game or having microtansactions?   
    Hi everyone, today I want hear wether you prefer paying $60 dollars once for a game or not paying anything but having to deal with microtransactions and not having everything unlocked.  personally, like to pay once and be done. I would also like to hear your thoughts on what could make these payment models better and which ones are better for the gameplay. I am especially interested in how you think free to play models could continue to make money while having less of an effect on gameplay. Thanks!
  12. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Angry Joe is in turmoil! NOW is the time to show our support!   
    Day 1 ... Gomly donates money.
    Day 2 ... Gomly is found in a pool of his own blood after his wife beats him to death.
    I would love to help out financially, I truly would. It's not as if i'm poor.
    I have a wife that wants to retire before her job kills her and my job, and past job, have left my knees and back a bit shot to shit. So our finances are for our early retirement.
    Plus we have 4 kids. Kids aren't cheap.
    And a mortgage.
    And bills.
    And pets.
    And we need to eat.
    Why am I explaining this? I heard absolutely no one ask.
    Well let me tell you anyway. While we appreciate what Joe does and the trouble he may go through .... some people aren't in a position to hand over money.
    Especially those of us with tiny scary wives.
  13. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Joe is pissed and is going full assault on Youtube, although Google is the one at fault here. Still, Joe has to dispute the claims for now.   
    And if any of these stupid motherfucking issues on youtube is not resolved in the future,
    don't be afraid to ask for our donations, because we will be ready to help. You can use the money for your show. We want to see this Angry Army community grow bigger, because we are your army. We will stand and we will fight youtube or google + or whoever the fuck is responsible for this stupid issues and we won't let them destroy all your hard work reviewing games, interviewing and all this time creating this new community.
    I am going to repeat what I have said before in my other thread and let you guys know once again who is behind all this.
    Blame both google and the music record labels for this. They're the main reason this copyright bullshit system exists, because they are afraid of losing money from people not buying music cds anymore, so they will issue copyright strikes against videos that has songs from various record labels.

    Here's what's confusing. These game studios already paid a HUGE money just to have their songs included in their games. Why the fuck do they still want to claim money from youtube users? Greedy fucking bastards.
  14. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by DREDD in Joe is pissed and is going full assault on Youtube, although Google is the one at fault here. Still, Joe has to dispute the claims for now.   
    This is not a rant this is a man in pain voicing his concerns about losing his livelihood. A man who is disillusioned and completely fucked off with a policy that he cannot control. I have been there myself when I  helplessly stood by and watched as my Government destroyed my fishing business with NEW policies.
    "gives Joe a glass no a bottle of Whiskey."  
  15. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Joe is pissed and is going full assault on Youtube, although Google is the one at fault here. Still, Joe has to dispute the claims for now.   
    I think we've all seen Joe angry before, but for me at least, this is a whole new level, and It's not even remotely funny.
  16. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Joe is pissed and is going full assault on Youtube, although Google is the one at fault here. Still, Joe has to dispute the claims for now.   
    Is it just me or is this the year of the most epic fail rants from Joe?
    Joe have to see these videos from this guy to prepare himself for the upcoming bullshits.

    Google is mostly at fault here, not youtube. They think they can rule the world and do things that they want. For the most part, they are basically ruling the world right now, and they went out of fucking line here. Google + needs to be hacked to pieces and be destroyed.
    Oh wait, other than youtube and google, you're not going to believe who's at fault here: music record labels. This whole youtube system happens because record labels blame people that uses youtube to listen to music for free, and nobody is buying music cds as often as before. So if you see a video of yours getting a third matched content because it has music from a music label and you try to dispute it, it will never ever work. What is wrong with this stupid shit?
    Update on this situation.

    Good news: if you dispute a claim for a game because of the soundtrack, which is just dumb, it will be approved because it's in the realm of the game publishers and not the music labels to be able to fix it, unless it's a very popular song like Jingle Bells because that's song is too common.
    Bad news:

    Greedy bastards.
  17. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Doshka17 in Fallout 1, 2, Tactics for FREE! GOG.com   
    Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics is free for the next 2 days on GOG.com
    Commence the server assault, AJSA.
  18. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Leoofmoon in TB talk about the Youtube fuck up on Content patch   
    Really all I have been hearing about this system is its entirely pointed at Youtube they started a system that was to go into effect into 2014 by as smart as Google is they wanted to see how everyone was gonna feel about this before 2014 and surprise surprises NO ONE wanted this. Blizzard videos for Heart stone have been flagged on many channels as well as Starcraft, World of warcraft and much more and Blizard came out of Twitter and told this content creators to please flag this as a error we have no problem with you making money off are content as well many other companies have come off to say the same thing.
    This looks to be off a ID flagging system mainly pointed to cutscenes and music in video games that are being flagged buy people who have no right to flag this content, THQ has flagged people and yet this company no longer exists! Really I have talked peoples ear off about this and There is too much bullshit going on in Google, I do not think this will last a week let alone to Christmas they have put so many people out of a job and this is not going to work and you know if Youtube does keep this and falls under nature likes to fill a hole.
  19. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Dregnar in YouTube Copyright claim solution   
    If this solution done correctly the videogame channel owners will earn much more money, YouTube will lose almost all of the revenue from videogame videos and viewers will have the best VideoGame content.
    The Idea is simple but needs initiative, commitment and resources. It requires the top videogame channel owners Like (AngryJoeShow, TotalBiscuit, Force Strategy Gaming, Polaris, Rev3Games, MMOHuts and boogie2988  ……so on) to agree on creating a streaming website that only focus on videogames and it will be owned and managed by them.
    Agreement: Most of the top videogame channel owners must agree to do this to endorse the new website and allow it to succeed and they will be the owners and founders of the website. A kickstarter: That project requires a lot of Money at first for (servers, storage, bandwidth, security systems and so on) so a Kickstarter will help in this part. Endorsement:  there must be an endorsement for the website in all of the videogame channels on youtube Content: all of the videogame channel owners must upload all of the videos on the website to create a good content at first. Sales and marketing: there must be a sales and market team to contact the game companies. Benefits: 
    The founders (the top videogame channel owners that agreed, started and founded the project) :
    Although the number of ads on the new website will be way less than in YouTube and of course the game companies will pay less (at first) in the new website because its “new” but the founders will get the 100% revenue from the ads not the very small percentage that Google pays and in the future if the project is successful game companies will pay way more to put ads in the new website. Copyright claims will be managed by the founders and it will not affect them at all but of course there must be copy right police applied to avoid lawsuits for examples:(Game trailers are allowed to be shared by any one unless the game company requested  the claim of the trailer).  
    The other videogame channel owners:
    The website will be owned by videogame channel owners and of course they are not as greedy as google and the revenue percentage should be much higher than google’s. They won’t have to be afraid about unfair copyright issues since the copyright policy is managed by the founders and they like them are videogame channel owners. The Viewers:
    They will find the best VideoGame content on the internet in one place and since the channel owner gain much more money they will be able to make much better content. Since the website main focus is on VideoGames it will have more applications suited for that like (sections for reviews ,lets play, Raw fotage, Trailers .... so on ) and let us not forget (competition, ladder tournaments,cool prizes and even achievements )  Restrictions:
    Of course a Project like that is not free from restrictions and risks (huge risks).
    Slow Start:  At first the project will not create any mentionable revenue to sustain the maintenance fees for this project (to avoid this issue 1st the channel owners don't need to quit YouTube right away, secondly they must keep some of the KickStarter funds to maintain the project at 1st, lastly if the sales team is good they can require good ad deals before the site even started) . Copy Right: It will be almost impossible to stop  a channel owner to upload a Copy Righted material like movies, TV shows and even leaked beta footage.And that might lead to a huge problems that might lead to shutting down the website.​(Regrettably to Avoid this issue there must be a restriction for joining the website, and not letting any one to upload videos, any one who want to have access to upload must submit a formal request that include video material and it should be approved 1st)       Google: Without a doubt Google will be the top Restriction for creating this Project  and it will do any thing in its power to stop the Project. My Thoughts:
    This Idea came to me when I saw AngryJoe's Video Regarding the YouTube CopyRight Claim ID it took me  about 15 mins to wright it down on this forum and after a day I edited it adding other idea's on the project submitted here by other members.
    I Posted this Project because I love VideoGame Channels on YouTube which include but not limited to (AngryJoeShow, TotalBiscuit, Force Strategy Gaming, Polaris, Rev3Games, MMOHuts and boogie2988) and they deserve much better than what google pays and they deserve much more respect from google. and want google to know the value of those channels when losing them and losing millions because of the way google treated their Partners.
    Dear AngryJoe,
    I Hope You see this post and think about the idea and if you like it you should take the initiative to contact the others and convince them about this project.
  20. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Seraphyx in YouTube Copyright claim solution   
    If youtube doesn't get any better, I agree with this, it could be an excellent idea.
    However, how many of those youtubers actually know how to run a website much less a video sharing website? I'm sure they are all intelligent individuals and if they don't know I'm sure they will easily find someone who does but it might be an issue. As of right now though it might be jumping the gun and premature since we don't know how youtube will respond. I would wait a week, maybe a month or more until we begin to consider doing something like this.
  21. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by IrishRogue in Skyrim which are you?   
    A horse because Skyrim horses can CLIMB UP ANY MOUNTAIN!
  22. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in Angry Joe - How would you make VGX Better?   
    Here's mine, Ill begin it. I'll be adding to it, as soon as there's a complete version of the full show re-watchable online.
    What I thought Worked:
    There were far fewer people there who weren't legit gamers. Even though Joel Mchale seemed disinterested from what I know he actually does play and enjoy games, I'm not really sure why his material was written in a way where he seemed to distant and like an outsider looking in. There were far less obtrusive advertisements. There wasn't any "MOUNTAIN DEW AWARD PRESENTED BY DORITOS OF MOUNTAIN DEW FLAVOR GREATEST INDIE GAME AWARD" categories. There seemed like there were less TV people and advertisers to have to please. I liked this. Aside form the Teen Wolf ad which was so quick (and honestly they do have to pay the bills somehow) I felt this was handled better than any previous year. I liked how it was a relaxed environment, up-close around a couch just showcasing games and speaking with developers. The VGA's have always been alright with their trailers and reveals, I thought this continued here. I'm especially excited about Titanfall, Witcher 3, Destiny, The Division, and the Surprise Announcement No Man's Sky - I MUST know more.     
    What I thought Didn't Work:
    Too many of the companies that they brought refused to give details. We have to find a way to get them to allow more substantial information so that its not just peptalk. Give us dates, give us details, give us exclusives. Find the companies that are willing to do this to include alongside the major players who just never will. The Host. Joel Mchale & Geoff Keighley's Chemistry - Not good. Joel was mostly annoying through the whole thing, there was no passion, there seemed to be no excitement, the sarcastic jokes just didnt feel appropriate for the 3 hour long show. I wanted it to stop, and thats not good. Perhaps let Geoff host himself and lean more on the excited developers themselves giving them more time to talk about the games themselves rather than lame pre-written host joke segments. The show is starting to feel like its spending too much time with stuff we know about and not enough time in discovering new games, either smaller games, indie games or just unknown games that have a large niche following, showing off more of these types of games lends well to a discovery type feeling. It worked out for No Mans Sky, it can work for others as well.    
    What I'd like to see more of:
    Playing into the relaxed feel. I would have more of the developers actually play their games, showing off new demo builds if possible. More segments like that Kong Competition, that was both fun, inspiring, real and felt relevant to how gamer's actually are in real life. Doctors, Body builders, competitive but yet friendly and apart of the same group. Instead of 30 second or less reveals like Witcher 3, lets see longer trailers or even better exclusive playthroughs like what they did for Dying Light. I went from seeing that game as a Dead Island sequel (ho-hum excitment) to looking at it more like a parkour heavy, assassin's creed verticality, mirror's edge with zombies, improved dead island stuff excited. Why - because we got significant time with it, and they actually showed something substantial.  
  23. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Cryogenicnight in Angry Joe - How would you make VGX Better?   
    I would have preferred a performance from the games such as "Will the circle be unbroken" Or even something like a combo of all the nominated songs performed together. Then I would have wanted someone who was really passionate about gaming to host like Jack Black. Finally they need to show the awards more and work on their decisions of the winners. How is GTA V losing it's own category and winning GOTY? It doesn't work. I love all the world premieres so keep with those but they need to just build up the rest of the show
  24. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Riflebird in The Elder Scrolls Online: Monthly Subscription for a Full-priced Game   
    I would be okay if ESO was a regular retail one time payment of $60.
    I would be okay if ESO was a subscription model that was $15 a month with the purchase price of $20-$40.
    I would be okay if ESO was a free-to-play game with a cash shop that sold micro transactions.
    I would even be okay if the business model was a combination of any of the two above. 
    What I am NOT okay with is ESO triple dipping, charging a full $60 retail, on top of the $15 a month sub, and also having the gall to charge for micro transactions! This is an utterly BS business model that nickel and dimes its customers. The last two MMOs that tried to pull this business model was Star Wars Old Republic and the Secret World; and we know what happened to those two. 
    Publishers need to stop trying to be the next WoW, because in this climate it isn't gonna happen. WoW and EVE Online are the exceptions to the rule; subscription MMOs are not gonna work anymore regardless of how often game companies try to push them down our throats. 
    I love the Elder Scrolls series, but I will not be buying ESO. Not only is it not made by Bethesda, it is just not a very good value. I'll stick with Guild Wars 2 and some of the better free to play MMOs out there. Frankly, if history is to be believed, then ESO and Wildstar will be F2P after a few months of launching anyway.
  25. rairoken16 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in PSN needs better security   
    I'm with Nya on this.
    What bullshit do you see? Be fair, it doesn't matter if the OP has a Playstation or not, he presents a genuinely relevant issue, one that someone doesn't need a Playstation to comment on. If the forum required us to only post in threads we have a direct personal relation to, we'd see some very one sided discussions.
    I'm glad that it didn't affect you, but that doesn't make it any less of a problem, and it surely affected a lot of other people.