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  1. The 33rd regiment of foot host most line battles with normally 2 servers every weekend, (full with 200 each). It would not be hard for the AJSA to do this simply talk to the 33rd and we could easily get a line of 20 men out to compete, spread the word and as it is a very fun game with a good skill curve, anyone can shoot in a disciplined line in 10 min training session and melee in about 30. This is basics of course but a couple of line battles a week and a training session would easily make a top quality force. I only recently started playing in a regiment and after attending a 5 events I am already a X200 better. Get this game AJSA!
  2. Greetings
  3. I am happily using this on my iPad at the moment but it would be cool if there was an app for it to make it slightly easier to navigate the menus
  4. Welcome to the angry army
  5. I would be interested too, but the problem is we cannot judge if there will be a proscene for the game.
  6. It has to be PC.
  7. The problem with GRO is that. LANs can only have 50 people,
  8. We need arma!
  9. I for a fact am really looking forward to the new Nvidia chip so who else is
  10. It's good to see the higher ranks mixing with the plebs SGT Ross
  11. Hey darksky, hope to meet you on the battlefield.
  12. Just now it got me thinking what do us as a community think should be nerfed by blizzard next?
  13. Best quote also from the last good Call of Duty. "50,000 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town'
  14. Yh I mostly play on PC.
  15. Love this game, but have only ever got to Minmus, any advice?