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  1. Vintson liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in I think I have a little Insomnia   
    I'm not sure if this is an appropriate thing to write on here, but here we go. I Wikipediad this before writing and I think I might be a little of an insomniac. Its not that I can't fall asleep it's that I can't fall asleep until like 1:30, I'm writing this at 1 in the morning after all. The weird thing is I always wake up sometimes at 3 or 4, but I fall right back to sleep. I sleep a lot in school to, like before class, after tests, in study period, and stuff like that. Don't worry I'm not failing or anything like that so it's not destroying my life or anything. I'm just not tired until way after midnight and I wake up at 6 so I get like 5 hours of sleep. It's worse in the summer, like last summer, after finishing my summer, I had like a month free and my sleep schedule was sleep at 4 am wake up at 2 pm. Am I being weird and stuff like that or is this normal for high school students? 
  2. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in Console Gaming??..   
    What kind of PC you have doesn't matter. If a wired controller is fine, just plug a wired Xbox 360 controller into a USB port. It's a bit more complicated with wireless controllers, though. You have to have an Xbox 360 controller wireless adapter, plug it in, and it should pick up signals from wireless ones.
    As for what games support controllers, most MMOs, strategy games, and older games don't, I'm afraid. However, most action games do. Also, I feel the need to point out that there are programs that allow you to bind controllers for games that don't support it officially.
  3. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in Console Gaming??..   
    Have you considered plugging your PC into your TV? That may bring you the best of both worlds.
  4. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Berserker in Console Gaming??..   
    The AJSA doesn't Officially support any console games, and the only one planned is Destiny, but only because there's no PC version available. Unless some unique circumstances arise, the AJSA will only Officially support PC versions of games.
    However, we still have a large console member base here, and If you ask around, I'm certain you can find lots of people to game with on your preferred console.
    You might not get to play with the Council or Joe as much, but there' still tons of fun to be had with our members.
  5. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Your favorite Skyrim Mods!   
    I really love huge castle mods like Dies Mons ( I think that's what it's called to lazy to look it up) and I really like SkyRe. After I finish a game or two with SkyRe I'll do one with Requiem. I like little cottage type houses with lots of static well placed items, but to many are in Riverwood or surrounding areas. Any mod that expands on magic is a must have, cus Skyrim's magic falls kinda short. Quest mods like Wyrmstooth, Moonpath to Elsweyr, Falskar, and any quest by thirteen oranges add so much more to the game. 
  6. Twisted Chi liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Just ranting   
    I'm sure if you go to the X-box One and PS4 forums you'll find some like-minded console players. It's fun to joke about the "PC Master Race" and all but if you're serious about that and think that consoles are below you and all that shet, you're stupid.
  7. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by CaptainKickass69 in for all the new recruits! a welcome from CaptainKickass   
    "shhhh" this is my clever plan so i don't feel bad for not leaving a warm welcome on every into post i see.
  8. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Raizurhk in Just ranting   
    Skyrim was made to be a single payer game and as this is the case the game is huge!!! so it was well worth the money it cost.  There are other games with as much of an indepth multiplayer as titan fall but they also have a full single player also FOR THE SAME PRICE!!
    Look at games like FFXIV this is online only but atleast they had the common decency to lower the price because of that (and yes because you pay a subscription too).  Titanfall to try to save face about its price point just shoved in a completey pointless campaign and then tried to kustify it by making it so you had to unlock 2 titans this way.
    And ofcourse Ghosts worked on day one its basically mw3 in a new wrapper BUT WITH DOGS!!!!!!!!!  BF4 tries to push the boundaries with every release dont get me wrong they way they handed the mess ups was just bad, and it put me off playing bf4 anymore but its still a  good game.
    As for pc elitists meh nothing new.
  9. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by ' in Just ranting   
    Be civil people! I am on my phone now sadly, but I will get back to this.
  10. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Vikeyev in Just ranting   
    You know what I love? Console elitist ass clown mentality and bitchy victim mentality. They both exist, in this world (and on this forum) whether either of us like it or not. No one is trying to force you off the site, if you don't like the opinions of pc gamers than maybe the internet just isn't for you, because I'm sorry to tell you, but there are millions of pc gamers on the internet. It's kind of inherent to the platform.
    As for BF4, I couldn't comment, because I no longer buy EA games as a result of their money first customer last attitude. As for Ghosts, it ran terribly on computer, many people had problems with it, plus it was a shitty game all round. Even if it worked FLAWLESSLY for everyone ever when it was first released, that's not much of a bragging point if the game was a piece of shit. What's more, it is literally old hat in regards to doing the same shit and adding nothing, so you trying to use it against BF4 is laughably hypocritical.
    OH NO, people are bitching about something you don't care about, than why bitch about people bitching about something? That actually makes you worse than them. Whether or not the selling price of titan fall is a valid whining point is irrelevant as you have just made your own thread just to whinge and bitch about people whinging and bitching about it. If you genuinely feel that people shouldn't be complaining about that and that it is one sided criticism go tell them, don't create a pointless rant thread in an attempt to find people who agree with you.
    The false prophet Gabe.....Seriously, you are one unhappy person, I don't even know what to say to that. Also how could you possibly know whether or not a game will live up to my expectations? Do you know my expectations? That was a rhetorical question.
    You do realise your not the only person who has to pay bills right? There are many of us, struggling with everyday life, who happen to own computers and be PC gamers. Learning to be a PC gamer on the cheap is one of the joys of computers, all you need is a little technical knowledge and some googling skills (or just get help on a forum such as this) and you can game on pc fine. Having an extremely expensive PC isn't necessary, it's just a really cool luxury.
    This place isn't "MEANT" for any particular type of gamer at all, it is intended as a community that gamers of all shades can come and discuss games and Angry Joe's content.
    Maybe you need to stop and take a breather bro, seriously, because you come across as a whiny, angry child. Stop. Think about what it is you want to say and consider whether or not ranting is really the best way to go about it, trust me when I tell you it rarely is. You have a right to be here just like I and everyone else on this forum does, but filling the forum with hate and vitriol just because the opinions of a group of people get under your skin is not exactly a good use of time. At least, not in my opinion.
  11. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Just ranting   
    1. Ignore PC elitists, yes, they are ass wipes.
    2. BF4 for some is good and for some it's not. If I had extra cash now that I didn't need, I would buy it. I heard that most issues have been resolved and not to mention that some people didn't even have issues at launch like others. You seem to be also defending CoD by saying, "You may hat COD but at least that game actually fucking runs.". It's not a smart idea to compare those 2 games unless you are fan boy of one of them. In my opinion, BF kills CoD in all aspects, but that's just my opinion anyways and not fact. Not to mention Ghosts has a ridiculous game size, but it's textures are those of a 5 year old game and people actually lag with such graphics meaning the game is horribly optimized. People bitched about BF3 as well and I managed to enjoy it despite some of the bugs and it didn't take that long to fix the game. It had some of it's issues, but nothing that made me hate it.
    3. I'm mean, I don't get the point of this post...it seems like you opened it just to bash on PCs and BF4 lol...I really don't get it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    4. That excuse, "I don't have money to buy PC" is old and wrong as it could ever be. I think this pictures sums it better than I could put into words myself.

    PC are expensive is an old joke. If you really wanted to get into PC gaming, it's easier than you think. To build a cheap PC all you need is the skills to google out for websites that sell components for a good price and there is literally 100s of those websites. My PC costs about $700 and I bought it complete in store which btw, not only costs more, but the components are not even that good and yet I can play all the new games on high settings. If you actually ordered your PC component by component, you could build a $700 PC yourself 10x better than mine. Also, you can get a 400 to $500 PC almost as powerful as PS4 and Xbone, you just gotta look in the right places. Alienware and all that finished PCs which look fancy and cost like $2000 are basically shit. Build your own or just buy from some other site. I don't know how people even began to think in a way that you need to be Bill Gates to own a PC...you don't. You just have to know how to use Google to find good sites...and you are already on the right path. 
    I'm a PC only player, I know there are dicks and fags of huge proportions in the PC gaming community, but you coming here and saying this, "I know this place is "meant" for PC Gamers but us Console people have a right to be here too. I probably would have a gaming PC but I don't have that kind of money because I have to spend it on things like keeping my phone in service, my car on the road, food in my fridge, my ass in college and my internet running so I can bitch and moan about how much some of people annoy the hell out of me sometimes." is exactly what PC elitists look for. You are lucky I'm not one, I'm a PC only gamer, but I respect all, but I warn you, if you keep on going like that, you will get PC elitist crap right in your face unless you can come up with a good argument to counter those kids. 
    And I think it's fair to say that console community has many, if not the same amount of dumbasses as PC elitists. PC elitist is basically the same shit as console fan, he is just a fan of PC and he will come up with anything to make his little opinion the opinion of rightfulness. In the end, they are just a clash of opinions between 12 year olds. I would just ignore both and enjoy what I have.
  12. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Walrus in New game, Same formula.   
    I don't play garbage twice, even if they are over-hyped and popular. Garbage is still garbage.
  13. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Assassin's Creed Unity Confirmed   
    ACIV made me wish that Black Flag was not a Assassin's Creed game.
  14. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Kedric in Assassin's Creed Unity Confirmed   
    ACIV was the first AC that had me actually want to grab every one of a collectible (the song pages), just because I enjoyed roaming the seas singing along with the shanties. Usually collecting all of the "stuff" seemed rather pointless and boring to me. I almost wish they'd take a lot of that out.
  15. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Assassin's Creed Unity Confirmed   
    The only missions I hate in AC is the linear annoying "Follow that dude and hear what he has to say, but be careful because if you get spotted you will have to start all over fuc%ing again!"
    I forgot the word used to describe those missions so I can't put it better than I did. 
    edit: YES, eavesdrop missions -___- Damn I hate those
    "Eavesdrop on that dude, but make sure you don't get spotted" and shit. And then if you get spotted, mission ends. It sucks. It would of been cool if you get spotted, then the guy runs, but you can catch him and interrogate him for the information you need like in Splinter Cell...that kind of interrogation would of been awesome. 
  16. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Kedric in Assassin's Creed Unity Confirmed   
    I recommend playing AC2, then Brotherhood, then Revelations. Afterwards move on to the rest. It'll make more sense that way.
  17. Authoritah liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Necromancy in ESO   
    Necromancy should definitely be in ESO. And it should be more than just skeletons, like raising a fallen enemy, but them only having a certain amount of health and attack.  
  18. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by StarTrek71 in snacks or meals while gaming   
    It depends on the season. In the summer it's usually oranges, and in the winter it's human flesh.
    *edit* I just remembered: Ice cream. Me gusta.
  19. Sigma081 liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Pikachu is Japan's Mascot at the 2014 World Cup.   
    So America's should be Solid Snake
  20. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by tobiderfisch in Games You've Never Finished   
    I actually got to a point where I did all main quest lines and most side quests and it is actually hard to find new ones, except of broken and ever repeating quests of course. I consider myself finished with that game and the DLCs.
  21. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Wolf Spider in Anyone sad that the new Arkham game is pc and Next-Gen exclusive?   
    I'm sad, but only because I'm not ready to let the 360/PS3 go. Time goes on, and next-gen is here, so it's probably best I plan to save up to buy when the games I want are on next-gen only. I imagine this will probably be the last year we get any cross-gen games, while 2015 will be mostly next-gen only.
  22. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by C.A.M. inc. in South Park: SoT DLC Requests   
    My badass idea:
    The game does a retelling of the banned 200th and 201th episodes, Tom Cruise, Fudge Packers, and the Muslim Prophet Ali, it's perfect.
  23. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by forsakenpanda771 in Just so the moderators know   
    If we got enough free sofas, we could build an AJSA fort. YOU WANT THIS.
  24. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by forsakenpanda771 in Just so the moderators know   
    We should keep that furniture guy around. Maybe he can get us all deals on some really nice sofas.
  25. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by ' in Just so the moderators know   
    I have noticed like 2 or 3 different "users" all going to the introduction thread and posting: "Im happy i finally registered" the then the post something like "very good content inside" and then
    under is "my blog: Malicious link or advertising" I can't be the only one noticing this, right?
    Edit: Just a little context I was not a moderator when I made this post, right now I am working on removing spam like this.