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  1. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by AquilaVega in GTA V VS Skyrim   
    Why do you even compare these 2? They don't have a lot in common IMO. 

    I love GTAV and today I started playing Skyrim. Since I loved Fallout 3, I can breathe the same atmosfere in Skyrim. So far I'm really digging Skyrim, but like I said, you can't compare these 2 imo. 

    It's like FIFA VS Tekken? 
  2. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Demiser500 in Most broken games ever experienced?   
    The newest sim city. I never went back to it after all the problems at launch. Not out of anger but interest just left me.
  3. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Darkscar21 in Most broken games ever experienced?   
    Well skyrim was hilarious and frustrating at launch and the subsequent weeks that followed. This is cheating a little but swtor beta.
  4. hornedturtle liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Kids to play Mature/Adult games? - Angry Poll!!   
    Age and maturity are two different things. If a 12 year old is mature enough to play COD or gta v or whatever, then yeah. If he/she is able to play online, get along with everybody, and know the morals and grasp the mature themes, it's fine. If they go around yelling curse words and going #yoloswagbeast then get off the game and read a book.  I mean, I've heard and seen adults that are as mature as a 13 year old, so there's that for you. It really comes down to the parents and if they see a console or pc as a entertainment system or as a babysitter.
  5. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by rairoken16 in Kids to play Mature/Adult games? - Angry Poll!!   
    I, like many others, think this is more of a parent responsiblity thing. Parents should sit down with their children and talk to them more, spend more time with them, show them right from wrong and real from fiction. Parents this days just buy things for kids so they just shut up and not bother them, not even paying attention what they bought for their children and how harmful that can be for their young minds. One of the best examples I can give right now is from one posted by a member of the AJSA in this video:

    Notice how the kid behaves and screams all those obscene words and his parents never even scold him. If that would have been my kid, oh boy, big trouble. Do you guys think if the problem is that parents are giving too much power to their children instead of teaching them that they should always behave and respect older people? That's how my parents raised me and I've never dared to my 20 years of age to insult my elders.
  6. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Mr. Lulz in Kids to play Mature/Adult games? - Angry Poll!!   
    I think if the parents at least know that they're five year old is playing a game about hurting people and makes sure their kid isn't doing stupid shit I think its fine. My parents were a little strict on games, I think I was at least 8 or 9 when I was able to play games with a T rating. I'm now 15 and pretty much able to play any game I want except for GTA. Overall, If the kid is going IAMTHBST@COD!!!11! I think something should be done, But if they understand the theme of the game, act like mature people, and buy games with their own money then I think its acceptable.
  7. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Rainversey in Kids to play Mature/Adult games? - Angry Poll!!   
    It depends...
    My stepmother's son's friend or half-brother or whatever to call him is around 9-12 years old and he plays GTAV and COD- Let's just say "He's that kid". I think he is too immature to handle it, but I also find him annoying.
    So, I don't know. Yes, and No. Is my answer.
  8. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Scout in Are you religious?   
    We'll bang, okay?
  9. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Seliana in Are you religious?   
    I feel as though the holy church of the flying spaghetti monster is not properly represented by this poll.
  10. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by SteelRodent in What ever happened to the good old days?   
    Believe the real reason "the good old days" seemed better was because every new game that came moved the goal posts. Almost every game did something new that had never been done before, visually, mechanically, or story wise.
    Remember the shift from CGA to EGA to SVGA? It was a whole new world of beautiful games. The interactive QuickTime games (which sucked, but yet we have Dear Ester which isn't much different), they were the first to offer a beautiful 3D environment that you could navigate and explore. The better GPUs replaced them with live generated 3D environments. Even better GPUs have merely made them look even better. That's just the visual history.
    These days games are mainly rehash of the same ideas. Technology has come so far they can't push the visuals much further. Pretty much every imaginable game mechanic have been done over and over and over. The only fallback the companies have left is the story and trying to merge genres that were never meant to work together in the same game.
    The other problem is the AAA developers are afraid to take chances. They spend so much money on making their games they have to bet on sure things or they risk the company (allegedly). So they keep making sequels to popular games instead of trying new things.
    Indie games are really where things are happening now. They have nothing to lose and therefor can delve into new strange untried ideas. Sadly most of them make platformers which they really need to stop doing if they want to survive - there's just way too many of them, and most of them are not very good.
  11. Nitronik2 liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Best recent game (2013 only)?   
    Last of Us is new of the only new games that came out this year ( by that I mean it's not a sequel ). It also strayed away from the zombie horde killing that games like Dead Island and COD: Zombies and countless other stuck to. It had real emotion that the only zombie game I could compare it to is The Walking Dead by TellTale Games. Ad it still beats that ( Not to say it was bad, just that Last of Us was better ). It was a fresh new ideal that the gaming industry needed.
  12. Xaidan liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Young, female companions the new fad?   
    It's been around for a while now  so calling it a new fad is wrong. While there's a good reason for women not to be star roles in a lot of game givin the fact that most gamers are male. When the female population of gamers becomes big enough for companies to see them, like they way it is now, the fad of men protecting women will most likely stop.
    On a side note have you noticed that most game protagonists are 20-40 year old white brunette guys. Just realized that, funny.  
  13. Kjrocksoutloud liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in Another Call of Duty is out   
    People play it so much because their friends do and a lot of people who play it are casual gamers and its the only game they play. While they can by the new cod every year and afford it because its the only game the play( I understand this is a generalization of a huge community but its my opinion from first hand accounts, yes, I used to play the game)
  14. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Narcbebeets in Another Call of Duty is out   
    Well it's quite simple, really, why people buy it. They think it's fun. All of us, the people on Reddit, the people making the witty comments on Youtube about how much CoD sucks, we're a minority. A tiny eencie weetsy whittle minority. We can yell and scream about how much CoD sucks, and why you shouldn't buy it, or why it's just a giant cash grab, but people will still play it because they find it fun. And is that really a bad thing? If they're having fun, what exactly is the issue? It shouldn't be your problem that millions of people are having a blast playing a game. Just don't play it. Problem solved. The only time an issue arrises is when we get CoD clones flooding the market, and we just get a bunch of shitty FPS rolling through.