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    Buenos Aires
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    Gym , skillet , guitar,RPG ,one piece , Dragon Age, Strategy, Reggae, Rap ,manga/anime , Kick Boxing , Muay Thai.
  1. Box Head was my favourite , http://www.minijuegos.com/juego/boxhead-2play-rooms kiling zombies in cooperative was fun.
  2. Resident Evil : QT-EV (Quick Time Event Virus)
  3. I remember , Medievil , the one you posted too , dino crisis , well i dont remember all of then
  4. My favourites RPG are FXII, DA:O , Mass Efect ( 1,2,3) , Wasteland 2 , Skyrim , and then FPS with BF2142 , bad company , BF 3 / 4 . Not a big fan of the new cods. Metro 2033 / LL , SIngularity , Medal ff honor european assault , COD 2 ,COD 4 ... For MMO´s Aion and WoW
  5. Well what do you guys thinks ? Gareth Evans : I like more the percusive in this one Gabriella Quevedo : This sounds diferent with slap (thumb finger)
  6. They know their mistakes, and from the recents videos it looks well (frostibite 3 ), but you can´t say how is the rpg elements of it. For sure we are gonna have races and diferent armor look for the diferents character. Lets hope you can be a blood mage . If they say its an open world from ferelden to orlais with a lot of side quest on the way. Something more that I thinks its important is how they will put morrigan and the grey warden history. I hope to see leliana in the party.!!
  7. Welcome, to the AJSA , hope to see you on the battlefield
  8. Welcomeee to this awesome comunity, See you in the battlefield.
  9. First the most important thing is to have fun. If you are interested check some tactis that i made for commander mode on the reviews section , i m sure you will like the mode for battlefield , and for the real action , work with your team and squad , if you are a leader give orders , a member obay the orders, its really fun to do , play with some friends on skype , spot a lot , take a lot of cover and use the new options to look around them. Medic heal and revive people after the zone is secure you can get killed , with the medic you can hit harder in the middle-long distance . Give ammo like a crazy man. repair tanks , blow up cover ,tanks ,buildings , helis , and of course all the enemies you can. :Q.
  10. First thanks for reading , I appreciate it. As you all know , the new battlefield bring us the comander mode again from the battlefield 2 & 2142. I have been playing a few matches with the comander at 64 players (conquest). So far the squads follow the orders but it seems they prefer to be lone wolf. I like the idea of capturing tactical points to get certain abilities , like the missile or the air ship. This make the battle more intense. You can deliver transport and supplies to help your team but I think that not everyone use the supplies. The transport deployment I don´t use it very often , I send more supplies .So far I see it depends on your team more than you but if they follow the orders and you cumunicate with the team ,it´s up to you. The uav is use to spot enemies (infantry). I like the uav function for defense and attack with massive squads to capture points or to know where is going to attack the enemy to react faster and no take any sorprises later. The emp is only usefull with vehicles (tanks, helis, etc.) but in BF 2 and B2142 the normal UAV find them. I m not really an expert on how a uav or emp works. In battlefield 2142 if you were the commander you had an EMP strike that was really usefull, that immobilize the vehicles so the engineer could blow up the vehicles more easyly. The upgrading system for the squads is very useful if your are comunicated with them. I used the chat to comuinicate with the team. Something that call my attention was the requirement to play as a commander, is to be rank 10 or above but i dont think that is necessary. I will leave you with some tactis that a I made for this awesome mode , hope you like it and try some. If you know how to use it well and had a good team, then you are going to make some points and have fun.. One more thing before I start, is nice to have a system of promoting squads, there should be an option to punish the disobedient squads This is shangai 64 conquest : Let´s see our first strategie , the 3 most importants points to achive this strategie are B , C & D, this would guarantee the victory. B ) If you control B you can defend the left side of C , and block attacks from A , you can set snipers on the top of the buildings at the right to secure C , tanks on the side of the river to provide heavy attacks and defend. If your are having problems with enemy tanks on B you can move the tanks to the north of B to attack from the distance then you can go back to the river or keep the tanks there. C) This is the most important because you have the missile to attack their position to weaken them and counter attack. The missile is very powerfull if you know how to use it. D) Is like point B , you can block attacks from E and capture C very quickly if was taken. This point is more easy to defend but is very important to keep it. Other strategy is to have the other 4 points of the map: A , B , D , E . This strategy is based on your fast attack and defense, plus this is more complicated to achieve. For example you will have to strengthen the points A & B with 2 full squads per point and D & E with one squad per point. Like this: (The numbers represent the number of squad per point). I chose protect more A & B because the enemy is coming from C or the south of A, so that would leave the enemy to start attack randomly but if their commander will regroup the squads and make a succesfull attack on E , then he captured D. You are going to have a bad time. or you can take all of them muajajajajajajaja This is my review (and first) with some strategies for Shangai , I will have new ones that going to add or make a new post. I take any kind of suggestions and critics. I would like to hear your strategies too and opinions of the commander mode. Sorry for my bad english. Never give up! Never surrender ! Victory or Death!! For the AJSA and See you on the Battlefield!
  11. A dog , 10 years , he is guardian and mixed . He bite everyones who dont know and bark a lot
  12. My Favourite band is Skillet , and the album that I m listening is Rise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njJ7NZMH70M ( how do i make for the video can be watched?)
  13. Resident Evil 6 , but I m waiting for Evil Within