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  1. Same here, i just logged on today. Last time i logged in was 5 years ago lol. I've been watching AJS's vids all along though. They're doing great
  2. Okay i'll keep that in mind !
  3. So i'm going to upgrade from a regular 3DS to a new 3DS XL next month, and i was wondering about how to transfer the data. I've seen that you can transfer the data if you have both systems and do the system transfer, but since i will be trading in my old system i was wondering if i could just take the micro sd card, from the sd card adapter in my regular 3ds, and put it in the new 3ds or will that not work ?
  4. I'll definitely join !!
  5. This game looks awesome, can't wait to try out the Beta event, just got my beta Invite today
  6. I prefer trailers with actual gameplay in them, it is very VERY! rare that i care about cinematic trailers or prerendered "gameplay" trailers.
  7. I don't understand Phil fish... But to be honest i don't want to understand a hateful individual like that, he disgusts me.
  8. It is important to know that 100mbps are megabits per second and not megabytes per second, which means that your max download speed will peak at around 13-14 Megabytes per second. it takes 8 bits to make 1 byte. There are also other things to consider like the download speed allowed from the site or service you are using, some websites limits the download speed for users so they can't download with more than for example 2 Megabytes per second. As for other causes, it could be that your modem is the issue or maybe your pc's NIC.
  9. MG4 - Coyote - Grip - Muzzle Break It's pretty good :3
  10. I wonder if they fixed the launcher issue with getting stuck on applying patch, if so i might join up hehe (:
  11. Don't in choppers with random people for the next week, you never know what'll happen when a flood of newbies join in !! xD
  12. Haha don't worry mate, i think the first one is pretty good as well, it seems that when a game goes mainstream it is unpopular to like them online, but it is not a bad game in any stretch of the imagination haha, i've probably spent a little over 10-20 hours with the first Angry birds, however i just can't play it anymore.... it got a little repetitive xD
  13. Cool, i also got about 6 of their games, and i will say that Venture towns is a pretty good city builder, it is the only sim city like "city builder" that i've been able to find, i don't want those where you have to wait for hours and hours for one building to finish construction or where there is these "in-app purchases" to speed up construction or other things
  14. Cpu: Amd Fx 8350 4.0Ghz 8 cores 8Mb L2 cache Gpu: Evga Gtx 780 3gb Gddr5 Superclocked Ram: 8Gb Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz Psu: Xfx 850Watt 80plus copper Mobo: Asus m5a99fx pro R2.0 tower : Cooler master Storm Trooper
  15. I admit to playing games on emulators a lot, however i only get the roms from games that i actually own, and i get the from CoolRom.