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  1. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in 7 years later   
    Same here, i just logged on today. Last time i logged in was 5 years ago lol.
    I've been watching AJS's vids all along though. They're doing great 
  2. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in 7 years later   
    Me too.  
  3. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by Exposia in 7 years later   
    7 Years later after making this account on this website I just want Joe and OJ to know I still love them and watch their content. I have spoken.
  4. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in 3ds to new 3ds data transfer   
    3DS to New 3DS or 3DS XL System Transfer

  5. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by C.A.M. inc. in 3ds to new 3ds data transfer   
    You will need another 3DS for the transfer; I'm sorry. I've had the New Nintendo 3DS for almost 2 months now and I still haven't anyone to transfer my data with, it's a pain in the ass. So make sure you find someone with a regular 3DS (who's also has all their Nintendo Network ID info. with them) and have the time to do so, it will take a moment.
  6. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by Zyrken in Insurgency (PC)   
    I will support it if we install M-16 senpai! (i will support it anyways :3)
  7. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by donut_king2 in Looking for a Buddy on BF4   
    We do have a platoon:http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/3521530051623084126/
    And feel free to jump on the TS too
  8. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by AverageSpacePope in How to find BF4 stats easily!   
    I recently found an awesome website were you can find really cool BF4 related stats about weapons, players, etc. The website also has a platoon leaderboard were you can compare the stats on different platoons. Here is a link: http://bf4db.com/platoons

    Here is a link to our platoon on the website too:http://bf4db.com/platoons/8023530856864984373

    Man, I have a lot of points/player score. I think that I have played this game too much I'm going to refer back to this website regularly in order to monitor the AJSA platoon's progress.
  9. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by ThE_MarD in Upgraded Internet speeds, still feels the same for more $   

    Heh yeah mang, I <3 Telus. It's rare my internet goes down and I always get solid speeds. My latency isn't the best, but I'm not west coast and I'm not East.. I'm stuck in the middle, so for in the middle? Less than 100ms is still plenty good for average latency in my games. There's other companies like TechSavvy but they sometimes do odd routing through the USA... which causes your latency to spike to 150ms at times which is bs... luckily my friend told me about that issue so I've never used them.

    Quite a few good pointers. Yes, internet speed is advertised in bits and not Bytes and ISP's sometimes throttle speeds of the service you use (Netflix seems to be the most notorious for getting throttled) but lots of good services let you crank them downloads. I've maxed out my rate plenty of times on Steam. Steam ftw! I've hit 6.2MB/s on my 50Mbit connection.. which is only about 50KB/s from my theoretical max. The other thing to remember? faster download speeds does NOT equal lower latency. It does reduce the odds of latency caused by multiple users on the same modem connection is all.. so it is handy if you have your internet + TV going through the same ADSL modem.
  10. ThE_MarD liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in Upgraded Internet speeds, still feels the same for more $   
    It is important to know that 100mbps are megabits per second and not megabytes per second, which means that your max download speed will peak at around 13-14 Megabytes per second. it takes 8 bits to make 1 byte.
    There are also other things to consider like the download speed allowed from the site or service you are using, some websites limits the download speed for users so they can't download with more than for example 2 Megabytes per second.
    As for other causes, it could be that your modem is the issue or maybe your pc's NIC.
  11. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by -kD-BeastMode in 10 Ways To Get Better In Battlefield 4   
    This is my first time making a tips and tricks style video like this so keep in mind, I am not that great at doing commentary, but many of my subscribers and friends I play with have been asking me to make a video like this to help them improve their game. When I made this YouTube channel, I made it with the mindset, that I was going to help players get better, so I am happy to make this and hopefully someone learns something. =)
    The second video is here:

    P.s. I know there are many other great tips out there, but I felt these were the best to really help someone go from good to amazing!
  12. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in mobile games.   
    I actually managed to find a few amongst the flood of crapware on the google play store:
    Cytus : Excellent rythm game, challenging and lots of different music to choose from. there is a free version and a paid version, the free version makes you wait some seconds, maybe about 30-45sec, between each song you wanna play, plus ads.
    Deemo: Another excellent rythm game by the same people that made Cytus, this time it more focused on piano, however they do mix and match the instruments and music genres, also there is a cute little story in the game. It is the same thing with the free and paid version of this game as well.
    Final fantasy III: I don't think i need to elaborate much on this game But the port is solid, at least it seems so on my Galaxy note 3, i don't have any problems with it.
    Game Dev Story: Ahh yes, one of my favourites, this game is so addicting, it is cheap and yet it provides so many hours of fun. It is somewhat the same as Game Dev tycoon, however this was released before Game dev tycoon. It has nice 16-bit pixel graphics, sound is mostly awful though so i would turn that off, but other than that the gameplay is solid and you will have multiple hours of great fun with this game, if ya like management games of course
    Dead trigger 2: This game is the standard generic zombie game, story is shit and the way it is told is horrible, however the gameplay itself is quite good, now i do have a moga pro controller which makes it a lot more fun, but i will say that it is still playable with the touch controls (:
    Chrono trigger: Standard square enix port of their older games, again i dont think i need to elaborate much on the game itself, it is a good JRPG and the port so far has no issues on my Galaxy Note 3 at all, however some people are complaining that they're having some launch or random crashes on certain phones, so check it out if ya wanna get it (:
  13. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in How do I get games on Dolphin?   
    I admit to playing games on emulators a lot, however i only get the roms from games that i actually own, and i get the from CoolRom.
  14. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by Mr. Lulz in mobile games.   
    Okay, I'm just gonna say this and hopefully not get killed. *gulp*
    I think Angry Birds is a very fun and simple game. The first one, not Rio, Space, Seasons, or even Star Wars.
  15. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by FroZenToday in mobile games.   
    I have most of their games except Pocket League Story, Sushi Spinnery and Venture Towns. They may have new ones out by now.
    I also have Terraria, Minecraft PE, 100 Rogues and ofcourse Plague inc.
  16. Madfinnishgamer38 liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in Another False Advertising   
    It really sucks when a developement studio goes the cheap way just for a cash grab :/
  17. Conor liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in Dying Light is looking really fun   
    It looks interesting yes, but i'm a little hesitant when it comes to zombie games nowadays since this genre has been let down a few times now, but I hope that this game will be awesome !
  18. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in Gamer, movie goer, cartoon/ anime lover, music enthusiast etc. Which one of these describes you well?   
    Man im glad there was an all arounder option, i wouldn't be able to choose just one thing
  19. Cap0bvious liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in Steam needs quality control   
    I would like for steam to at least check the facts on some of the games, some games are being re-released on steam and on their page it says that the games are brand new. Some form of quality assurance would be nice, at least just check if the facts are true, i don't want steam to be like the Android "Play Store" which is overflowing with garbage apps and crap games.
  20. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by Knock in When You Listen To Music...   
    How are you guys when it comes to listening to music? I think I might be a little more "strange" than most people I see in public when it comes to music.
    Whenever I listen to music, I normally like to be alone in a room with the lights out. As I listen to it, I let my imagination wonder, and the things I imagine differ depending on the song I'm listening to. A violent song will have me think violent things. A peaceful and happy song will make me think of uplifting scenarios, etc.
    It gets even better for me whenever I can heavily feel the emotion being conveyed to me, and that can go with other things as well. Like movies. I get this pleasant feeling in my head when I can heavily sense whatever emotion is being sent to me. It happens mostly with music... I really love music.
    What I do whenever I'm going to really get into the music I like and want to listen to, is listen to a crappy song first. It accentuates how good the song I like is and it makes it 10x better lol. I enjoy doing it.
    What I think is crap: 
    And what I think is good:
    I like rap music as you can tell by the examples above. I listen to other genres a little bit as well. If you don't like the same stuff I do, don't blatantly insult my taste and I won't insult yours (I won't insult yours either way.)
    So what about you guys? What kind of music do you like, and how do you like to listen to it? Do you do anything similar to what I do when enjoying your tunes?
  21. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by SgtMerrick in What is the worst superhero name ever? (Must not be a madeup name)   
    I'll be honest. I always thought Superman was unoriginal.
    I mean:
    He's a superhero.
    He's a man.
    (Superhero - Hero) + Man = Superman.
  22. PartialBiscuit liked a post in a topic by thesilentwindow in 3DS Friend code exchange:)   
    My friend code is: 0490 - 5514 - 1727
    I play resident evil revelation, pokemon black 2, pokemon y, ace attorney dual destinies so far.
    I do have Monster hunter ultimate 3 but i can't seem to get into that game very much... so i don't really play it.
    Hopefully going to get a mario game soon, i haven't played a mario title since i played on my GameBoy Advance xD
  23. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by IcedAjack in Hardest game ever played   
    Me while playing DOA
  24. thesilentwindow liked a post in a topic by Shaded in Does it seem like Microsoft is ripping people off with Xbox One?   
    Console wars are for children.
    From a purely financial stand point the PS4 is BY FAR the better value. Even with the Playstation Camera you are still paying less. You might argue that the Kinect is a better piece of hardware. Well yeah that maybe be true, still though you are forced into buying it, not given the option to. And lets also not forget that the Kinect also sucks, I don't know how this new kinect is, but I haven't forgotten Kinect Star Wars....it's still on my shelf with only about 30 minutes of it played.
    As for apps that are otherwise free on boxes that you can get for $30 at wall mart, that is bullshit and nothing more than a ploy to get you to purchase a gold account. Any child could figure that out.
    I admit that microtransactions are very heavy on the dev side and something that needs to stop all around. Yes the xbox does seem to have more of a problem with these than the PS4. (another great reason to buy a PC. Dev's don't do this as often here because it's very easy for a PC user to hack the game and get anything that the micro-transaction would give you).
    As for the controller, yes...and no. You can buy a pack of energizer batteries at wal mart with 4 batteries for about $4. So by doing this you will have to change batteries at least 12-13 times for it to start being not worth your while. I don't know how long the new controller lasts, however lots of comparisons have been saying the PS4 is the better controller over all, while the xboxone controller is better purely by preference (some people like the off set joysticks and refuse to use anything otherwise).
    Further more I don't mean to derail the subject but there is a reason why PC users claim to be the gaming master race. Not only the FAR superior graphics, but there are other things as well lets run off a few on the list: 1. PC can use the console controllers 2. Modding communities (Skyrim on PC vs Skyrim on console.....enough said) 3. Able to fix issues with the game yourself in many cases where a console user would have to send their console in. 4. Reliable emulators come out down the road (in some cases way down the road) that let you play console games on the PC anyway. 5. If there is an issue that can't be fixed on your own it's usually fixed way faster and sometimes costs less. 6. PC by far the most innovative and dynamic and most preferals start on PC and all console games are built on PC.
    Anyway in short back on topic, yes Microsoft Xbox is a ripoff, but not right away. It's called "nickel and dime transaction". They slowly little by little make small charges that over time add up to a great deal of money. Of course after what they tried during the spring this should come as no surprise to anyone. Only the most hard core fan boys would defend Microsoft at this point. Microsoft has a lot of trust they need to earn back.