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    Gastonia, NC
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    I play a tenor sax, a guitar, I go to school, and am a huge video game addict. I started on the PS2 back in 2001, then around 2008, I switched to the XBOX 360, 2 years later, I started the PS3 and the PC
  1. no, they cant. you don't get it, obviously. Assassins creed is more than just a bunch of pirates fighting Templars, or a bunch of guys in white outfits fighting templars. let me sk you this, how would you fit the first civilization into it? if you just made it a faction war, it would be boring! ever since AC2, it has been hinted that there were people that came b4. it was more then a simple war,it was the fact that the Templars were hiding the truth from everyone. I understand that you don't like the modem parts, but if you took them out, it would almost be a copy of an Elder scrolls game. only it would suck. you want to try it like that? then make a mod! make a mod, and try it, see how much the game would suck.
  2. not skyrim. maybe the ESO, but not skyrim.
  3. you played them, but do not understand the story. the modern day stuff(animus of course) is a good part(i don't mean modern day gameplay, because the modern day gameplay does suck unfortunanly:() i mean the story. if they would have just made a period only story about "assassins" and "Templars" in different periods, no one would care. the games would not be connectable without the modern day animus part. it would basicly be a bad version of an elder scrolls game without the animus. and if they would have just did the modern day stuff in the end, you would be like "wtf"? and would immidiatly lose interest. if desmond would have been done only at the end of AC1, for example. you would have NO IDEA what you had been doing for the past 2 days of your life. and would think it was a joke by the developers.
  4. i don't care for it because of how stupid it is. what do i mean by this? the fact that pistols and SMgs can out range assult rifiles, is one example. another? quickscoping. i know a video game cant, and will never, no matter how advanced they get, be fully realistic. but i do expect some common sense at least. in real life, you cant quickscope. i know it, as i have tried, and my brother is in the marines, and he says you cant do it. so the fact that that is doable in COD is stupid. it allows the one weakness snipers have to be negated if used correctly(idk if its possible or not in ghosts, but im still saying it) EX3, how a knife stab to the foot instantly kills you, but a shotgun shell to the chest/face wont. again, common sense. a shotgun shell, up close, will do Great damage to a human, more then enough to kill them. one knife stab wont kill someone unless maybe to the neck or a pressure point, but definitely not to the back or the foot. EX4, how you cant shoot thur most cover until you get the cover piercing bullets(even then you still cant shoot thru most cover) even wooden cover. now for my second and final reason i will list(i have more but i wont spam an entire page over it) the SP absolutely sucks. The SP is as much a part of the game as MP,and this is why COD will never score above a 5/10 for me. the SP is only about 4 hours long, with forgettable characters, cliché stories, and stupid AI. the AI will often just charge right in front of your bullets like brainless idiots, the game has no challenge because you regenerate health in 7 seconds, and the enemy never charges your position unless from across the map, to run into your bullet lines. you come to them, so you can just hide behind walls on the way to them to regenerate lost health. if you want more reasons, ill be happy to state them.
  5. a marlem 30-30. a 9mm barreta, and a 12 gauge shotgun. I love shooting, i plan to go hunting, i want something for my future kids to see, so they know what guns from 2013 and a few years from now where like, and for home defense.
  6. yes. any help you provide would be hugely appriciated
  7. hmm..... tough one... its hard to make a completely original power... as most of the best choices are already taken by superheros... I would have to say omniscience.
  8. ok, so I have won almost every victory, won a few online matches, even won a match on Deity,, yet I cant get a domination victory. I can make good defensive forces, but I cant go on the offensive against Civs equal to my military, its sad when I can only beat civs that are centuries behind me. lol. I need help. can any one give me advice on wining a military victory? any help would be HUGELY appriciated
  9. COD, Battlefield, The last of us to a certain extent. mainly because they decided to do that, instead of another Jak and Daxter game, and I have been wanting another one for years.
  10. its just how a lot of people rate things. you don't have to use em. I honestly considered just asking the question without the poll, but then said f*** it, and did the poll.
  11. im sure most of the questions people ask were asked at least once.
  12. don't plan beforehand very much. only plan you should be making is how you will play the game. once thats done, empty your mind, and be lost in the godliness of RPGs:)
  13. sometimes. mostly on MP; because MP sucks these days:)
  14. I agree with you.
  15. with all these flame wars over graphics these days, I wanna know how important people think graphics are.