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  1. Joe is going to be angry guys. I am hyped for his reaction.
  2. in the past I wanted to join in to play with AJSA in GW2 however I was not able to transfer without a great cost, so I stayed behind. now its free I am in silverpeaks! invite me! Strazyplus.1702
  3. lol thats funny
  4. Things to try: 1.Disable the cloud storage, it blocks the game at the first load. 2. Run Origin as administrator. That didnt work? Did you reinstall the game? Yes, Are you using mods or changing any files? if yes, remove the mods. (if still doesn't work reinstall has administrator.) No, Reinstall the game, with Origin as administrator.
  5. I do not care much for looks, what I care for is raw power. a PC can be beast and awesome. If I un bias-ly judged PS4 and Xbox one looks of power they had, I would saw Xbox one was most powerful because of its size and weight. But actually its the ps4 that is the most powerful console, I am surprised what sony did with ps4 and its size really is something.
  6. I said sam just to counter vote cus everyone is gonna vote for snake anyway since he is more well known than Sam fisher.
  7. Snake is old so Sam fisher.
  8. Idea of "standing in the community" is good but basically comes down if people like your posts or not,and it can be flawed. Which is why I put "hey if you liked my post or found it helpful, like it!" Over coming months the shine on AJSA will rub off and will likely shed some members as well issues will reveal themselves and some will try to hurt the community and stir problems. (already saw one whine about his topic being removed and went on about no longer wearing tags) I plan to stick around and help AJSA as commanders and Joe himself will be learning how to do things properly within the group and mistakes will be made as we are human. I usually go to communities that have been around for yyyyeeaaarrrsssssssssss so they already understood how to do things. but I like AJ so gonna give AJSA a go and stick around while understanding things will be bumpy.
  9. I would be happy if they just roll back and fix it which takes time
  10. God help us if spambots come and offer us links to sextapes... we won't be able to help ourselves... Yeah I hope that doesn't happen so TS can remain open and public
  11. No there isnt any atm
  12. Jackie Chan likes you!
  13. Heres another, I think I am gonna keep pointing out these oversized sigs.
  14. Kasparesky huh? reminds me of that anti virus software I used to have. anyway WELCOME!!!