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  1. Hey all, a friend of mine is running a Nova Praxis campaign, a FATE system sci-fi game and we're looking for more players! The general session time is Mondays at 6 PM GMT -5. A quick intro into Nova Praxis here: http://www.voidstarstudios.com/nova-praxis/
  2. Didn't I mention several times we'd have a new player joining us this saturday? Since the session didn't happen, you haven't met him yet.
  3. So, since Lore has dropped out of the game, there's a free 5th slot for the Shadowrun group. Sessions are every Sunday at 2 PM GMT. Let me know if you're interested!
  4. Yep. May 4th.
  5. Damn, that's a bummer. Well, it does give me the option to make Shadowrun a weekly thing. Of course, if you ever feel like continuing Pathfinder, I have no problem with moving back to the biweekly schedule, just let me know in advance, as much as possible at least.
  6. But where is the funny part?
  7. Falcon, do we have Pathfinder this weekend?
  8. Never fear! Mr. Montyleux has more in his arsenal than magic missles or a kickass flame breath attack and Manfred is one buff motherfucker, even though he is too classy to get his hands dirty with something as lowly as a giant. He'd suplex the shit out of one though. Also if I ever manage to hit my Ray attack, brix will be shat.
  9. Man, your GM's are nice people.
  10. So I got a bit nostalgic and was looking over all of my old characters, the realized only one of them is actually alive and even then barely. Decided to document their deaths. Only War: Darrien Yorke, Commissar in the 16th Kuno Mander "Big Guy Little Guy" regiment. During an escort mission through Ork occupied urban territory, the column got pinned down by an Ork ambush. Due to an unbeliveable streak of bad rolls on our side and really good rolls on Orks, we got a bit desperate. Our Psyker went nuts with Psy abilities and it resulted in a Bloodletter being summoned. The entire team passed out from bad fear resistance rolls, Bloodletter one shotted Darrien by chopping him in half. Oskar Heims, Psyker in the 77th Elysian Drop Troops regiment (fluffed more like a "combat mage" Shadowrun style with actual combat training and gear, less like a raving lunatic in priestly robes to better fit the theme of the regiment). During a heavy Ork assault on our position, he got sucked into the warp for about 30 minutes just before the regiment was ordered to retreat. He was spat out on the same spot, into a mass of thousands of Orks while the rest of the regiment had already evacuated on their Valkyries. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. Rogue Trader: Shamon Arturis, Void-master on the ship Stellar Coxium, filling the role of Naval Gunner because there was one more Void-Master on the crew and though I had better stats in every way, it was better for me to be the gunner and let the other guy drive the ship. First our Navigator botches 4 of the 5 rolls needed to get a ship from A to B without any fuckery, then my co-pilot horribly botches his handling of the ship, which resulted in the massive, several kilometre long ship crashing into a fucking planet. Everyone had to burn a fate point to make sure they survived and that the ship would be in a recoverable state. Except I had rolled only one fate point at creation and that was long gone. Definitely one of the more unexpected deaths I've had. Shadowrun 4th ed: Caleb "Orion" Fairs, hacker/infiltrator (it was a one-shot-ish campaign and we all had "legendary" level characters, so I could main two roles). This game was forum based and happened failry long ago, so I don't remember many of the details. We were hitting a Renraku Arms R&D facility to grab a prototype mod or whatnot. The plan was simple, I would ninja my way in and hack into their Nexus, then open a clear path to the labs for the rest of the crew. Smooth as butter. So, wanting to show off a bit, I ghosted my way into the facility and straight to the Nexus, not permanently disabling any security. Once inside, I had all the information I needed and started to open a path for the rest of the team. They were nearly at the entrance when I spotted a patrol and told the crew to quickly hide and let them pass by. Easy peasy right? No, the team decides to set up a fucking ambush. So what happened was a mini WW3 in front of the facility with the entire system going on red alert while I was stuck in the Nexus death box, because I had re-enabled all security behind me to avoid detection. WIth security only moments away and no way to use the path I had created, I had to make my way out the hard way, and nearly made it too, only there were 2 things that I didn't have: luck and fucking edge points. See, this is the game that made me truly value edge points. The team had pulled out from the warzone since there was some seriously MilSpec grade armoured vehicles starting to show up. All it took was for me to critically glitch and the security had me. They dragged me to the outside of the complex and unceremoniously executed me by firing squad while the rest of the team was halfway across Seattle with Knight Errant in hot pursuit. D&D Next: Bael the Red, a barbarian exile from the mountain tribes who had served in the local Lord's army. Basically my way of fluffing a Barbarian/Fighter multi-class. I know its the cheesiest of cheeses, but this character was an experiment. Since I always play these niche or specialist roles, I figured I'd make a real hard hitting muscle motherfucker for once and this guy on a scale of 1 to 10 ranked fucking Rambo. Can't remember much of the campaign since D&D Next is kind of shit and I took the whole thing half seriously. I do remember the ending though. So, basically the entire city was up in flames and civil war was raging, while we were making our way to the palace to put down the rabid dog behind it all. When we eventually got there, 2 of the party members were already dead. The thief, who had been getting progressively more retarded with each session was off marauding the houses so it was just down to me and the Druid. Now, while normal druids are fanatical about nature, this guy had replaced "nature" with gold. So once we get there, there's some monologuing with the slimy fuck on the throne and eventually I'm just so tired of this trainwreck of a campaign that I launch into rage mode and start cutting down the plate armored mooks between me and the BBEG. While I'm cutting down several men with single greatsword blows (had a feat that allowed me to deal a small amount of damage even if I missed), the BBEG and Druid are calmly chatting on the throne. The Druid knows there's no way of winning this, so he calmly walks up to the BBEG, asks where the treasury is at, gets a similarly calm response and fucks off to fill his bags with gold. I get mobbed to the negatives and left to bleed out on the floor, while the BBEG gathers his remaining mooks to leave for the harbor and leave the city to burn. This is the part where I rolled the fuck out of my death saves and pretty much just lie there for hours, bleeding, then getting up like it was fucking nothing, because Bael is too fucking badass to bleed to death and made my way to the harbor. The BBEG was long gone, the Thief made for the hills with the loot and the Druid teamed up with the BBEG and left with him. Vowing to beat them both into bloody pulps and using the BBEG as their pyre, Bael began his quest for vengance and this is where the campaign ended and the character got shelved. Only survivor to date. There were other characters, but those campaigns failed or simply fizzled out for various reasons, so I don't consider them neither dead or alive. So I'm just wondering, do you guys have any character death stories to share?
  11. World of Darkness alone is already worth picking up in that bundle, not sure what's up with the quick start books without including the core books in that bundle though.
  12. Eh, sorry, the guy hosting it only accepted regular forumites there.
  13. I got into a forum based Shadowrun game. Rolled up an elf supremacist black magician. This is gonna be good.
  14. Hey Falcon, session this weekend or still feeling sick?
  15. Should've named it "Angry Bird Saga". The ensuing shitstorm would make my day.