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  1. I would agree so as well, but Star Citizen is going to push the PC to the absolute limit, investing parts for Star Citizens at this point may not be the right call. As for specs, there was reveled some information in Wingmans Episode 48 where he revealed: Since this was revelead, we have now some details for what to expect. The minimum requirement have some what been revealed at earlier stage where it would be: Source This will probably not be 100% right but will give us a clue what to expect. As for my recommendation i would probably not update my computer at this point if you want to make it ready for Star Citizens where it probably would be a better idea to save up money for next generation of GPU, CPU and RAM (DDR4, Intel Broadwell, Next serie from Nvidia/ATI)
  2. It's not hard to build a computer, but it takes a little courage to fiddle with computer parts where most people are afraid of breaking them (Computer parts don't break that easy) There is a lot of guides around, but you should probably get a computer geek to recommend what to buy for your computer so you don't spend unnecessary money on parts that you don't need.
  3. Most games today don't use a lot of RAM, but the usage is increasing and the price on ram is not particularly high where you can upgrade from 4 to 8 GB for few bucks (Depending on what RAM slots are in use and what RAM you are currently using) About your GPU (Graphics processing unit) you could probably use it a bit longer where it still can play games at a high quality (Not at maximum settings). If you could give us a list of games you want to play, or what you are playing it could be easier to determine a upgrade is necessary at this point. (Can include future games)
  4. If you want to buy a new hard drive then you have to give us a idea on what you want to use it for since specs about your computer tells me absolutely nothing. If you want a Hard Drive for storage then you probably want to pick up a normal hard drive with that range from 1-4 TB depending on your needs. If you want a SSD for faster OS, loading time in game and so on. Then you probably want to look at a SSD around 128-256 GB ++ depending on your usage and what price range you are looking for.
  5. Another good video about MCNs:
  6. That's interesting because it does check what it matched against and with a incredible accuracy but it does not see difference between Fair Use or not since by doing so set Google and Youtube at Legal binding to videos the system have checked. The Youtube user can see what the robot have detected in the video that have been flagged and what copyright claim is. The system is actually a bit Genius (As a programmer i have to see it as this, because of how it works is incredible) but the limit in the system was build in for protecting Google and Youtube ass on Legal matters. As for fare as i know it can match. Audio, Visual effects, Video or partial even if the quality is worse or it's only a small part of the screen. The systems is amazing but most of the problem is how the companies have been using this system and a lot of publisher is working around the clock now fixing their policy setting and fixing issue as we speak with licences and so on. This system is not new, but now that affiliated partners are now bound to this as we others have been for 5 months things are finally starting to get noticed.
  7. Still the amount of content is probably more that they can handle, but another problem with they having human checking that you set Google and YouTube legal responsible and you can forget about that. Another thing is that is does have visual checks believe it or not. But how it does work i can not say since i do not work for Google or YouTube. Another thing is that sometimes the music owner have all right for blocking your content. Something that is true for a lot of GTA footage where the licences for use of their music does not cover people using it on YouTube in Lets Play or other stuff. This issue is something that have to be cleared up between Publisher and YouTube users since the Publisher is responsible for a lot of this. The system policy may be changed in the future to be more friendly towards YouTube users but for now we have to wait and see.
  8. Well TB is explaining this pretty well in his newest video:
  9. It's Impossible that a Human can do this. Do you know how large YouTube is? For every minute there is uploaded about 100 hours of footage. Source: http://www.youtube.com/yt/press/en-GB/statistics.html There is no fucking way a system like this can work without a robot doing the heavy lifting. There is so much data that is going through YouTube that there is no way it's possible on any other way. Reason people have problem with this system is the Policy setting that the companies have set content ID system and how stupid the Monetize works if your video was flagged. There are numbers of way to improve this system, but there is no way that Google or YouTube can hire enough people to watch all of the content uploaded to YouTube.
  10. Okay for explain this again for some weird reason. YouTube and Google does not in anyway or any circumstances uphold laws on what is Fair Use is or not. This is something that is between the YouTube user/channel and the company that have claimed this is copyright. Content ID system only tells users if their content have copyrighted material. If the content does have Copyrighted materials you will get a flag telling you what is copyrighted. Then you have to take it up to who owns the copyrighted that you are using their material under Fair Use. YouTube with this system is out of the equation in legal matters surrounding videos on YouTube... Welcome to new YouTube It's bullshit. They will not fight AngryJoe for his legal use of videos and have abandon him. The sole purpose people joined MCN is to have protection against this and get Monetize on videos instantly. So what are you actually paying your MCN for now?
  11. As somebody still does not get I will share some few fun facts: As google said: Source: http://www.polygon.com/2013/12/11/5200418/youtube-defends-copyright-crackdown Do you see policies? Fun fact the companies have been using this system and have set policies. Google or Youtube have set no policies what so ever. On the other hand should we share another fun fact? Do you know why Multi Channel Networks (MCNs) are affected and is spitted into two parts? One is Managed partners and one Affiliate partners. The reason why Affiliate partners is stuck with this is that the Multi Channel Network will not stand up for them! Mohaha! Not only YouTube fault it's even the MCNs. One of the few that is Managed Partner on YouTube is TotalBiscuit. Why is not AngryJoe Managed by his Network? Ask his MCN!
  12. Yeah but as YouTube says: http://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/content-id-disputes.html What this system does is removing Google/Youtube out of the equation. If its under fair use then take it up with the copyright holder! If the copyright holder agrees then they will resolve the copyright issue for that video. If the copyright holder does not agree, then go to court. The system have a lot of flaws.. and i hate it. I'm glad the cat is out of the bag so everybody can see it. But damn i feel sorry for everybody that having problem with this!
  13. You have not misunderstood and that something else and is also true to some part. The copyright holders are not filling claims but the system is on behalf of their clients (companies) that have uploaded resources to check if it match a YouTube video is doing so. Some companies like Blizzard, Deep Silver and more have official said that if your videos have been claim then do appeal and under Fair use and it will be sort this out. Nintendo on the other hand... Well that's a another story. The problem with this system is that's a robot that doing this automatically, and not everything is working as intended. This system does not understand laws. It's only match something to something that have been imputed into their database. Other problem with the system that it does not see difference between a song and background music inside a game. Do you see the problem? This system is not new and I have been flicking with it for 5 months now. Only reason you hear about it now is that YouTube Networks are no longer protected if they are not Managed Networks. Watch the last video that i linked. It will explain this in the beginning.
  14. Something need to be cleared out: Youtube have this system that is called Content ID and is basically a major big database that match content on YouTube videos to people that have copyrighted their work. This system does not find this resources where the resources have been uploaded to this database to check for content matching it. So if it match something, then somebody have claimed copyright over some specific that have been used in the video. This system does not have any sort of "Fair Use" build inside and will do this on every video that is matched where companies have uploaded resources to check if it match to somebody's youtube video and flag it. Rest you can find in this video: And this one: What Youtube have essential done with this system is to remove themselves from the equation as a middle man so that copyright holders have a direct link to the YouTube user that have uploaded the content. If he fight the system with lawyers he will fight the companies that have claimed copyright and not Youtube or Google.
  15. Well if you are so intelligent being you may wish to explain it to us of inferior intelligence. Ontopic: It's a bit high price, but the price is not that bad for a PC with that high system specs. Titan card alone is 900-1100$? Will be interesting when we see more :=)