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  1. Hi!, I just applied for the squad in-game, my steam id is: elchicoargento (in-game name is lazordlord2)
  2. Hi there! I recently bought a new pc and built it with the help of a friend. The problem is that now, when I'm playing most of my games they crash after a while and I can't open other games in steam unless I restart the system. for example, after civ V crashed, I couldn't open sanits row: the third or crysis 2 (I got a black screen instead of the openings in both cases). All the errors it sent my where related with directx, this is one of them (from war thunder): https://support.gaijin.ru/hc/en-us/articles/200091242-Error-81110011-Device-not-responding These are my specs: OS: windows 8.1 pro Power supply: 500 w CPU: gigabyte gtx 650 ti oc 2gb ddr5 GPU: intel i5 4430 3ghz motherboard: asus h87m-plus ram: 8 gb ddr3
  3. I'm an atheist; just hate the brainwashed people with no respect for others with a different point of view.
  4. It's too late, the new consoles are out now and they are going to get most of the market share, even with their possible exclusive titles they would lose money with a new console launch.
  5. the ps4 is going to sell more than the X1, mainly because of the price tag, even if the xbox has better exclusives in the launch.
  6. Zelda: the wind waker still looks great on its own without the HD remaster, same for Mario Sunshine
  7. the arcade pod-racer was amazin, hope disney develops another
  8. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/125057-DayZ-Coming-to-PS4-Ditching-Xbox-One Don't know if it's going to happen in the near future thou, and maybe Microsoft can reach an agreement with Dean Hall
  9. my cell phone, too bad it's not a Nokia, Well, guess I lived a good life
  10. Vice City, TOTO FOR THE WIN!
  11. true story! for those moments it's an amazing feature, your friends don't believe you? HA! now you have video evidence
  12. I will get my ps4 eventually, but the games available at launch can't justify a day one buy (it's more compelling than the PS3 launch with RIIIIIIIIDGE RACEEEEER) and I'm going to wait until the price drops a bit in Argentina u$d 650 it's not as much as brazil, but still, it's kindda overpriced.
  13. It's a neat feature but I don't believe it's going to have a widespread use within the PS4 community, maybe youtubers and such will find it more beneficial than the general public.
  14. Disney released the first star wars game since they bought the IP when Lucas Arts closed their doors. Tiny death star is basically a re-skinned version of tiny tower and you can get it on iOS and Windows 8 devices. What do you think? are games like this the future of the SW franchise? Source: http://www.videogamer.com/iphone/star_wars_tiny_death_star/news/disneys_first_stars_wars_game_is_tiny_tower_but_in_the_death_star.html
  15. The last of us is a brilliant game, easly in the top 10 of this generation. great gameplay, great story and great charecte development, as soon as it's available on ps4 go and buy it you won't regret it a bit.