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    Zettai Ryouiki

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    Austin, Texas
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    Dota 2, current MMO's, BF4, Visual novels, Anime, hentai, cosplay!
  1. As someone who plays dota and titanfall in the AJSA I feel this spotlight is of absolutely no value to me....except of course for the cool art piece of Joe!
  2. I have to agree the total random queuing system valve has is an absolute toxic cesspit for the lone player. My advice is the split second you sense toxic words from teammate or enemies MUTE THEM IMMEDIATELY and do not put any thought into what they have said. It will cause nothing but headaches and distractions from the game itself if you respond. Having at least 1 partner is great so you can lock down your lane properly with communication. Otherwise if you are solo you should always play the solo offlane, jungler, or middle else you put yourself at risk for extreme mega face palming. Even if you do get your lane / jungle to yourself I know you will still face palm at the other lanes failing but at least you have a chance not to fuck up your own lane allowing you to get some practice/experience out of the match.
  3. I don't know anything about what is going on but I will say I have no clue how you intend to get 2000 signatures without getting random unrelated people to sign...
  4. Not gona lie I don't think we have enough Spanish speakers for a Spanish speaking team... This is an English speaking community so although there are plenty of people speak different languages we all play with fellow AJSA members in English... Unless of course there is a secret underground Spanish speaking dota 2 AJSA fan base I have never heard of...
  5. Yes I realize this, but the DPS is so absolutely pathetic compared to all of the other weapons in the game... and it is inferior to the plasma rifle as a charge up weapon because you can't hold the charge...
  6. So after playing to my first regeneration I have had a blast especially with every gun having a solid place in each line up with each one bringing something different to the battlefield... EXCEPT In my opinion for the Arc Cannon... Is it just me or does this weapon do jack squat for you... Its firing mechanism makes it extremely difficult to use properly and it doesn't seem to do all that much damage. Now it supposedly jumps targets however with the exception of last stand when in your right mind would you try to fight several titans conveniently clumped up in such a way to be effective without first getting blown up by them... On top of this the weapon requires a direct hit for both titans and infantry making it merely an elaborate anti infantry weapon that is easily outclassed by longer ranged splash damage weapons such as quad rocket or 40 mm. Has anyone else come to this conclusion or am I misunderstanding some amazing technique to using it?
  7. You guys have it all wrong. Invoker is the coolest because invoker KNOWS he is the coolest, most bad ass wizard in all of the visible universe. For his name, IS KAEL!
  8. Pheonix is definitely not a noob friendly hero. In order to properly use skills to their full effect you need to have a strong grasp of the situation in fights or else you will simply get your self killed faster than the average hero. His ult is takes the cake with it being a devastating ability that could get you killed faster than anything if the enemy has any grasp of the situation. For 5 mans this hero is down right amazing when played skillfully however it will be extremely iffy in matches of random people. One tip I will offer is that he makes a devastating mid pick when he hits 6 since you deny the enemy the ability to finish you off since your ult will not only destroy him but also give you that full reset boost! However your poor auto attack will not help in pushing the tower down if you do manage to pick off your opponent.
  9. I have to say I have been absent from the Dota community for a good amount of time due to other responsibilities. However my life is slowly returning to a schedule which I can start to put in some dota time. For those interested in receiving coaching from me I would recommend getting into contact with me in advance. My resume and topics I could teach about are listed below. I can teach basic mechanics however I feel those who wish to benefit from advanced role, lane, or hero training would find much more opportunity to learn with me. Steamname: Zettai Ryouiki, though it may have =AJSA= tags if I am playing dota. This also serves as my Teamspeak name. Forum name WarSocialist. Server location/timezone: US servers and EU west servers, im GMT-6(US) Availability: Should be available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However I have time during the afternoon on Monday and Wednesday so be sure to consult me first via private message if you are interested in some training Experience: Considering my dota 1, Hereos of newearth, and dota 2 experience i have over 7000 hours of time spent collectivly on these games. I have been part of the competitive scene before competing in Gosu Tournaments as well as some minor ones. Ranked MMR: I do not have a ranked MMR because I have issues with the current ranked system within Dota 2. Prior Coaching experience: Between friends and fellow clanmates both in AJSA as well as other clans probably well over 100 people. I have been paid to teach on the topic of video games at a university before so I am confident I have talent for putting more knowledge efficiently and effectively in peoples' brains. Topics i can cover: I offer everything in the basics category. In the advanced category I can provide training on playing short, mid, and long lane. I can train on competitive carry as well as advanced training on invoker if you wish to master his ownage potential. Also if you are interested on improving your team drafting ability for captains mode I can give some strong pointers. Heroes i can give pretty good tips with: Everything except meepo because I simply don't play him. I may not be available this weekend so if you message me and I don't respond it is because I have not had the opportunity to come online.
  10. The ranking system is only useful for premade 5 man teams trying to get an idea of where they in skill compared to everyone else. Otherwise it is just as horrid as regular match making. This discovery when they released ranked put me off so much i just stopping playing the game since then. It is so absolutly terrible. in their original post released by valve regarding the match making they promised A: Closely skilled players with little variation on either team, B: Enhanced algorithms to ensure minimal language difference, and C: Accurate player rankings , ABSOLUTELY ALL of these promises were bull shit because in all of my matches i had dumb people speaking Chinese , Portuguese , Spanish, and Russian with skill levels that had absolutely no near consistency what so ever.
  11. Well I would love to play with and against, HOWEVER I very much dislike the current team setup where you share resources. Once they introduce Alliances I will lean more towards team play so for now I only take interest in 1v1 's. Maybe we get Alliances next big patch which will come any day now!
  12. So I have Planetary Annihilation however I have encountered a lack of reliable friends to play with. I am therefor making this post as a call to see who in the AJSA still plays PA that would like to group up for some gaming! If you are interested please add me on steam: FramerTerminater, which should come up with Zettai Ryouiki. Also I am often on TeamSpeak usually in Office Mondez in the Platinum Channel section if you want to come on down to say hi though I may be AFK. I prefer not to have bots in a game because they are uninteresting for the time being so please do not ask to play only comp stomps.
  13. I interpret this as having a lack of dawn of war fans
  14. I am a die hard fan of some old strat games like Warhammer 40k dawn of war, homeworld, and cnc generals. I recently found a massive overhaul mod for dawn of war called apocalypse mod which is amazing! However I don't have anyone to truly enjoy it with < the AI being brain dead like most mods tend to cause. I made this post to see if anyone would be interested in playing with me over tunngle. Just reply to this thread with your steam or harass me on TS and I will get your set up. Mod is here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/ultimate-apocalypse-mod/news/ultimate-apocalypse-news-december-january
  15. Yes, please refer to the temporary update on the OP