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  1. stalker, nice choice XD
  2. im thinkin series that subscribed to. every game that comes out, you would get without waiting for reviews or price drops. i gotta say... 1.Mass effect 2.Bioshock 3.MGS 4.Conflict 5.Fallout
  3. my first MGS was portable ops, that really got me into the series. havent played 1 or snake eater. peace walker was probably my favorite, followed by PO and then MGS4
  4. you really cant collect any information from the title. plus even if you could its not a big plot point at all
  5. *again, spoilers, kinda.* so towards end of the DLC, Ellie kisses Riley on the lips. also earlier in the dlc they kinda reference that it may be that way also in the photo booth. and in the comics makes reference to Ellie "liking" her in MAYBE a romantic way. if you've played it, did you walk away thinking that? do you think maybe their just REALLY good friends? XD i dont know... it seems like a really odd plot point just to throw in there, thoughts?
  6. is it really by them? if so, i just got 100x more excited for that game XD
  7. so, a few days till christmas and the semester is over so i got a lot of free time. i kinda want to play through a god of war game just because ive never tried one before. i dont really feel like playing GOW 1, it look pretty dated. GOW 2 HD is only $15, and GOW ascension is only $10. i guess ascension is the newest and cheapest, but if i really like it, i dont really want to go backwards on features and graphics. which one is the best? thanks
  8. yeah, maybe you read it wrong. premium gets it 2 weeks early. also if it makes you feel any better, we (premium members) dont get to play it either. shit is so fucked with that game that the servers have been down (for ps3 atleast) and nobody has china rising yet (okay maybe a few have, but most cant). you wouldnt want it yet any ways, just by downloading it it plauged the game with more bugs AND it deleted my goddamn campaign save -___- im pissed i paid $60 fucking dollars for this game and $50 fucking dollars for premium when it doesnt even work. and i hate that "just give it a week or 2" bullshit. if it didnt work, it should never have been sold. plus with 24 person games on maps meant for 64. like, wtf? sorry, kinda got off topic on a little rant there, but yeah 2 weeks to access the dlc XD (thats what they say, but i doubt anyone will still be able to play it XD)
  9. memento was weird as shit. i kinda like it, i thought the reverse thing was a cool idea,it would ONLY work for that plot which really interesting movie. havent seen any other of those
  10. thats cheating XD. haha nice
  11. i really didnt like the movie, but maybe the book would be better, never knew that it was a book
  12. so what would your top 5 be? sounds like you dont watch a lot of movies if you havent seen any of those XD
  13. yeah theres a ton of great split screen games, and those are always my favorite, getting taco bell and just playing through killzone 3, resistance 3, far cry 3 co op, 50 cent co op, and borderlands 2 all on couch co op till like 4am are some of my favorite nights ever XD. but im talking about how time splitters was just a thing everyone did when i was in high school. it was a social thing that everyone could relate to and we all had in common. just good memories. we would pick someones house to go to for the week, then go there after football practice to play T.S. or super smash melee. just like 15-25 guys hanging out, not even the same ones everytime, everyone was invited, friends or not. it was great. now you have awesome split screen games, but its just not that same feeling
  14. frosted flakes, nigga damn! you sure know your aliens lore XD gonna be honest here, i dont remember a single thing that happened in Alien, and i just saw it again this past summer. ive been trying to think of what actually did happen, but i just keep recalling stuff that happened in Aliens XD
  15. aaaaahhh, its an anime. (how didnt i get that XD) guess i wont be watching it then XD