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  1. Sometime this year I think . But I think it was in the first quarter of this year febuari-march. But I could be remembering it wrong
  2. Add a 890 jump for me and I upgraded my cutlass to a cutlass red
  3. Add a Aegis reclaimer for me. I caved to it awesomeness.
  4. There is probably a way. Chris Roberts said you could self destruct your own ship if it was boarded but the attacker had a chance to disable it. So I think the same is true for vanduul capships. It will be difficult so i suggest we start with a smaller vanduul capship than the Kingship. A destroyer or something like that seems a better start
  5. Yes let get a Kingship. Only problem is that the vanduul are poor losers and like to self-destruct there capships instead of letting them be captured. And there is the small problem that the Kingship is 1.5 km long and there are atleast 1500 vanduul on them and 300 fighters(of which 100 battle ready) but those are minor details.
  6. Didn't know that. It thought all hull insurance you got now on new ships was 6 months. I have LTI on all my ships so I didn't know
  7. I'm glad i have 2 connies. A Andromeda and a Phoenix.(GOD I have spend wayyy too much)
  8. Also you start out with 6 months Hull insurance. Hull insurance will always give you a new ship(replacement time is based how much ships and parts are available) as long you did defraud the insurance. There are other types of insurance like equipment insurance which are for any upgrades you bought for your ship and cargo insurance with is for your cargo. These insurances won't payout if you get destroyed in a "dangerous" system. How dangerous a system has yo be before there is no payment depend on the level of insurances you bought. But as is said arena commander is a in-universe game so you don't really lose your ship if you die
  9. Is there word if the AJSA as an organisation will join operation pitchfork?
  10. I upgraded one of my connies to a Phoenix. Cruising around sitting in a hot tub.
  11. Might spent a little more than planned
  12. No i meant i have a F7A and a F7C-R(I have all Hornet varients plus a F7"A" it is not really a F7A because the upgrade is cosmetic only. I hope I make sence. For clarity i re-post my ship list: Hornet F7C-M Hornet F7C-R Hornet F7C-S Hornet F7"A" Aurora LN Aurora LX Aurora MR Avenger Origin M50 Origin 300i Origin 315p Origin 325a Origin 350r Cutlass Caterpillar Freelancer DUR+Freelancer MIS Constellation 2x Gladiator Retaliator Banu Merchantman Xi'an Scout Starfarer
  13. I upgraded my two freelancers to a freelancer DUR and a freelancer MIS and I bought a starfarer which I forgot to mention. Also the list for me is wrong, I do have a F7C-R
  14. I remember reading that in the first iteration only the Hornet be available but that can be outdated info.
  15. The first iteration of Arena Commander (DFM) will only have the Hornet ready. If you don't have a Hornet you will get a "loan" Hornet you can use until a ship you own is added. Also the Scythe is added as a enemy for the horde mode. Not everyone gets the multiplayer at the because that would overload the servers, the earlier you backed the sooner you get multiplayer but everyone gets the single player horde mode at the same time. So you might not get the multiplayer at the end of the month but you will get Horde mode