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  1. Yep, in my last year though. Then I will be moved from student with debt to unemployed and in debt. HOORAY!!
  2. I will bring my frying pan. We can have a party!!!
  3. I hope this does not flop. I would be interested in it.
  4. Well looks like Gearbox got caught with their pants down then. Still we will not know until after the game is released if they should have just waited for Borderlands 3 instead of making the prequel. And secondly, waiting and making it for the xbox one would encourage more people to jump on the xbox one instead of being stand off ish about it. True the development of games for the xbox one is painfully slow, this does not help when a big title snubs its nose about moving onto the next gen system. Acknowledging what the manager of Gearbox said in that moving onto the next gen system is expensive, but not doing so will hurt xbox one in the short run and them in the long run when big name games jump on the system.
  5. The feel of the game is different too. Because of the fact that with the exception of Athena, we already know the fates and overall consequences of their actions. So therefore the outcome is set in stone and when everyone already knows the ending, why buy the game at all? People want an adventure to love, not to be forced to be plopped down while the game demands that we love it. Concerning your second point, I do agree partially with you and the British Templar. The Dungeons and Badasses DLC caused a major positive inflow of attention and cash into gearbox that I believe would rival Destiny. Even if they split up the prequel into part 1 and part 2 and made each have a large download base, it would effectively do as good of a job as being sold as a standalone game. Not only that but it would show a response without being seen as half-assed as it constructs Borderland 3. (Which I hope will be for the xbox one)
  6. So, I was wondering what people's opinions are on Borderlands: The prequel is. Are you going to buy it? (This includes the purchase of a new/used xbox 360 for those that exchanged their xbox 360 for xbox one) Do you believe that the decision to release only on the PS3 and xbox 360 is a wise move on Gearbox's part? They already admitted that the upgrade to the xbox one system would pose a great strain on their development, so what is your stance on this. Will the storyline be carried out well? We all know how handsome jack is in borderlands 2 and since this is happening after borderlands 1, Jack has already begun on his quest world conquest. Plus two of the characters (Claptrap and Athena) are good and show this in borderlands 1 and 2. I am not doubting that they could pull this off, however it will take a very precise story line writer to tread the thin line between a great filling story and complete, utter bullshit. This is a rather pessimist view of the game, but could anyone else enlighten me on their opinions on the subject?
  7. Nothing much. Just very bored. 0 pathfinder or dnd thus far :'(
  8. Quick question. Are we going to do a session this Sunday due t the last one being cancelled?
  9. Well, you may have a point since I created some of them to kill us all actually.
  10. Oh shit. Don't let falcon read these.
  11. Can a guide be sent to me?
  12. 2pm GMT would be 8am for me so pretty much any day of the week for 3.5-4 hours. Depending on the day.
  13. Well I am interested.
  14. Pathfinder is generally a favorite. But we got a few sessions of vastly different things going on so you could hitch on one of those. Since we are scattered all across the globe, timing more than anything is the main problem but we work it out.
  15. But aren't we forumites?