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  1. pink team! woop woop
  2. holy shit that was quality ahaha rip in peace wallet
  3. can't scam again if he's dead... know what im sayin
  4. same, uninstall and re install for me
  5. oh man im so ready for this! provided this unable to load metafile crap fixes
  6. maybe it's just me but "scary" games where you can just shoot and kill the whatever is coming after you... just isnt scary "oh no a scary monster ill just shoot it in the face with my shotgun" not scary.
  7. it'll never happen
  8. How bad do you want it by Eric Thomas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTFnmsCnr6g
  9. Most Innovative: Oblivion Most humongous world: Mercenaries (because this game actually has stuff everywhere! not 3/4 empty map... GTA V im looking at you) Most crazy: Borderlands Best destruction: Just Cause 2 Best gameplay mechanic: Stalker: shadow of chernobyl Best side contents: Fallout 3 Best graphics: Skyrim Best characters: Fallout 3 (three Dog) / New Vegas (yes Man, ED-E) / FarCry 3 (vaas) Best Story: Skyrim Best licensed game: ?? Best game overall: Fallout 3 ignoring the no RPG rule and im way to lazy to say why they win
  10. no Bethesda, no care
  11. cool, i now have 3 games on origin... all of them being "on the house"
  12. my dream would be Fallout 4 just imagine the whole place going pitch black, everyone thinking wtf is going on? then a lone godly voice speaks through the darkness... "War, War Never Changes" then boom! the screen lights up, miniguns cutting down ghouls, exploding robots, enclave and brotherhood gun fights all over the place and all the other good stuff! fuck man i think i would shit and jizz my pants with excitement! aha
  13. If in doubt look through eNtaK's tutorials https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQF6EdZVPDcPt1uQCXL7fv_ba__nq76w edit: wizard above me ^^
  14. Medieval 2 with third age total war mod winner winner chicken dinner