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  1. im up for some civ 5 BNW, anytime all the time
  2. I would play Civilization V with everyone all day, i have all of the DLC as well. Unfortunately I need to get my graphic card replaced. And Alienware is gonna have a good laugh when i have to pull out some hundred dollars to replace a 675m
  3. If anyone actively plays spelunky please add me on steam thank you, Gavin
  4. I typically stream every Saturday, and id like to know if it is possible to have some kind of promotion through the AJSA so i could start generating more viewers. I tend to play Spelunky & League of legends. I'm pretty good at what i play; and i would like to know what the requirements are for my stream to be up. I know websites like Solomid.net have a system where if you have 50 concurrent viewers that you will be added to their list. But seeing as how the AJSA (as far as ive seen) doesn't have any pre-requisites to become a listed streamer, other then an officer/Joe's approval. If we could open up our stream list and get more AJSA members streaming, i see it being a really good promotional idea going in favor of the AJSA. http://www.twitch.tv/souprmarin3 - Gavin
  5. So its Friday, and i haven't really done anything this whole break except play skyrim. And i really wanna get an MP of Civ 5 in with some people. If anyone has a clear schedule tomorrow or Sunday im down for hosting a game. MSG me on steam if your down. Or if your ever interested in playing a game of Civilization 5 with me and the group in team speak, just throw me a friend request. And ill make sure we have one hell of a game that future day Steam: [AJSA]Gavin I would prefer if you had all of the DLC up to Brave New World(BNW) But its fine if you just have Gold edition. And if you dont have Gold, there is no excuse. Its going to be 10$ until the 3rd; It might even go down to 5$(from my steam knowledge this is likely).
  6. Message me on the before adding me due to me have max friends on league, i can erase some one for you. IGN: Soupify Role: Mid/ADC MidChamps: Ezreal, Veigar, Syndra, Ahri, LIssandra, Leblanc, Fizz, Ziggs, Kassadin, Kennen, Morgana, Lux, Nidalee, Riven, TF, Vlad; just to name a few. I know every role and i have alot of the champs, so if you wanna play sometime and maybe fight in the competition in AJSA that'd be great
  7. Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, Tool, Rage against the machine, A perfect circle, & chevelle
  8. Yo, everyone should get on the teamspeak in the total war channel and chill with us while we play risk online. Were gonna do a bit later today too
  9. It didnt exist when we made it. sorry
  10. Anyone down for some magic - the gathering 2013?
  11. Ghandi will nuke your citys 16 times in one turn, hes not to be trusted
  12. Oh alright mate, ya ive just noticed it. XD It wasnt there yesterday so i guess we've changed some stuff
  13. Were trying to get a channel in teamspeak, and which section is that trisdino?
  14. It was on-sale when it first came out, 33% off (summer sales). So 20$ for the new DLC was worth it, especially because Joe gave it a 10/10. I still owe my parents money from those sales XD
  15. Summoner Name: Soupify Region: North America Areas: Ranked, Unranked(3s & 5s), Dominion, & Aram