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  • Birthday 06/03/1998

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    I enjoy playing shooters like Battlefield , and I am a big fan of the star wars battlefront series, I have played some real time strategies like Total War, Men of War,ect and enjoyed them all, I am also a big fan of games like Jack and Daxter, the elder scrolls, the legend of Zelda ect. all in all I will play any good game that developers put there time and effort into. also I have played flight Sims like war thunder and space Sims like star made, and Jedi star fighter. I primarily Game on PlayStation, Nintendo And Computer hardware. But I also hope to play on the Xbox consoles in the future.
  1. thank you all for the help XD
  2. First of all i hope i did not miss a computer hardware tab somewhere. or if i am even allowed to post something about hardware on the general forum (i did read all the rules but i could have missed something). XD anyways Hello i am Yomoholo a Canadian. building a new computer and i am hoping to get my computer built sometime before the release of star citizen so that i can play star citizen along with the rest of the angry army. i have a 1 tb hard-rive right now with windows 10 on it and all of my games and i intend to buy a ssd for star citizen for this build however the main issue i am having right now is deciding what else i will need unfortunately i do not have much of an idea on what i should get as far as graphics cards, motherboards and processors should be. i dont even know how big of a power supply il need. the reason i am asking for help is because my current computer is bordering on five years old and although i have maintained it well in order it add some life to it its time is coming to its end also it would probably burst into flames if i tried running star citizen on it. anyways. i have about $1300.00 cdn on me right now or $1000.00 AM when adjusted for inflation. if anyone could post their builds in order to help me out i would really appreciate it. perhaps some of you could post your own builds or recommend some parts or websites to me so i can figure out what parts i would want to use in my build. (also i plan on running games other than star citizen on this new computer as well like Rome 2 total war, planet side and battlefield just to name a few). even if your build is way out of my price range posting it could still help me thank you. and sorry for bothering you about this XD but i really need help EDIT well dam 2 mins after writing this i go onto the forms for a pc building tab (out of a continued suspicion that i must have missed it if there was one) this was about the 10th rime i checked and look there one is welp idk wut to do i must be blind.
  3. i would be willing to play dayz standallone with some people if they wanted to
  4. i would verry much like to goin the ajsa in space engineers XD
  5. I am a fairly active player so it would be nice if i got invited to the ajsa on gw2
  6. OK so as the title explains i bought x com enemy unknown a few weeks ago on steam. and I cannot start the game because it keeps crashing on the loading screen i cant get to the main menu or anything. also i have not messed with the game at all so the question of a mod messing it up does not exist. i have tried to get the game to check for corrupted files on steam when it was finished it still did not work. My computer is an acer with the specs listed below - windows 7- intel core i3 processor 2100- 4 Gb of DDR3 - 1tb of memory with roughly 750 gb of storage left- Intel hd graphics- no graphics card also i bought my computer late 2011 early 2012 my computer can play any game that i own at the moment without any issue whatsoever this includes space engineers, men of war assault squad, war thunder, guild wars 2, guns of Icarus, minecraft, dayz, mount and blade warband, civ 5 and sins of a solar empire rebellion, and more. if anybody can think of a fix please tell me. however if i just need to upgrade my Computer that's fine to.
  7. -windows7 -intel core i3 processor -4gb of gddr3 ram -1tb of memory -intel hd graphics those are my ps specs i know there not verry good unchanged from the factory but id at least hoped they could run this game since they can run all my other games.
  8. no i havent messed with the game at all
  9. ok so i just got x com enemy unknown yesterday and it took 3 and a half hours to download the game when it was finished i started up the game, it got to the loading screen then crashed after a few seconds and the error message that went up said "x com enemy unknown has stopped working" then when i exited the game it restarted without me actually clicking on the start up shortcut and the same thing happened again please if anybody knows of a way around this please tell me.
  10. both sound awesome and to be honest i cant chose
  11. PVP + blowin off undead limbs count me in
  12. WOT deffinately
  13. YES! war thunder and world of tanks all the way man