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Oberst Schnitzl

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  • Birthday 07/22/1995

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    Oberst Schnitzl
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    I love videogames, heavy metal, anime, manga, hentai, big butts, IT stuff, porn...and many other things.
    But i hate you and everyone else !
    So fuck off and add me on steam you piece of shi... XD
  1. My name is Murderface.1603 character name is King Pirate please invite me !
  2. Mr. Freeze is one of my favorites i like his story its so sad and he's just badass
  3. Im just gone stick with my PC i don't care about the new consoles
  4. I prefer physical game disc the feeling of holding a new game in your hand and the smell when you first open it its just freaking awesome and after you installed the game you put it on your shelf and never touch it again but still a huge game collection looks just badass
  5. I hate Origin because it doesn't work for me (and because its from EA) xD I would prefer having my games in just one collection and i prefer Steam so yeah i want everything in steam only reason i didn't bought battlefield was Origin !
  6. I don't actually know a lot good web based games I can only think of realm of a mad god an runescape
  7. What is this thing yoo call "love" ? O.o Never heard of it
  8. There a lot of people here who listen to metal and rock Soo its not hard to find some metalheads here I am actuallly a huge metal fan \m/ soo yea
  9. Im going to stick with my PC But if i had to choose i would get the PS4 Im not a big fan of the (new) Xbox The only things thats sucks about the PC is that many good games that are out for console are getting released years later or not going to be released at all ! And if a games was out for consoles first the settings and the controlles are often just terrible
  10. I don't think the AJSA has a TF2 server yet but i would like to play !
  11. I have to go with Invader Zim and South Park And what about Beavis and Butthead ?
  12. I would take Diomedes or Boreale Because Space Marines are awesome
  13. I actually at first hated anime, didn't like it ( dont even know why, shame on me ) i just started loving it a year ago A friend showed me a few series and i just watched them The first animes i really liked were elfenlied and death note most of the poeple started with Dragon Ball Z and that was the problem for me i didn't like it at all (just my opinion) but now i am addicted ohh an maybe someone could tell me some good animes that i could watch the last anime i watched was Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
  14. For me it was Rome 2 I was realy hyped cause i liked the first one and shogun 2 was awesome So i thought they couldn't fuck this up but they did It could have been so much better!
  15. Wow a lot of people here who like metal/rock ... awesome \m/ i like metal in general but i prefer thrash and death metal some bands i like: Amon Amarth Warbringer Evile Cannibal Corpse Fleshgod Apokalypse Iron Maiden Municipal Waste Ghost Graveyard Death Exodus ... an many more but i think the list would be too long xD