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  1. The following link is a straw poll I have been using to collect information on how many people in the community would want to develop a game with AJSA members. I have also added a poll to the post here on the forum. http://strawpoll.me/1370935
  2. If you have a google account then you have a google drive which has 15 GB of free (as in price) space in which you can put anything. It is like dropbox if you have used that before. Maybe we could use this for hosting the subversion project: https://riouxsvn.com/ it has 50 MB free which should be enough by far.
  3. Using git externally is not a big issue as I do use git by itself a lot in the terminal. I found this: https://github.com/Calinou/godot-style-guide which contains a godot script style guide as well as what should be put in the .gitignore file which tells git which files not to add to the repository such as temporary local files used by the editor. Btw make sure to not add images or other resources to git, git is just for text/config/code. Adding images will make git take a very long time to upload and download due to it trying to compress an already compressed file. Resources should be stored somewhere else perhaps on some cloud drive such as google drive. Edit: We could use subversion too.
  4. I have been following Godot for a long time now and it seems like a good pick for this project. It allows for an external editor to be used. I have not tested how it works with git or subversion though which is very important. Something like Asteroids or a simplified Galaga is fine as long as the asset/resource count is low. For each new game object we need to add not just code but art, animation and sound effects as well so it often ends up being more work than expected for each new game object. Ways to reduce that include pixel at or very simple vector art as well as 8/16bit sound effects made with a generator such as bfxr. Btw my subversion experience is lacking since I only used it a bit for Garry's Mod and a few other things. I mostly use git but I can probably learn subversion in an afternoon.
  5. Just pick one and I will help as long as I don't have much to do during the time in which it takes place. I prefer short 1-3 day jams (weekends), but something like a 1-2 week jam is fine as well. I can/will use any programming language as long as its not javascript, php or visual basic. You can choose what the game should be but I will cut pieces out for time constraints or tell you the entire thing is too big to be done. For the game idea I recommend thinking very very small, something like Tetris small / mobile / arcade game. One screen games can often be fun and easy to make. As for tools I prefer git and any IDE or project system that allows me to use my own external editor. All code must be under MIT License and all other works such as art and music must be under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. In short: open source, anyone can do anything they want with the code, art, etc. Except claim they made the original work (plagiarism), but if they modified it in even the slightest way then it is theirs. https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  6. If you want to render with the GPU, then you need to use SDL_Texture instead of SDL_Surface, SDL_Texture is loaded into your video card's VRAM instead of RAM. I have compiled this code with visual studio 2015 community edition: http://pastebin.com/A8Dc46Sr edit: SDL will use OpenGL or DirectX internally to do this, or some other method in the future such as Vulkan.
  7. I am not sure what you are doing as without code I can not tell much, but here is a little SDL2 program I made in a few minutes. It opens a window and renders 3 images to it. The first is the background, the second a button, and the third another image. That is what it should look like when you run it. Here is the code: http://pastebin.com/qh2Pi5T6 Edit: Unless by texture you mean on GPU.
  8. Even more the reason to not let them get away with bs. Be very harsh with them so they don't turn into an EA, Ubisoft, etc. If Dark Souls 3 is bad stop buying their games until they make another good one.
  9. you can't just look like it you gotta play the role too don't let your dreams be dreams just do it
  10. dark souls, I know a lot of people play it for difficulty or something but I like it cause it has cool areas and the characters all speak in riddles making me want to find out what is going on.
  11. I totally agree
  12. Death because eventually everything dies and every effort made to live longer is just another way to die because even if you made it to the end of the universe it must all end. but if you want the real meaning all you need to do is search for "define life" in google
  13. Looks like Kojima has a new company and made a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4-4zkQRdfk He also seems to be hiring. http://www.kojimaproductions.jp/#careers
  14. I did not mean to imply that it should be all free (in terms of price), the thing that should not be supported is certain behaviors and letting them get away with anything they want (by actively threatening their business by switching to linux which would cause them to have to play nice to get us back). I believe one should reward Microsoft for some things and punish for others to lead them in the desired direction (buy or don't buy). I think you are maybe mistaking freedom with price, people who are part of the free software foundation do not want everything to be free in terms of price but free in terms of freedom. Ofc whether or not all software should be free (freedom) is highly debatable. For me personally that is going a bit too far, instead we can just try to influence Microsoft's behavior. P.S. I don't hate windows I want windows to be better and I want linux to be better and I want Microsoft to be better.
  15. So recently Microsoft started an open source project called vscode which is a programming IDE. I hope that they continue to make more open source projects like this one. It gives me hope that Microsoft will change. As for games the 2 most played games on steam (by far: http://store.steampowered.com/stats/) can both run on SteamOS. Not to mention with more companies switching to one engine in common (UE4, Unity5) which are cross platform and let you port games with a press of a button (and a bit of modding) there should be more games over time coming to linux. The steam linux page has been slowly growing and is pretty big at this point. So in theory all the DOTA and CSGO players could all switch (if they all did linux might be more popular than windows on steam), but they don't care if they are supporting something that they should not be. They just want the game to work and want to stick with what they are used to (it's the don't break what is not broken mentality + why put in the effort of learning something new when it will do what this already does). There is also Microsoft Office which no one can live without because everybody else uses office so you need all the features and all the file format support (open office and libre office are missing tons of features). As for the many linux distros, idk why everyone is not just using debian unless you want to hack around in arch linux or something. Right now debian is second most popular after mint. The fact that the most popular is mint shows that people in reality just want windows since mint is basically trying to be like windows yet not windows. Btw avoid Ubuntu, it is trying to be another windows and has spyware in it (when you search the computer it sends search results to amazon, basically it was windows 10 before windows 10). P.S. I forgot to mention that vscode runs on windows, mac, and linux, they are also working with the community and have been very accepting of feature requests and quickly fixing bugs.
  16. The dev kit was $300... They basically just want to package it with stuff no one wants to raise the price.
  17. "What does that make phantom squad?" Uh, attention whores? If that is what they wanted, then they got it. The more you talk about a troll, the more it wins.
  18. Dark Souls 3 DOOM No Man's Sky Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Yooka-Laylee
  19. *Warning: A typo of that url can give you a virus, make sure its 3 i's not 2*
  20. The difference between just liking Japanese stuff and appreciating it versus being a weeaboo is if you start thinking you are Japanese / want to be Japanese based only on the anime/entertainment products you have seen. Its like if a Japanese person came to america wearing a cowboy outfit and swinging a rope around. Point is you are not a weeaboo if you are interested in Japanese things, but when you start doing stuff like learning the Japanese language and wanting to move there only because you saw their entertainment products then you are a weeaboo. Another example of what that would be like in reverse is a Japanese person seeing star wars and then coming to america in a storm trooper outfit.
  21. Dark Souls
  22. AI is a big problem in a lot of games. Game technology has advanced but game AI has had little to no change. They still use outdated AI which simply does not work anymore as games get bigger and more complex. Slapping on some path finding and calling it a day wont cut it anymore.
  23. natural selection 2? http://store.steampowered.com/app/4920/
  24. http://www.gamedev.net/classifieds/category/2-contractors/ https://www.linkedin.com/