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  1. Hi, I know this isn't exactly gaming related but I need help with upgrading my PC for Video Editing. I'm currently trying to edit a mix of 4k and 1080p projects on Premiere, and even with proxies my CPU is going at 100% and it isn't exactly smooth. Im editing these on a gaming PC I built back in 2014, here are the specs. Intel i5-3470 8gb Ram GTX 760 2gb I'm looking at new processors however in terms of cost I'm wondering if I should just buy an i7 processor that has the same socket that would fit my motherboard for $100 ish, or I would need to spend an arm and a leg getting a new motherboard and CPU. I already have 16gb ram ordered to hopefully help and am also looking to upgrade my GPU (nothing crazy I don't play too many games but feel it would help with editing) for $150 or less. Any help appreciated
  2. Hello, I don't use this forum much but I am just asking for an opinion. Last year I got an Xbox One S mainly for the 4k Bluray player and also to play games upscaled to 4k and in HDR as a bonus. On top of that I have a PS4 which is my main video game system and a Switch for my Zelda and Smash Bros fix. However later on I got a 4k Bluray player as a gift. It plays all of my 4k movies flawlessly with the added support to my home theater sound system, something I couldn't get to work on my Xbox. I rarely use it, and I later found out that games on PS4 not only look perfectly fine in 1080p, but also have HDR, making games like Detroit : Become Human, and Spiderman, all games exclusive on PS4, look absolutely stunning on my 55" Hisense 4k TV. With new games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassins Creed Odyssey, and Fallout 76, should I get them on Xbox One S? Or should I just sell it to Gamestop or something and get them on PS4? Thanks for anyone who responds.
  3. I fixed it I got one HDMI from the 4k player to the tv and a HDMI from the 4k player to the receiver.
  4. Hi, I got a RCA surround sound system for my 4k tv and my 4k Bluray player, but it doesn't show any picture. I've used different HDMI cords, the speakers are all accounted for, but the receiver won't show any picture. Help? It's a RCA RT2911 surround sound system, a Hisense 55" H7 4k tv, and a Samsung UHD Bluray player.
  5. My grandparents found a Dell Inspiron 15 Inspiron 7000 series 7548 in a storage locker. They gave it to me and wanted me to fix it, but I need some help. I let it charge for 1 day and then turned it on. It showed the Dell screen and took about a half hour to load. Then it took me to the Windows 10 safe mode. No matter what I do, it either repeats the boot system from the Dell logo to Windows safe mode, it tries to find disk errors but fails, find reboot errors but fails, or will take me to the Motherboard screen where I learned it has some kind of an i5 and 6gb of RAM. If anyone can think of a solution any help is appreciated,
  6. Awesome, I think I'll go with the 1060. However I really want to max out Battlefront 2 to the best of my ability. I understand its not even out yet, but should I aim for a 1070 for the extra $100-$150? I now have extra $ to spend.
  7. Hi, I've recently gotten back into PC gaming and I realized I really want to upgrade my graphics card. I have a GTX 760 2gb and I usually play Fallout 4 medium-high settings, Arkham Knight (post patch thankfully) but at Low settings, GTA V around medium-high. I really want to max these games out and get to as close to 60fps as possible at 1080p, (maybe 4k, I only have a 4k 55" Hisense TV in another room for my consoles, but the PCs monitors and TV is 1080p) I really want to get a GTX 1060 6gb because it wasnt't to expensive for aiming toward 1080p max settings, however I found that Newegg has a GTX 960 4gb refurbished for about $150 rather than $250-$300 for a 1060. Should I get the 960 or the 1060? I can save up $300 but I won't have much $ for much else. Incase you need them here are specs intel i5 3470 GTX 760 2gb 8gb Ram 1tb HDD Any help appreciated, Thank you
  8. I really want to get Watch Dogs 2 and I have a PS4 (original), a Xbox One S (with 4k TV), and a PC with a 760 2gb and a i5-3470 on a 1080p monitor. Would my computer make the game look much better than the console version? I have no plan to upgrade until I can't play any new games with it. If I have to decide on a console version, does the game upscale to 4k (I know its not native) on Xbox One S, or just get the Ps4 at 1080p apposed to 900p upscalied to 4k on Xbox. Any help appreciated
  9. I have been wanting to get an upgrade for the holidays, I have a Hisense 4k UHD 55" TV with a PS4 which I sit about 8ft away from, I either want to get an Xbox One S for it's 4k Bluray player ,4k upscale, and able to play with more friends online, a PS4 Pro so I can play the games I already have and have them either higher graphics, framerate, or resolution, plus upscale my current regular Blurays. Or a GPU upgrade for my PC (I have a 760 2gb to something like a 1060), but I don't really use it as much. but I have concerns for all 3. And I really need some thoughts from those who know better than me. 1.) Do 4k UHD Blurays look that much better than Blurays? Are they worth $300 for a new console? 2.) If I get the PS4 Pro, will upscaled Blurays atleast look better then they do on my regular PS4, or should I invest in 4k? 3.) Does upscaling on One S or Pro make my games look much better? Because I know that both consoles atleast upscale games to 4k, but I don't know if either the graphics of the Pro out way the 4k Bluray Player, or the other way around. Im sorry that I've been asking about this a lot, but I suck at making decisions.
  10. I was just wondering if modders can revive an old online game whose servers were shut down. Im asking because Arkham Origins Online (yes I know it sucks but its fun) and it gets shut down on the 4th and I don't want to stop playing.
  11. I understand all of that. Im not really interested in the Xbox exclusives (I really like Naughty Dog, thats why I got PS4) but I might have some friends that have Xbox rather than PS4. But Im just concerned that UHD bluray won't be that big of a jump from regular Bluray for the price of $300. Especially when the Pro can upscale regular Blurays. At the same time Im concerned that the games I play on PS4 won't look that much better for the price than they do now. (I play Batman Arkham Knight/Return to Arkham, Uncharted 1-4, Last of Us, Fallout 4, and hopefully Skyrim.) I just want to know whats the biggest jump, because I'm worried that it might not look good enough for that $.
  12. Im trying to decide which to get for my entertainment system, an Xbox One S or a Playstation 4 Pro. I currently have the original PS4, PS3 slim, and Wii U on my 4k Hisense 55" Smart TV (model # 55H8C) and I really want to get something 4k other than Daredevil on Netflix. I love watching movies on Bluray, especially Mad Max Fury Road and Batman v Superman. However I really want to play games in 4k. I've always been a Playstation fan, so after Xbox announced their Xbox One with the 4k Bluray player, I figured Playstation would include that with their new system that would be a much bigger upgrade from the PS4 rather than the One to One S. However when they said that they wouldn't put in a UHD Bluray player and just upscale them, I don't know what to get. Any help appreciated. Have a good one
  13. I understand that its better value for a UHD bluray player, but Im just asking if the quality from regular Blurays to UHD is worth the $.
  14. Sorry it took me so long to respond, The TV model number is 55H8C. I understand that I can't play games upscaled 4k on my PS4, so I might just earn up towards a PC upgrade. But I worry alittle bit on getting an Xbox One S for $300 for just the bluray player. Is it worth it? I watch a lot of Blurays, but mostly use my PS4
  15. Hi, Im thinking of getting an Xbox One S for X-mas so that I can watch Batman v Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, and Suicide Squad UHD Blurays on my 55" Hisense 4k Smart TV, and possibly play online games with other friends that aren't on my PS4. However I just don't feel like $300 is a fair price for any one who wants to get me this, until I heard that the Xbox One S could upscale my PS4 to 4k with the HDMI in port. This instantly made me want a Xbox, however Im worried that there is input lag, is that true? Thanks, any help appreciated, have a good one.