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    Creating Art, Writing/Recording Music, Video Games (Duh), Stand Up Comedy (Performing and Watching), Science.
  1. This whole situation is so unjust that the mind reels. AJ is following the rules and laws set forth and still he and others like him are being screwed anyway for the sake of the almighty dollar, even though excellent content creators like them are the fuel that gave youtube it's constant stream of revenue and led to it's meteoric rise. I think a letter to the ACLU is in order. These people are being steamrolled. And it's unfair that those adhereing to the letter of the law are still subject to these unfounded accusations of supposed criminality. I would pledge $50 to the above proposed kickstarter, and involving the ACLU still isn't a bad idea either. P.S. "it appears that "rapemaster slowfister" is no longer with us. OMFG people, usernames aren't normaly that important, but when your username is RAPE-MASTER-SLOW-FISTER?!! and you're NOT on a porn site, expect nothing less than complete disdain and loathing. Even if it's meant to be funny (which it totally isn't) you have to have better sense than this. Noone wants the RapeMaster on their forum, and least of all their friends list. G-ZUS LOL to hell with a vowel Pat I'd like to buy a clue and give it to these people. You may be a great guy RMSF but with a name like that, noone will ever know.
  2. Thanks guys!
  3. Very good sir, very good indeed. I was just telling a friend of mine about the live action movie they made in the 90's. if you haven't seen it you should check it out, it's the first anime I ever recall being done live. While a lil corny it's still pretty badass, it has Malcom McDowell, Chris Penn, and even Rufioooo! lol
  4. Thank you very much for the compliment *blush* Dude, Your work is awesome! I really like your style. btw pokemon and my little pony are cool too, art is art and yours is really good Keep Posting!
  5. I fell in love with the mass effect series mostly because of its attention to real world Science. I would spend time reading and listening to all of the journal data and explanations, reading all the planet data, for gods sakes they have quantum non locality communication, that is the first time outside a text book or educational piece that I had even heard quantum non locality even discussed, and it was in a freaking GAME! sadly I still have yet to play 3, I held off when I heard the backlash about the ending to see if they would fix it before I just made myself angry by getting a bad ending and still havent picked up a copy, But they had me at SCIENCE
  6. You Guys Are All Awesome, I know where you are all coming from, I have been posting on this forum for just a couple days now and the AJSA is by far the best community that i have ever had the pleasure to happen upon, everywhere else it seems to be just a constant stream of trolls trolling trolls, and non-sensical hatespeak and cursing. I have not seen that kind of stuff here and its GREAT, and it's a great testament to the kind of people you all are. I LOVE THIS PLACE! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!1
  7. I would have to say for me it was Fable 3. It wasn't a horrible game per se, I played it all the way through, but the entire time all I could think to myself was how much better 2 was, and how this game just pretty much wiped its arse with all the improvements 2 made. So I would have to say that 2 was the epitome of the series and 3 was just pale in comparison.
  8. SEE, Command is the Shizznit!!
  9. That sucks dude, you had to pick UK instead of your actual nation, this forum is prob not your best bet for getting this issue resolved, I would follow the chain of command. go to the top where the tabs are, go to roster, then pick "Field Command" and click on one of the council members that are online, and send them a message directly, that way even if they can't resolve your issue, they can bring it to the attention of the one who can.\ Hope that helps Buddy
  10. First off thank you Rain, that was an great video, I think I laughed as much as they did, I instantly knew what was going on, that was a treat. Thanks to LoreMaster for the post concerning my building worlds together speech, and lastly, Vinterdraken, on YouTube theres a great H.P. Lovecraft Full Documentary I just watched the other day, anyone who enjoys or is interested in the Lovecraftian mythos should def give it a watch. Oddly enough I have never played any of the Cthulu series rpgs That's gotta be hard to DM, lol I don't think I could belt out enough obscure adjectives to be effective LOL (if you know lovecraft, you know what I mean)
  11. Thank You Sir. In the words of the Immortal Nick Cage. "That's High Praise!"
  12. Here's an original Aqua Teens Pic I did a while back. Hope you enjoy!
  13. I actually just started watching AJ's movie reviews for the first time, and I happened upon a review for the Star Wars Ep.1 3D release and it was F**king great, and I totally agree with AJ's assessment. But it also reminded me of a video I posted on Youtube at that time that expressed the EXACT SAME Sentiment, Let me know what you guys think. PS Probably NSFW as there is a reference to marijuana.
  14. Life long D&D player, Love playing Psionics, As far as I'm concerned there will always be a place for Table Top RPG. No game has better graphics or Definition than your imagination. I still talk with old friends I've played D&D with and it's funny how many conversations we have laughing about things we did together and how awesome they were that only took place in our combined imaginations. To hear us talk you would have thought we were actualy there doing those things and living those adventures. And in a lot of ways we were. We created a world and played in it together, had shared experiences, and so therefore, in that time it was real. Great Memories are Great Memories. No matter where they took place.
  15. Well Calvin, Made it an entire 33secs in, and my cat is dead and my hands are covered in blood. I have no idea what happened.