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  1. yes!
  2. nice, and cool drawing
  3. thank you sir for converting the time, saves us time yay!
  4. ah ya, nosgoth!! still waiting for some more balancing, but love the game so far!
  5. got the entire warcraft miniature board game with 120+ figures, have you guys played this game? how do you like it?
  6. cs_museum The Walking Dead Prison
  7. awesome keep it up!
  8. until

    add me Chased God, ill be recording too, i'll be on at 4pm est or so
  9. awwwww nooooooo!!!! i would but my exam is on monday, maybe next time, and lets do an arena match, arena is my favorite by far(kaliiiiiiii)
  10. nice
  11. oh cool
  12. awwww man 7am, i definitely can't get up at that time. man i was psyched too i had my jack the reaper ready to go(thank you lootcrate XD)
  13. yay
  14. lol love the main pic *facepalm* "uh they never leave me alone..."
  15. ya that tweet seems kinda dumb, he can't talk for someone, and playing a card like that... really?? no respect man