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  1. sharksc83 liked a post in a topic by brumak280396 in Is Titanfall to easy? 0.0   
    the bots are just garbage, but they are like farm which is kinda unique for an fps
  2. RetroRanter liked a post in a topic by brumak280396 in The Hulk Fan Art   
    i saved that pic in my computer, that is very nice!!!
  3. brumak280396 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in This is it... uninstalled!!!   
    Seriously, F these disconnections. I'm in an Air Superiority match again, got the five kills, says I got a ribbon, then a few minutes later I get disconnected. I go to my assignments page, and it says I didn't get awarded for that one. WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!
  4. brumak280396 liked a post in a topic by ExterasMors in Am I The Only One Around Here Who Doesn't Like Anime?   
    No, but i think you should
  5. brumak280396 liked a post in a topic by Sonny in Am I The Only One Around Here Who Doesn't Like Anime?   
    I don't understand why it is so popular, its just an art style with spiky hair and way too feminine men, i suppose i get why 10 year olds like it because its what pokemon is but there are adults who are fascinated with it! Its become way too big a trend, like crocs , there is no reason for it! Ever time i walk into a book store there is a whole freaking section devoted to this stuff and how to draw it! if your under 16 years old dont bother to explain to me why you like it but if their are any male/female young adults that are 18 or above plz explain to me why the feck this is so interesting? im not trying to hate IM JUST REALLY CURIOUS
  6. brumak280396 liked a post in a topic by Deofuta in What are your Recon Loadouts?   
    While I toiled through the sniper rifle tree, in the end I just found that I was much more effective in attacking the objective by using a short range DMR loadout. It gives you a nice mix of competency at all ranges, and honestly it's the only DMR I actually like using. 
  7. RetroRanter liked a post in a topic by brumak280396 in The Joker Fan Art   
    thats sick, it fits the joker character well, you should do more drawings!
  8. brumak280396 liked a post in a topic by RetroRanter in The Joker Fan Art   
    ive been getting great feedback from the community on my work so far so i thought id upload this picture im working on of the joker he still needs some touch ups but i can regard him as a game character anyway hope you like this one

  9. TheDrillMaster liked a post in a topic by brumak280396 in Awesomenauts Players: Who do you like? Who do you hate?   
    i love it when you're realynn and you get a kill on leon while he's invisible, it's sooo rewarding!
  10. TheCrisis13 liked a post in a topic by brumak280396 in Help me decide which next gen console should I get?   
    check out the ps4 it looks great, the xbox one is for hardcore gaming and has multimedia setting so look into that aswell
  11. Juso Magna liked a post in a topic by brumak280396 in Awesomenauts   
    Awesomenauts is one of my favorite arcade games on steam/xbox since late 2012. This game brings many new ideas to the MOBA genre and is also a game which doesn't take commitment to be good at the game(unlike other MOBAS with complex and plenty of perks and items to remember and master). This  game plays just like a regular MOBA game, but is in 2D and is very comical with funny champions such as a pimp-frog called FroggyG, and the game can't be taken very seriously. 
    - Unique 2D MOBA game with a vast amount of online players to play with, and not a complex game unlike other MOBAS
    - Needs lots of teamwork which is perfect for a community of this scale
    - Arcade game that doesn't take commitment and can be played for 1-10 hour periods at a time!
    - 6 players/match
    - game still pretty new so not many champions currently out(24 champions out with starstorm)
    - $10 game and DLC costs extra
    I hope Awesomenauts makes the list in the official =AJSA= games list!!
  12. brumak280396 liked a post in a topic by 3dn in Would WvW work with AJSA?   
    Well youre right, but its impossible to have all members on the same server. Unless youre planning to give us all 200gold each to change servers... Having few separated teams seems resonable.
  13. brumak280396 liked a post in a topic by ScreamingWasp24 in Payday 2: Good or Bad?   
    To be honest, it's fantastic, and it's only underrated or unnoticed because the developers didn't put the majority of their budget on advertisement and paying off for good reviews. It's bloody great game with a lot of content. For such a low price ($30-$40) I'd say it's totally worth it. It's a game that needs to be shared and enjoyed, not made to look like an interactive movie.
  14. brumak280396 liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in The AJSA Teamspeak (Video Tutorial & Instructions)   
    Hey guys so im going to show you how to Find our Teamspeak and Setup your Correct Permissions so that you can participate in events, play games with us and interact with other AJSA members over our Voice Server!
    Video Tutorial:

    Text Tutorial:
    1. Become a Recruit! - You MUST have been Approved as a Recruit or Member on the these Boards FIRST! You should be able to tell whether or not you have been approve by logging into the forums - if you can post to the various public locations then you have been approved. You can also look at what your Member Group in your profile.
    2. Go to our Teamspeak Server - Our Teamspeak 3 Server address is ts3.ajsagaming.com with no password required.
    3. Wait for Angry Bot! - Within 5 minutes in the chat our friendly neighborhood "Angry Bot" will start a text conversation tab with you. Follow his instructions. Click the link he issues you.
    4. Relog & Wait for New Permissions - After you follow "Angry Bot's" instructions Log out of the Server and Log back in. Angry Bot should then automatically change your permissions and assign you to the correct group within a few minutes. This group is usually the basic group, "Recruit" unless you are being promoted.
    5. Manual Method (If Automatic Method Fails) - If Angry Bot is busy or not responding. Try adding your permissions manually. In order to do this, log onto the forums, Click your name in the top Right hand corner of the site -> My Profile -> Edit My Profile.
    On this screen you should see a tab called "Teamspeak Integration", click it. 
    On this screen should be displayed "Link Privilege Key". To use this key, click on it and connect to the teamspeak server using the link. To manually apply it instead, open the Teamspeak "Permissions" dropdown menu on the Teamspeak client itself and select "Use Privilege Key". Wait a few moments for your permissions to change. Relog if they havent changed within 5 minutes.
    If you still have not been correctly assigned your group & icon, please contact an Officer, Commander or Teamspeak Admin.

    We have a steam group, If you would like to follow up on events or any announcements about Joe and the community please follow it.
    You can always follow us on the steam group through the steam page link
    or just find us on through the steam client.