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  1. DoctorEvil liked a comment by Raxyn in PlayStation 4 Game Nights - SMITE   
    My first hosting night! (commenting for posterity :3)
  2. Raxyn liked a comment by BACKSTABUU in Expeditionary Force Restructuring and Hiatus   
    Good luck, friends! I hope to see you on pc someday, so I hope that EF comes out of this stronger, leaner and fiercer. Never give up, never surrender!
  3. Raxyn liked a comment by WITHASTICK in Expeditionary Force Restructuring and Hiatus   
    As the PlayStation 4 Commander, we at the PlayStation 4 Division and the Game Nights Host share encouragement and excitement for EF's step towards change. We can not wait to see what EF will become and how the PC Division will benefit from it.
  4. Raxyn liked a comment by Kevi1813 in EF: Dungeon & Dragons event #2   
    That's why i asked. i've never played DnD at all. but i've watched something similar at the GeekAndSundry channel on youtube, so i'm just kinda interested.
  5. Raxyn liked a comment by Conan in EF: Dungeon & Dragons event #2   
    Yep, you can do both, though keep in mind that some players may be inexperienced in DnD.
  6. Raxyn liked a comment by Conan in EF: Game Announcement and Event for the month of May 2017   
    Yes, this Saturday, at 3pm EDT/8pm BST